The Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time
Koete Remake
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Koete Remake
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Paperback
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action, 3D Adventure, RPG
Series The Legend of Zelda (series)
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Successor The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Koete Remake
Mode(s) Single-Player (Main Mode), Local and Online Multiplayer (Mini-Games & Battle Mode)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Koete Remake is an upcoming 3D Adventure Action-RPG for the Nintendo Switch, it is a remake of the N64 Game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which had previously received a Remake on the 3DS. The second remake acts more as an overhaul of the original stating its main goal to be, "To improve on the vision that was hinted at in the original but couldn't be realized due to multiple restraints at the time of its development".

Story Synopsis

The story of the Koete Remake is from the overview largely the same as the original. Some years after the events of the Hyrulean Civil War the lands of Hyrule under the leadership of the Hylians had seen relative peace with order presiding over. However troubles brewed from the people from the desert lands known as the Gerudo as their leader and emissary of their people, a man known as Ganondorf is seen in the dreams of two fated individuals as bringing about the destruction of the peace that rules over the lands of Hyrule.

One of these fated individuals being the Royal Princess and next in line to the crown of Hyrule, Princess Zelda whom is protected by her guardian, Impa, a member of the ancient Sheikah Tribe, a race of Hylian-like people whom had long served to protect the ways of the Three Goddesses and thus the royal bloodline of the Hylian people. The other of these fated individuals being a young boy living in the distant Kokiri Forest who had grown up without a Fairy to aid him something unseen in Kokiri culture.

With the concern of what these dreams could mean, the Boy without a Fairy is summoned by the Great Deku Tree, a sage and guardian of the Kokiri people, whom had become afflicted by an unknown curse that is slowly killing him. Hoping to ensure the boy is able to fend on his own and prevent the fastly arriving destruction of Hyrule at the hands of Ganondorf.


Gameplay has been heavily revised from the original game and its remake with a lot of attention going towards making the game's combat feel much more engaging and beneficial to players both new to the series and veterans. Making their transition over from Twilight Princess onwards the player is able to perform a variety of moves and attacks to counter, parry and deal final blows against their enemies.

The game pushes this even further however with the player now being able to perform a variety of attacks by utilization of the face buttons and L and R Triggers, the player will be able to create chains of attacks and can utilize blocking and parrying against opponents to give the player a more active combat role.

As a result of the overhaul to the combat layout the player's Items are mapped to the D-Pad with the player able to swap out which ones they have active at any given time, the player will also be able to use the Ocarina at any time with the R Button whilst the L button is dedicated to Locking onto enemies.

The Camera is mapped to the Right Analog Stick with pressing the stick snapping the camera behind the player character. The player will also find that they can talk to Navi for hints and advice by selecting the Minus Button.

Changes from Ocarina of Time & Ocarina of Time 3D

This covers anything that was changed between the games that isn't outlined in the Story or Gameplay.

  • The addition of 8 New Mini-Dungeons and 8 New Dungeons to the game
    • This also makes the remake have one of the highest amount of major dungeons to complete with 17
  • The additions of many enemies from previous games as well as a few entirely new ones to flesh out and diversify the world's inhabitants
  • The addition of 8 new Settlements as well as the expansion of the existing ones to allow the player more to do in each settlement as well as adding more characters to each for the player to interact with
  • A revised Time Travel Mechanic which greatly favours brevity by allowing the player to travel between time periods on the fly
  • The implementation of time mechanics more heavily featured in dungeons with every Temple Dungeon featuring a major puzzle revolving around time
  • The Sub-Division Hyrule Field into unique locations giving each environment its own feel and making the area much more interesting to explore
  • The addition of several points of interest on the map giving the player new major locations to explore as well as dozens of new caverns that've been added to the world as a result
  • The implementation of more significant time effects with the player's actions in the past having a greater impact on the future and many opportunities to change the future through the past
  • The reprisal of upgradeable items seen previously in games like Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds with this also now applying to more general factors such as Link's Gear (Sword, Shield, Tunic) and Epona
  • The addition of several references to games made after Ocarina of Time adding connectivity between them
  • An expanded Boss Rush Mode as well as a new Boss Rush In-Game location known as the Cave of Nightmares

More TBA

Time Mechanics

One of the most significant changes between Ocarina of Time and the Koete Remake is the importance of Time on the plot and gameplay. Unlike in the original where the factor of time travel was used in only a few instances and rarely to any meaningful impact this game heavily focuses on allowing the player to change the future through the past and the impact this has on the events as a whole.

