The Legend of Zelda: Return of Majora (Zelda: Majora's Return in Europe) is the offical sequel to Majora's Mask. It releases on April 8th in America, and April 9th in Australia and Europe. It's for the Wii U.


2 Years after Majora's Mask, Link is travelling to Termina, when he's interrupted by a giant crash from Ikana , he decide's to head there, meanwhile Tatl and Tael are playing in Termina Field with Skull Kid, when Link rides by, Tatl see's Link, and decides to follow him.

Arriving in Ikana, Tatl meets up with Link, joining him with his quest, when exploring Ikana, Link returns to Ikana Castle, to see it's been taken over by the Garo Master, who runs away after seeing Link and remembering the battles. Link and Tatl finally arive in the Throne Room, where they see the ghost of the King of Ikana (who he killed in Majora's Mask), the group 're-kill' the King, who then tell them how a mythical mask has been destroyed Ikana, and it looked like it was heading for 'Hyrule', Link and Tatl manage to find out it is Majora's Mask, who has been taking it's revenge.

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Main Characters





-Majora's Mask

-Happy Mask Salesmen

-King of Ikana

-Skull Kid

-Goron Elder

-Deku King

-Zora's Leader

-The Ghost of Snowhead

-The Hero of Woodfall

-The Legend of Great Bay

-Legend Deity




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