The Legend of Zelda: Prophecy of Time is a new Legend of Zelda game made by Paperluigi ttyd.


It is unknown is the game will officially have chapters, but chapters are being added anyway. These chapter names might change as well.

Prologue: The Spirit Civil War

A mysterious prisonner is seen in a prison. Another figure walks up to him and breaks his chains, but the prisonner remains immobile, as he is encased in a stone. The moving figure grabs what appears to be a sword inside the stone, but when he can't pull it out, he smashes the stone casing to pieces. He grabs the sword and says that now that he has the Sword of Time, nothing can stop him from ruling the world and finding the Triforce.

Meanwhile, Link, a young boy who lives in Yonder Village, is summoned to go to Hyrule Castle. But the town elder warns him that he must first cross the Bakoro Desert, make his way through the Floray Forest, climb one Lokahyro Tower and then decend on the other to go over the Deep Pits, and then head up the Fields of Time to make it to Hyrule Castle. What the elder doesn't tell him is that he first has to find the Forest Sword and the Forest Shield. The Shield can be found in the bushes behind Link's house. The sword is in the house next to Link's, but reguires two keys hidden in the river that runs through the village. Once he has the sword and the shield, he gets ready to leave, but the elder asks him if he will head into the Bleek Woods first and rescue the children. He agrees.

Link heads back across the town and enters the Bleek Woods. This area serves as a training area, but it also holds the game's first boss. Here, Link learns how to attack, shield, target, set items to the D-Pad, and use the action button. After heading through the woods, rescuing children, and retrieving the Sacred Water from the Sacred Pool, Link reaches a clearing in the Woods where he finds the Forest Spirit. Thee Spirit attacks him, and the battle wit the Controlled Entity: Forest Spirit begins. To defeat the Spirit, Link must simply attack it four times right after the Spirit attacks him. After defeating the spirit, she reveals that she was controlled by the Bleek Prophet, a spirit like creature who was banished to the Dark World, but has now returned. She then gives Link the first part of a story:

     Long ago, spirits roamed the Earth in greater numbers then they do
     now. This is becuase about 1000 years ago, there was a spirit civil war.
     The evil spirits wanted to destroy the humans, becuase they thought they
     were simple creatures that did not belong on the planet. The good spirits
     disagreed. Soon, the evil spirits were defeated and banished forever to
     the Dark World. Here, they harvested on the dark energy, turning into
     spirit-like creates called prophets. They have not been heard from ever

The Spirit finished by saying that the previously read line is all she knows about the Prophets. She gives Link two pieces of a heart container and sends Link back into the village.

Having saved the children and found the Sacred Water, Link may finally go on his quest.

Chapter 1: Adventure Awaits

After leaving the village, Link finds himself in Bakoro Desert, a vast land with rolling hills covered in sand. He heads along for a while before he finds some enemies, which include Sentries, Skullcrackers, and Skulltulas. He continues along the desert defeating enemies until he makes it to an inn. Once night falls, he enters and finds three old men sitting around the table. He talks to the first one who says, "I am flora not fauna." The seconds one says, "I am foliage not trees." The third man says, "I am shruberry not grass." After talking to all three, the doors locks behind him and the three man talk in unison, asking Link, "What are we?" Before he can respond, the man in the middle, the first man Link talked to, says, "I... Ambush."

Three men gets up and start spiraling together to form the Geki Demon. Link, who is trapped in the house, heads into the basement of the house to escape the Demon. He finds the key in the basement and leaves the house. He is chased by the Geki Demon all the way to the edge of the desert, near the Floray Forest. He heads into the forest, hoping the demon will stop in the desert, but the Demon continues to chase him. Link continues to run, and finds more enemies, including Klaktinas and Rotonunises. After reaching the center of the Forest, Link finds the Floray Spirit, who the Forest Spirit had told him about. The Spirit tells Link that she and the Forest Spirit are twins, and that she knew he was coming. Beofre they can continue talking, the Geki Demon arrives and roars at Link, who starts backing up. He heads out of the other side of the forest until he finds maze area. He gets trapped in the maze as he can't find the exit. The demon arrives at the entrance to the maze and claps his hands, making everything but the maze's inner walls disappear, the two gaps in the outer wall close, turning it into an arena.

Once the arena is completely formed, the battle with the Desert Monster: Geki Demon begins. To defeat the Demon, Link must attack it's tail, which is it's weak spot. As long as the creature is mobile, Link will not be able to see it's back side, so the creature must be paralized with a Deku Nut, and then attacked in the tail. After the tail has been hit five times, it will disintigrate into nothingness. The Floray Spirit then appears and congradulates Link for defeating the Demon, and rewards him with two more heart pieces, giving him the four he needs to increase his max health energy to 4. The Floray Spirit then tells Link more of the story that the Forest Spirit told him.

     The Dark World was a very dark place, as it's name suggests. Here,
     one of the spirits, the Spirit King, was quickly changed by the dark
     energy, causing him to become the Phantom Prophet. Once the rest of the
     spirits had changed into Prophets, the Phantom Prophet ordered the
     construction of an empire that would hail him. This great empire, known
     as the Prophet Kingdom, has never been seen by any mortal, it has only
     been passed down from generation to generation.

The Floray Spirit tells Link that there is more to the story, but she doesn't know the rest. Link walks out of the forest and finds himself in a plateau area that is home to the Lokahyro Towers, which surpass the Deep Pits. Link walks up to the first towers and enters it, not knowing the dangers that lay inside.

Inside the first tower, Link finds many new enemies including Gold Skulltulas, Demon Hands, and Demonions. He defeats many enemies in the central room before finding the key to the corridor on the left. He heads down this hallway and finds a room with moving platforms, and a solid platform on the other side. Once Link gets to the other side, he find the map to the first tower and a button. When he hits the button, the moving platforms arrange themselves on the right side of the walls in a stair-case shape. Link has 30 seconds to climb the stairs and reach the second floor. Once this is accomplished, he has an option. Go to the left, which results in creating a shortcut staircase to the main room, or go right, which leads deeper into the towers. On the right, Link will eventually find the Hyper Slingshot, which comes with 30 Deku Seeds. The slingshot can be used to talk out the Eye of Horus in the room and move on into the staircase to the third floor...


  • Yonder Village
  • Bakoro Desert
  • Floray Forest
  • Lokahyro Towers
  • The Fields of Time
  • Hyrule Castle


  • Link
  • Princess Zelda
  • Ganondorf
  • Phantom Prophet


  • Recovery Heart (recovers 10 HP once collected)
  • Recovery Potion (recovers 20 HP when used)
  • Special Potion (recovers 40 HP when used)
  • Magic Potion (recovers 20 MP when used)
  • Deku Stick (used as a weapon)
  • Deku Nut (used to stun enemies)
  • Deku Seeds (used with slingshots)


  • Sword of the Forest
  • Shield of the Forest
  • Hyper Slingshot
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