The inspiration for greatly expanding on the Time Mechanics game from the Sidequests in Majora's Mask with the idea of having many factors that can change due to the player's intervention but all sharing a common theme with one another, in Majora's Mask case this was the Three Day Cycle but in Ocarina of Time's case its the effect of the Past on the Future. This also expands to the dungeons with every Temple Dungeon in the Adult section of the game (there are 11 in total now) having a major mechanic of the dungeon that requires the player to time travel. In addition unlike in the original the player has the option to revisit all the locations in the Past as Adult Link in the Future which is at times necessary to find items or progress through the plot with the old dungeons being shown how they've changed over time through the player's impact in the past.

Time Travel

Like in the original Ocarina of Time the player is able to travel between the Past and Future when necessary to solve puzzles and advance the plot, however unlike in the original the player no longer needs to go through the long sequence of actions that lead up to travelling through time. Instead in OoTKR the player can simply play the Song of Time (note: Song Functions have been changed and will be outlined in a separate part) which will send the Master Sword back to the Pedestal of Time or call it from the Pedestal of Time, this allows Link to travel between the Past and Future of any location on a whim.

Time Effects

As the player plays through the game their actions in the past can impact events in the future, this is first outlined by the Great Deku Tree who notes that through his foresight he originally saw the Kokiri Forest being overrun by the monsters that had infested him however after Link defeated the parasitic, Queen Gohma, The Great Deku Tree will note that the future of the Kokiri Forest seems less bleak now.

When outlining events between the Past and Future the even in the past will be listed with what the future was before Link performed that event and the future is after Link performed that event. It should be noted that some events are mutually exclusive to one another and hence are listed together.

Event No. Past Event Future Outcomes
1 Clearing all the weeds around Saria's House Saria's House is inaccessible and no one mentions where she is
The player can enter Saria's house and will find a note hinting at her role as the Forest Sage, the player can also inform Mido about this
2 Defeating the Kokiri Warriors The Kokiri Warriors are overwhelmed by monsters and the training ground is now infested with Deku Babas, Bokoblins & Stalfos
The Kokiri Warriors increased their training and were able to fend off the monsters and will offer Adult Link a new shield if he can beat the harder versions of them
3 Befriend the four Skull Kids located in the Saplings around the Great Deku Tree The Great Deku Tree remains dead and the Sapling Forest around him begins to wither away with all Skull Kids in Kokiri Forest disappearing
The Skull Kids find and plant the new Great Deku Sprout allowing the Forest to survive and the Skull Kids remain making it easier to navigate the Lost Woods
4A Help a Hylian trapped under a Tree Log and accepts their reward The Hylian trapped under a tree log dies due to their injuries and is reborn as a Stalfos in the Future
The Hylian wanders about Hyrule Field without a place to live, they'll sell Link various items that have little importance
4B Help a Hylian trapped under a Tree Log and refuses their reward The Hylian trapped under the tree log dies due to their injuries and is reborn as a Stalfos in the Future
The Hylian can be found working in Lon Lon Ranch and will thank the player for not letting them get into trouble from Ingo and will give the player a greater reward
5 Give the man in the House in Lost Woods some Lon Lon Milk This house becomes infested with Stalfos in the future and causes the surrounding area to be more dangerous.
The house becomes a refuge for those who become lost in the Lost Woods and becomes a place the player can recover their health.
6 Find and talk to Kaepora Gaebora in every location across Hyrule then return to Kokiri Forest to talk to him Raaru will not talk to the player beyond cutscene dialogue
The player will be able to talk to Raaru finding out more information relating to Ganondorf and the Hyrulean Civil War, he also reveals his ability to shapeshift into Kaepora Gaebora
7 Help the Skull Kids construct a dam in the Baba Jungle The jungle is drained of water leaving some areas inaccessible in the Adult Era.
There is still some water flowing through with the player able to use this water to reach areas they otherwise wouldn't be able to, in addition the player can reach and clear the blockages the Bokoblins have placed on the dam to help fix the river.
8 Bring food to the animals taking refuge in the Mossy Ruins. The Mossy Ruins are abandoned and the moss has wilted causing the entrance to collapse.
The Mossy Ruins have been expanded upon with the Know-it-All brothers residing here along with the various animals, the player will be able to ride Deer through Baba Jungle to clear some obstacles.


