TLOZ OoT 3D Golden Collectors Edition is the Same game with more add-ons.


In this game, there are new modes, DLC and Gannondorf/Gannon is in Boss Gauntlet.


Ocarina of Time 3D: Avaliable From the Start of the Game.

Ocarina of Time Master Quest: Avaliable after completing the Original Game

Dungeon Gauntlet: Avaliable after completing OoT Master Quest

Ocarina of Time 3D Golden: Avaliable from the Begining.

Ocarina of Time 3D

Same as Original Release, minus all of the Glitches, and the Cinematic Quality is improved with more "Eye Popping" 3D.

Ocarina of Time Master Quest

Same as Original Release, Without the Glitches, and the Twilight Princess Art Style is Present.

Dungeon Gauntlet

Allows you to replay all Master Quest, Golden, and Original Dungeons, including Ganon's Tower.

Ocarina of Time 3D Golden

Same as OoT 3D with the Twilight Princess Art Style.


OoT 3D Golden is boxed in a Prisim like Box. Inside is the game, an EXCLUSIVE 3ds cover, a Master Sword Stylus, and an OoT Soundtrack.

The Game Case itself is a 3DS box with a Golden Ocarina Outline on the front and a golden harp on the back. Instead of being white, the plastic is Golden and Shiny.

Inside the Case there is no manual, through the little square holes there is Harps/Ocarinas. The Cartridge has an Ocarina on it, and the plastic on this is also golden and Shiny. --The Manual is Digital Only—The 3ds cover has a golden backround with a Hylian Shield on it.

The Master Sword Stylus is the size of a DSi XL Pen, and doesn't telescope.

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