The Legend of Zelda: Pierced Skies
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Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) GhostDrive
Genre(s) Adventure
Series The Legend of Zelda
Release Date(s) 2018
Mode(s) Single-player
The Legend of Zelda: Pierced Skies is a game in the Legend of Zelda series developed by Ghostrealm Studios.



Thousands of years have passed since the defeat of the demon Malladus, yet Hyrule is still a distant memory. The closest thing to the old kingdom is the great civilization in the skies known as Hylavia, where machinery and technological prowess are of great importance. Below the clouds lies the great desert known as Geranayru, with both lands having their own inhabitants. Contact between the two lands rarely, if ever, happens, though there have been incidents where residents of Hylavia have crashed their airships in Geranayru.

However, the legacy of the king of thieves still permeates the land. He has not been forgotten for the flood that consumed the old kingdom, not to mention the great battle that occurred beneath the waves.

Link & Zelda: The Duo of Engineers

Two promising young engineers, Link and Zelda grew up together, to the point where they consider each other to be siblings. They took up an interest in engineering, and went as far as to build their own airship to travel the skies of Hylavia with, while also pursuing their career. Link and Zelda make a living through repairing broken-down airships, primarily those used in the races that Hylavia is known for.

One day, their ship is docked in the city of Revalia, with Link heading to the local engineer's shop to grab some supplies, including a "Communications Matrix" for a project of Zelda's. On his way through the city, he runs into a man in a green jumpsuit, who identifies himself as Tingle. Tingle gives Link some Rupees as an apology for his misbehavior, and tells him to visit his shop in the city. Link eventually makes it to the engineer shop, and buys the Matrix. He then returns to the ship and gives it to Zelda, who applies it to a drone she's built known as Navee.

As the duo head off to their next job, they witness a giant airship, one that bears a flag depicting three triangles on it (though the triangles are rotated slightly). For some reason, the ship fires on them, causing their airship to crash in Geranayru, a land neither Link nor Zelda have seen before. Link would venture out through the desert to see what's there, utilizing his sword-whip weapon he designed himself and Navee.

The Crashed Airship

After some exploration, Link comes across a wrecked airship, and contacts Zelda for advice. She tells him to delve into the ship for parts he can salvage. He eventually finds an unused Bow within the ship, and before long, reaches the engine room, which has the last part he needs. However, a ghost seems to have built a body for himself within the ship, and lashes out recklessly at Link. After a pitched battle, the ghost, known as Mechanitar, is defeated and Link gathers all the necessary parts to fix the airship.

When Link returns to the ship, he and Zelda begin to utilize the salvaged parts to repair it. As they conduct their work, a group consisting of a Zora, Goron, and Gerudo notice them, and ask if they need help. Assisting with the repairs, they tell them of the city of Aveila, and how the city's leader, Dramira, would definitely want to see them.


Link and Zelda travel to Aveila, and make their way to Dramira's palace within the city. On the way, they encounter a merchant who identifies herself as Hilda. Noticing the route they're taking, she begs them to turn away and leave, for she's dealt with Dramira before. Link and Zelda keep going, but Zelda in particular begins to develop suspicion.

When the duo arrive in Dramira's palace, they're given a warm welcome by Dramira, who meets with them in her throne room. Giving them some complimentary water (likely due to the desert's heat), she tells them of how they've done work in Hylavia for several operatives of hers within the city. Link expresses a face of pride, but Zelda's suspicion grows due to the use of the word "operatives". Dramira then asks them if they'd like to work as her personal engineers, placing a massive sack of Rupees on the table as "advance payment". Zelda, however, notices that the sack has an emblem on it that looks similar to the flag of the ship that shot them down. She slams her fist down on the table in anger, stating that she refuses to work with someone who nearly killed them. Confused, Dramira attempts to reason with Zelda, but fails miserably as Zelda begins to mention that Dramira must have ulterior motives for wanting them to help her. Link, too, begins to realize the full extent of the situation and begins to turn against Dramira.

At this point, Dramira orders for her guards to take Link and Zelda prisoner as she leaves the throne room, mentioning that she'll force them into servitude. Link and Zelda, however, fight their way through the city's authorities and reach their airship. As they escape the city, they notice that the ship that shot them down is taking off and begin to pursue it, guessing that Dramira is on board.

Forgotten Palace

Link and Zelda eventually pursue Dramira to a decrepid, ruined castle. The duo decide to enter via the sewer entrance, and ascend the castle, fighting through hordes of monsters that inhabit it. Zelda even utilizes her mechanical knowledge to repair the elevators of the castle, allowing for quick travel.

Eventually, the duo reaches the top of the castle, where the throne room used to be. Here, Dramira now has a pendant of sorts in her hands, dangling it in her hands. Her ship, which managed to blow open a hole in the castle's roof, flies off, before a large golem of sorts leaps off of it. It seems to be made of bricks and glass, and is known as Constructucor. After a pitched battle, Link and Zelda manage to take out the monstrosity.