Zelda Locations

Hyrule in this game is in ways similar to its appearance in Ocarina of Time although is greatly expanded upon with a number of new locations for the player to visit as well as sweeping changes to the previous locations as well. Each location of Ocarina of Time Koete Remake (OoTKR) is individually named relative to their location in the world, many areas from the original re-appear as their original condition was depicted while others are broken up into smaller and more unique areas.

Zelda Locations Named

Kokiri Forest

The Kokiri Forest is a very large forested environment located in the South-East portion of Hyrule, this large area is governed over by the ancient species of Tree known as Deku Trees, although only one exists at any given time their might is unquestionable and they're able to not only ensure the Forest's success and survival but have even been able to protect a race of small Hylian-like people known as Kokiri who are in fact shape-shifters capable of adjusting to their environment if forced to.

Kokiri Village

The player's home as a child and where many of the Kokiri of Hyrule reside, the village is effectively one with nature being built atop ancient ruins from a long-forgotten city the Kokiri live in hollowed out tree trunks and have small dirt paths and ruin platforms connecting their homes to one another.

  • Link's House - The home of the player character (default name, Link), though mostly unremarkable the house does show signs of its rushed development, due to Link's young age and his sudden appearance before the Kokiri his house is distinctly more rustic than the others with a more angular interior and floorboards for an entryway instead of the netting used in other houses. The interior is a simple one-room house like most of the others with Link's Bed off to the side while the table where he's created several ornamental carvings sits in the middle of the room.
  • Saria's House - One of the larger houses in the village, it is easily identified by the large plants growing out the front of it, the plants that grow on Saria's house are known as Rokko Flowers and produce large seeds which can be carried and used to weight down switches. The interior of the house shows that it is one of the few houses with multiple rooms, there is a curtain separating Saria's bedroom from the rest of the house, her house is very well organized and has a number of musical instruments located throughout including her prized Ocarina.
  • Mido's House - The house of the Village Leader, although in name alone, Mido's House is rather grand in appearance with painted sections along the trunk making elaborate and distinct patterns as well as Rupees being adorned from the roof of the entrance. Within the house is split into three areas, the main section is much like the other houses with a table in the middle as well as a few objects, lying about for Mido this seems to be various tools including a Pickaxe and Shovel which he's known to use when digging out new areas for the village. One section of the house is his bedroom which is fairly unkempt and seems to be mostly a mess, the other section of the house is where Mido trains as a warrior, with a training dummy which hte player can practise on once they get a Sword.
  • Kokiri Woods Shop - A small shop operated by a rather short and stout Kokiri, the shop specializes in selling items found in nature itself, it's the only shop in the game not to stock Arrows as a result. The player can purchase various items in particular berries which can be otherwise difficult to come by and even Magic Beans once the player has completed the first dungeon of the game. If the player finds Magical Mushrooms across Hyrule they can bring them to the Kokiri Woods' shopkeeper who'll buy them from Link in exchange for Ruees and expanding his Slingshot Ammo Pouch.
  • Know-It-All Library - A Library started by the Know-It-All Brothers who are some of the only Kokiri who've ever seen the world beyond the Kokiri Forest, the books they collect seem to be from an assortment of races and vary in tone and quality, the player can find useful information about the different races and also some hints towards secret locations throughout the game world in the few treasure maps that appear amongst the books.
  • Training Grounds - An area where Kokiri can practise sword fighting and shield blocking, there is a connected section to this that is where Kokiri who have a Fairy can go to receive their first Sword, the Kokiri who heads the Training Grounds provides tutorials for new players if they want to learn the basics of combat and will also offer a special shield to the player if they can beat the five Kokiri Warriors of the Kokiri Forest in back to back matches.

Great Deku Tree

The guardian of the Kokiri Forest and deity among the Kokiri, this mighty and ancient Tree is incredibly wise and is known to possess some faint powers of foresight, the area around the Great Deku Tree is covered with many small saplings that may one day reach similar heights to the Great Deku Tree, amongst the saplings the player may find some enemies like Deku Babas residing and can also find a number of animals and even Skull Kids who will playfully run about freely through the saplings. Fairly early on in the game the player will need to enter the Great Deku Tree to rid it of the ailment that is slowly causing the Great Deku Tree to die. Though the player is successful in ridding the ailment which is revealed to be a parasite the Great Deku Tree still passes on leaving the player the knowledge of the impending disaster to strike Hyrule.

Kokiri Guardian Hollow

Located to the West of the Kokiri Village the Guardian Hollow is said to be where the reach of the Great Deku Tree's protective magic ends, markings on the tree logs through this area signify where his power still reaches. The area has a number of enemies within it that can sometimes pose a threat to the Kokiri. There are also some locations where the player can find and perform with Skull Kids as Child Link to earn Rupees, Items or Heart Pieces for emulating the songs they create.

  • Skull Kid Grove - A grove where many of the Skull Kids gather to perform, it's said that anyone who can bring the Skull Kids together will receive a special reward, the grove itself is a rather elaborate design with many flowers and tree stumps, there are butterflies and birds that will from time to time fly around the area. If the player uses the Ocarina at the central tree stump they can play songs that make Fairies appear from the flowers in the grove.
  • Bridge of Passing - A bridge located at a bottleneck in the Guardian Hollow, it is the signifier for when one is outside the protection of the Great Deku Tree, sometimes Kokiri gather on the bridge and other times the player can find Hylians and Zora who've travelled in search of supposed treasure in the Kokiri Forest.

Lost Woods

At the heart of the Kokiri Forest is lies the Lost Woods, a fabled location that is said to have bizarre properties to its existence that date back to when an ancient and powerful spirit known as Ordona dwelled in the forests of the world, the Lost Woods is a labyrinth of interconnected tunnels, tree hollows and groves that seem to twist and turn in ways that simply don't make sense, getting through this area can prove rather tricky although many say that simply following the melodies of the forest can lead one to the place they desire most. There are many locations where the Lost Woods seem to connect to and according to a book in the Know-It-All Library the Lost Woods supposedly exists beyond the realms of Hyrule and is how it can connect to places as far away as Goron City.

  • Deku Hideout - A place where many Deku Scrubs seem to reside, unlike their brethren above ground these Deku Scrubs are relatively friendly and will even do business with Hylians and Kokiri that stumble across their secret home. They offer to sell a variety of items and one of them will even be capable of upgrading pouches that Link may have.
  • Lost Man's Cottage - A strange little cottage located in the woods, it seems remarkably well-designed despite the odd location, according to folk tales from the Kokiri a strange man lives in the cottage and goes out to chop down a tree each day though the tree never falls. Supposedly the man came from Kakariko Village nearly a decade ago.
  • Spring of Healing - A mysterious Spring that seems to have welled up from an unknown point of origin, strangely from time to time a Zora will appear at the Spring remarking that they'd come from Zora's Domain, it appears that if one can reach the bottom of the spring that can follow the currents and head to Zora's River.
  • Bomb Flower Cavern - A small cavern connected to the Lost Woods that leads into Goron Village, the heavy Bomb Flowers located here need someone with the power of a Goron to clear the way, due to frequent landslide the path is often blocked.
  • Stal Stronghold - This stronghold was built long ago by Hylians determined to live within the Kokiri Forest, after getting lost in the woods they built a Stronghold awaiting news from a messenger they had sent to inform the King of Hyrule, after hundreds of years however they'd become Stalfos just as the Kokiri had foretold, their curse afflicted them with insanity and now they guard the Stronghold and the treasure it holds within.

Garden Maze

Beyond the Lost Woods lies the Garden Maze, a strange location that is kept in remarkably good quality, it's believed long ago the Kingdom of Hyrule once dwelled within the forests to shelter from monsters out in the field and this garden was part of their domain, over the centuries it's been abandoned leaving ruins and the hedges and flowers behind although they're kept maintained eve after all this time. According to the Kokiri this is because Poes of the old royal servants roam this place at night maintaining the hedges.

  • Deku Brothers House - A hollowed out tree where a trio of Business Deku Scrubs reside, they're quite friendly and great anyone that approaches their humble abode with a friendly greeting, selling a variety of goods they usually do business with other Dekus although sometimes with a Kokiri. The items they sell seem to vary with the time of day with one brother specialize in medicine, one in explosives and the third in projectiles.
  • Flowery Pedestal - A pedestal located within the Garden Maze, from which it's said an ancient evil was sealed long ago, the intricate design on the pedestal seems to tell the story of an ancient demon that was stopped by a hero from the skies above, supposedly the Pedestal is all that remains of this ancient battle.
  • Run-Down Cathedral - An old cathedral that was part of the ancient lands of Hyrule, the place has become a refuge for Stalfos and can be quite dangerous to explore for some, though the temptation of treasure hasn't stopped some travelling to their peril. The cathedral was supposedly built to serve a similar purpose to the Temple of Time.
  • Wolf-Fang Gates - These large metallic gates which separate the Forest Temple from the rest of the Garden Maze, it's said that only by bringing the fangs of the Snowy Beasts can one enter into the Temple's Grounds, one that resides in the far northern caverns and one that resides in an abyss to the south.