The Library in the Clouds

Link and Zelda decide to recuperate in Hylavia after losing track of Dramira. As they fly through the clouds, they find a strange, ruined library, and head inside. Within the library are ancient hieroglyphs, some of which resemble Link. Zelda jokes about this, with Link laughing in response. Eventually, the duo reach the center of the library, where a spirit is sitting down with a green tunic on. He looks to the duo, and tells them that they came to the right place. Calling himself a "long-forgotten hero", he tells Link and Zelda the story of his fight against the demon king beneath the sea, and that Dramira fanatically worships him. Believing that she plans to finish what he started, he beckons Link and Zelda to gather the three Sky Shards from three temples in Hylavia, mentioning that they'll be the key to combatting Dramira's forces.


Character Information
Link The primary player character, Link is a young man living in the floating islands of Hylavia, working alongside his adoptive sister Zelda in their airship and acting as a travelling mechanic. When he and his sister are sent crashing down into the mysterious desert that lies below his home, he makes it his goal to explore this new world and see what lies within. Link is the "scout" of the duo, often taking to the helm of their ship to see what lies ahead. He's also a proficient fighter and engineer, and tends to be more hands-on with his work. Generally the more confident of the two, he loves his sister dearly.
Zelda A young girl with great aspirations and skill with mechanics, Zelda is Link's adoptive sister and both the pilot and designer of the duo's airship. Inquisitive and impulsive, her plans to use the desert's technology to aid people in Hylavia come crashing down when it it turned against the sky world by Dramira. Zelda tends to be more nervous and shy than Link. She usually remains behind on the ship, tinkering with its systems and ensuring it's in good condition. She also built the drone Navee. Zelda is playable in side areas, utilizing a different set of skills than Link.
Dramira The ruler of Aveila and the main antagonist, Dramira is a cunning Gerudo woman who utilizes manipulation and the devotion of her followers to preserve order in her kingdom. However, she's always idolized the man known as Ganondorf, and seeks to finish what he started by creating a new Triforce capable of bringing peace and justice to Hyrule. As she kept tabs on a duo of engineers that helped her operatives in Hylavia, she knew they'd make ideal bearers of two of the Triforce pieces. Yet, they went against her plans, and now stand as a threat to Aveila.


The Legend of Zelda: Pierced Skies returns to the formula first established by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and used up until Skyward Sword, in that dungeons are progressed through linearly, while exploration is encouraged to obtain more hearts and other benefits. Despite this, open-world elements are retained from Breath of the Wild.


Action Button Input
Move Ext3 101
Camera Ext3 102
Action Button (changes depending on the situation) Ext3 0e0
Attack Ext3 0e1
Spin Attack Hold down Ext3 0e1 and release when your weapon glows.
Items Items can be assigned to Ext3 0e2, Ext3 0e3, or Ext3 0e5.
Shield Ext3 0e7
Target Ext3 0e6 (held down)
Sneak Ext3 101 (pressed in)
First-person mode Ext3 102 (pressed in)
Menu Ext3 0f1
Inventory Ext3 0f2
Navee Ext3 0eb


Navee constantly accompanies you throughout the game, offering various tools known as Matrixes that are obtained as you progress through the game. Matrixes can be assigned to buttons just like items, and others are used by simply walking towards an area of the environment that uses the Matrix.

Spirit Grounds

Throughout both Hylavia and Geranayru, there lies special areas known as Spirit Grounds. While they are designed similarily to Breath of the Wild's Shrines, they are all outdoor areas that possess puzzles similar to the shrines that had to be unlocked through outdoor activity in said game, such as the mazes and the Blood Moon shrine. However, there's less of these compared to Shrines, and they offer meatier rewards such as whole Heart Containers due to how they're tackled.

Airship Travel

Uniquely, Hylavia can be traversed in an airship, much like the sailing seen in Wind Waker. You can customize your airship with different materials, flags, and other little things. Unlike Wind Waker however, your airship is MUCH larger than a tiny boat, and essentially acts as your "hub" in Hylavia, as the sandstorms in Geranayru prevent usage of the airship for extensive periods of time there.

Crystal Affixing

As you traverse the two lands of the game, you'll find various elemental crystals, each of them being tied to a different element: fire, ice, shadow, or electricity. These elements can be affixed to items like your bow, bombs, boomerang, etc. so that they can utilize these elemental effects to solve puzzles.

Zelda's Segments

Some segments of the game have you playing as Zelda instead of Link. Unlike Link, Zelda's toolset revolves around experimenting with and manipulating machinery to her advantage rather than using combat-oriented tools to solve puzzles.


Equippable Items

Equippable items are items that can be assigned to buttons.

Item Description
WW Bow
The Bow is obtained from the Crashed Battleship. Link can use it to fire arrows at enemies and switches from afar. When an elemental crystal is affixed to the Bow, its arrows will utilize that element's powers when they hit something.
WW Bottle
Bottles can be purchased from shops to store various liquids and objects. When an elemental crystal is affixed to a Bottle, it will store that element in a liquid form. You can have up to four Bottles on you at once.
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Poison Rod
The Poison Rod allows Link to manipulate poisonous liquids and gases to the point where he can solidify them, and vice-versa. When an elemental crystal is affixed to the Poison Rod, it can apply that element to the poison.