Baba Jungle

A large verdant area that's much more wild and chaotic than the rest of the Kokiri Forest, controlled by the plant-like monsters known as Deku Babas, this set of weaving pathways through the thick jungle hides many secrets. A keen-eyed adventurer will be able to find dozens of small secrets hidden within the jungle although will have to contend with the tricky and sinister monsters that dwell beyond just Deku Babas. The area makes use of several items found in and around the Kokiri Forest and the player will mainly need to navigate this area with said items. In the Child Era this area is also partially flooded meaning movement through the area requires the player to find and use vines to swing across the large rapidly flowing rivers. In the Adult Era meanwhile the player will find the river had been blocked by minions of Ganondorf resulting in the river receeding revealing caverns that'd been previously below the water.

  • Babocto River - The large river that flows through the Baba Jungle, it is infested with Octoroks regardless of whether it's flooded, drained or just a small creek line. The river conceals many miniature caves beneath its surface in the past that the player cannot get to due to its depth, the high currents of the river also mean that any player who falls into the river will be launched out of the River back to either the Lost Woods or Great Deku Tree.
  • Hermit's Shell - A massive shell that's the house for a lonesome hermit that lives in the jungle, the hermit can give the player advice regarding secrets in the Baba Jungle for a small fee, he's also known to be a collector of plants so should the player stumble upon diffferent plant seeds they should bring them to the hermit for a variety of rewards.
  • Postman's Perch - A small tower that seems to be where the Postmen across Hyrule gather from time to time, it is one of several across Hyrule and the Postmen who live in this one deliver mail to the Kokiri, Skull Kids, Deku & Oceanic Zora. The player can find a variety of small tasks to do here as well as various secret locations within the tower where treasures are located, the tower has a large sculpture of a Cucco adorned atop it so it's easy to see from anywhere in the jungle.
  • Mossy Ruins - Ancient ruins built by the Hylians long ago, though abandoned they seem to be a refuge for a number of animals that dwell in the Kokiri Forest that get lost in Baba Jungle, a calm and peaceful owl that's said to have magical powers watches over these ruins with some believing the owl to be immortal. The player can explore these ruins and find a few treasures lying about, there are some minor side objectives the player can do by bringing food to the animals in the Mossy Ruins, using the Mask of Truths will give the player hints as to what food to bring the animals.

Shibanu Lake Woods

The woods on the outskirts of the Kokiri Forest that lead towards Lake Shibanu are rather unusual as they're dominated by small fortifications built by Bokoblins and Moblins, they area is surprisingly dense with a rat-maze like layout to it with many bridges crossing between giant tree hollows that the player can explore to find the treasure the Moblins are guarding. The area is also distinct as it lacks Evergreens like the rest of the Kokiri Forest so has a brilliant Autumn appearance to it during Child Link's time and appears to be snowed over in Adult Link's time.

  • Drebodlin's Fortress - A fortress located in the Woods that's home to a special Moblin by the name of Drebodlin, though often at odds with Hylians and Zora alike, Drebodlin does permit access through his fortress for those that can prove their worth in battle. Once the palyer bests Drebodlin in battle they will be able to visit the Fortress freely without being attacked and can buy and sell items there as well as obtain some side-quests from Drebodlin that will help the player track down rival Moblin Camps across Hyrule.
  • Happy-Happy Caravans - This small settlement established by Hylian Wanderers long ago seems to be known for the intense magical capabilities of the people who's lineage is supposedly traced back to some of the ancient sages of Hyrule. Though the Caravans offer little in the way of useful equipment for wandering travellers the player will find that they can learn some exceptionally powerful magic from the Caravans as Adult Link as the player explores Hyrule. According to the residents of the Caravans the Happy Mask Salesman is actually the son of the leader of the Wanderers.
  • Shibanu Fishing Hole - A small Fishing spot where Hylians and Zora fish near the Shibanu Lake, the area is gated off from the rest of Shibanu Lake to prevent the more dangerous fish entering the fishing hole. The player can pay to fish here for a variety of fish and can also talk to the Zoras and Hylians to take on challenges involving this particular Fishing Pond. There is also a small cave where the player can try to fish for cave-fish which are more difficult to capture but offer better rewards.
  • Myratikia Gates - Large and elaborately adorned gates which divide Kokiri Forest from the domain of Myratikia, controlled by the Zora. The gates are one of the main landmarks of Southern Hyrule and have stood against constant battles between monsters and the Zora for hundreds of years, many believe that the Zora constructed the game from the bones of an ancient dragon defeated by the ancient Zora King, Sunnarin who had also constructed Myratikia City.
  • Beriyume Tree - A large tree that's located in these woods known as the Beriyume Tree whom looks after the Skull Kids and Deku alike that dwell towards the oceanside, she appears to be related to the Deku Tree in some regard referring to the Deku Tree as "Elder", she is unique for her ability to grow Dream Berries which allow one to enter the dreams of others mainly used for the purpose of finding the roots of fears and expelling nightmares, due to her location however there are not many that can take care of her so the Beriyume Tree's strength is much less than the Great Deku Tree's.

Forest Temple

A verdant temple that was built long ago by ancient Hylians to house great power, over time due to the expanding Kokiri Forest the previously unnamed temple was lost to the Hylians going under the name it earned in legends, the Forest Temple. Many believe the Temple is now hallowed grounds where the spirits of those who once lived in old Hyrule resided. The temple's layout has been warped over time due to these spirits with it only slightly resembling its former glory and instead taking on the attributes of a maze that seems to disobey common laws of reality as a result making it difficult to navigate. During the Adult Link Era this Temple became dominated by plants which had been seeded there long ago by Ganondorf, now the plants seem to have a stranglehold on the Temple threatening its collapse due to the pressure from their roots.

Yiani Cave

This unusual cave is said to have been carved out of the ground by those who refused to leave old Hyrule, now considered a graveyard of damned souls, the cavern has gained a reputation among Kokiri, Deku and Skull Kids alike for the unusual noises coming from it at night and the unsettlingly dark clouds that ominously hang over the cavern. The interior of the cavern can be at best described as, a senseless panic of people clamouring onto their old lives as the world they lived in no longer existed. The cave has many small hovels carved out where people attempted to live and many skeletons seem to adorn the rooms and hallways of the cave, there are a few torches that seem to be lit by magical energy although the lower levels are completely dark as a result of the inhabitants becoming cursed and turning into Redeads, Gibdos and Wallmasters.

Imani Village

A small village on the border between the Kokiri Forest and Lake Imani, the village is home to a small group of Hylians that live in harmony with the forest, following the teachings from an old Kokiri who once lived in the village who taught them to live in the trees and their various traditions that they follow now. The Imani Village is also home to a sizeable population of Skull Kids who visit the village from time to time to play with the children of the village and to also trade with the Hylians mainly food for the various treasures they find in the forest. The small community of the village is very tightly knit so finding information about any villager can be as simple as talking to another villager or the Skull Kids.

  • Elder Skull's Hut - A hut that was built by the Hylians and a Skull Kid long ago, the hut acts as a refuge for the Skull Kids who stay at the Village and is adorned with various things they've brought to the hut over the years. The player can visit the house during the day to find a few Skull Kids residing there and can trade various items with them and also take on a few side quests from them.
  • Imani General Store - A quirky shop that's owned by one of the Traven Brothers, the third oldest Mont. The shop has a distinctly naturalistic vibe to its layout and design, it doesn't sell items like the Hylian Shield or Bombs, being the only one of the Traven Brothers to do this in fact, however instead sells a number of herbs that can act as additional supplies alongside potions. The shop has several large vines that have grown around the shop including one that acts as the divider for the customer and Mont's side of the counter.
  • Imani Shooting Gallery - One of several across Hyrule, the Imani Shooting Gallery is the 2nd easiest Shooting Gallery in the game allowing the player to compete to earn prizes and Ruppees. As Child Link this game uses the Slingshot while as Adult Link it uses the Bow, the player will need to hit targets in quick succession and earns a prize based on how well they performed. For the Imani Shooting Gallery the Gallery is themed around Deku Babas and has the player shoot cardboard cut-outs of Deku Babas, Boko Babas and Keese, scoring well on this will earn the player a useful upgrade to their Slingshot, the Bomb Seed.