Technological abilities tied to the Navee drone, with a wide range of effects.

Item Description
Travel Matrix The Travel Matrix allows for Link to travel to fast travel points, provided that he's discovered them first.
Shield Matrix The Shield Matrix produces a barrier that reflects projectiles and harmful effects a normal shield can't protect against. This matrix has a twenty-second cooldown.
Rail Matrix The Rail Matrix allows Link to slide down metal railings by hanging onto Navee from below.
Bomb Matrix The Bomb Matrix allows Link to command the drone to drop Bombs at spots he can't reach normally.
Music Matrix The Music Matrix allows for specific songs to be played in a similar vein to the instruments seen in past Zelda games.
Communications Matrix The Communications Matrix allows for you to contact Zelda for advice, as well as Tingle for usage of the Tingle Tuner.


Collectables are items that have their own place in your inventory.

Item Description
WW Rupee
Rupees are the currency utilized in both Hylavia and Geranayru. They're used to buy items and pay for minigames. Each color is worth a different amount, and you can carry up to 99,999 Rupees at once.

  • Green Rupees are worth one.
  • Blue Rupees are worth five.
  • Yellow Rupees are worth ten.
  • Red Rupees are worth twenty.
  • Purple Rupees are worth fifty.
  • Orange Rupees are worth one-hundred.
  • Silver Rupees are worth two-hundred.
WW Heart Container
Heart Container
Heart Containers are one of the most important items in the game, and can be obtained by defeating bosses and completing Spirit Grounds. They increase the number of hearts in Link's Life Gauge by one, while also instantly healing him to full.
WW Dungeon Map
Dungeon Map
The Dungeon Map shows the layout of the dungeon you're in.
WW Compass
The Compass shows points of interest within a dungeon, such as the location of the boss as well as treasure chests.
WW Small Key
Small Key
Small Keys unlock regular doors in Dungeons, and are consumed when used. They're only usable in the dungeon they're found in.
WW Boss Key
Boss Key
There's one Boss Key in each dungeon, and they're used to unlock the door to the boss's room. Like Small Keys, they're only valid in the dungeon they were found in.

Elemental Crystals

Elemental Crystals are special items that can be affixed to Equippable Items and grant them cool effects.

Table coming soon...

Key Items

Key Items are items that are needed to progress the story.

Table coming soon...


Equipment is equipped onto Link, and plays a major role in the game.

Table coming soon...


Dungeons return to the formula seen in Zelda games before Breath of the Wild, where you'll have to navigate through different rooms of the dungeon and unlock doors. Within each dungeon are several "Optional Objectives", which have you going into rooms that aren't necessary to progress through the dungeon, and even fighting minibosses.

Dungeon Information
Crashed Battleship
This airship has crashed in a canyon region of Geranayru, and seems to possess some intact machinery. The Bow is obtained here.
Some kind of spirit has made a home for itself here, creating a "body" from the wreckage of the ship, one that resembles a spider to a degree. It calls itself Mechanitar.
Forgotten Palace
This ancient castle seems to have originated from the old kingdom, and is full of secrets. The Poison Rod is obtained here.
Constructucor, a massive golem made from the ruined materials of the castle, has been created by Dramira's magic to stop Link and Zelda from escaping the castle alive.


A spirit of a warrior who once resided in Hylavia, before the airship he and his fellows were within was shot down by whatever mysterious adversary has now shot down Link and Zelda's airship. Vengeful and ready to destroy any trespassers of its domain, it forms a spider-like body from bits and pieces of the ship to protect itself.
  • Mechano Hammer: Mechanitar slams down one of its hammer-like limbs onto the ground. This attack exposes the glowing joint orb on the specific arm used.
  • Leap: Mechanitar leaps across the room. Damages Link if he lands on him.
  • Junk Toss: Mechanitar tosses a pile of mechanical parts at Link.

Mechanitar's joints resemble glowing orbs, and these orbs are vulnerable to being hit with arrows. When struck, Mechanitar takes damage and loses a limb; once all six limbs are destroyed, the boss is vanquished.

This monstrosity was created from Dramira's magic to act as her weapon against Link and Zelda, in order to ensure that they don't leave the Forgotten Palace alive.
  • Rock Throw: Constructucor tosses a massive ball of brick and stone at Link, which will shatter upon hitting the ground. Occasionally, he'll toss one full of poisonous liquid that will spread onto the ground.
  • Earthquake: Constructucor slams the ground rapidly, producing shockwaves that Link needs to dodge with leaping attacks.

The poisonous liquid in some of the rock balls Constructucor throws can be manipulated with the Poison Rod and solidified. From there, you can pick these up and toss them at Construcucor, with the solid poison damaging his rocky exterior. By depleting his health meter with poison tossing, he can be defeated.


  • Hylavia is inspired by Skyloft to a degree.
  • Pierced Skies was originally jointly developed alongside Pyro Enterprises, but plans fell through and Ghostrealm Studios took over development on their own.
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