Hyrule Field

At the center of Hyrule lies Hyrule Field a vast and expansive area of Hyrule that contains large and lush, green, rolling hills that obfuscate the landscape. The area is in fact an old mountain that was weathered down over hundreds of years due to rain and the rivers that wrap around it. The region is split up into many areas due to the various people that reside in each one, although they're not listed there are also several small settlements dotted across the Field that can provide travellers with rest and recooperation as well as supplies from stores.

Kokiri Hills

The verdant and beautiful hillside that overlooks Kokiri Forest, Kokiri Hills is a large open field with hills that obscure the small trees that grow around it, the area is covered in grasses and bushes that make realizing the topography of the area rather tricky to see, it acts as the furthest that any Kokiri travels without express permission from The Great Deku Tree, as such most Hylians who don't naturally live around the Kokiri Forest will mistake any Kokiri they see here as lost children. The hills have a few small alcoves that are covered in moss and vines that need to be cut down to reveal the small cavern within, they often contain some rare treasure although are often inhabited by monsters like Keese and Chuchu.

  • Kokiri Tower - The Kokiri Tower is a large sentry Tower that was constructed by Hylians to monitor the territory of this area. The tower is rather distinct as over time with aide from the Kokiri and the Great Deku Tree the Tower has appeared more like a giant giant tree as plants were grown around it surrounding the tower while allowing scouts and archers to keep a watchful eye over the area. Near the tower are a number of small huts that acts as storage and resting places for the soldiers that are stationed at the tower. After Link has left the Kokiri Forest the player can see a soldier marching towards Hyrule Castle from this tower, the player can talk to this soldier later at the Barracks in Caste-Hyrule where he'll explain that he was ordered to report Link's sudden appearance from the Forest.
  • Ruppee Rock
  • Mossdeep Cavern

Zora River Banks

The Zora River Banks are a large and marshy territory of Hyrule Field, the area is quite difficult to navigate due to the boggy terrain slowing down Link. The player must be careful as some areas of the ground, notably darker than the rest are in fact quite deep and Link can drown in them if he's not careful. There are also a number of monsters that dwell specifically within the boggy terrain trying to catch Link off-guard. There are a few ruins from old buildings that were once located along the River although none are still in operation when Link arrives. The player can however find bridges that are scattered across the banks making it somewhat easier to navigate, the player must be careful of these bridges however as underneath some of them dwell dangerous enemies who'll use the Bridge's tempting appearance of safety as a way to ambush Link.

Kakairko Field

Lon Lon Farmlands

Lon Lon Ranch

Hylia Highlands

Gerudo Roughlands

Lake Hylia Valley

Argante Village

Argante Field

Thunder Ruins

Argante Passage

Chuchu Cave

Chuchu Trail

Kakariko Beach


Many enemies from the original game as well as other entries in the series make an appearance in OoTKR with the player finding that many have new and more aggressive attack styles in comparison to their original counterparts.

Enemy Description
Withered Deku Baba Withered plants that have a stiff stem, they can only bite up into the air and swing around posing little threat.
Blue Deku Baba An aggressive plant monster that will attack with its large mouth, the Blue ones are otherwise fairly harmless and can be easily dispatched with any weapon.
Red Deku Baba A tougher variant of the Deku Baba, these Red Deku Babas have two additional vines which they can use to attack Link if he gets too close to them, they will use the same attacks as the Blue Deku Baba in addition to their vine lashes.
Boko Baba An oversized Deku Baba that is rather slow in its movement but can be quite troublesome, due to its ability to spit acid at Link which is capable of destroying wooden shields, the player will find they attack like Blue Deku Babas but take more hits to defeat.
Giga Baba A giant Deku Baba distinguished by their brilliant Lime Green hue, their secondary vines have sprouted additional heads which need to be defeated individually whilst the main head can pose a threat due to its increased range it is recommended to defeat one from afar.
Keese A small bat-like enemy that can easily be knocked out with a single strike from the Sword or any other weapon, usually they attack in groups and will attempt to disorientate Link.
Gomess The result if six or more Keese swarm together, this reaper-like entity will attack Link with a magical scythe it conjurs and can be tricky to fight back, the best way to counter it is to attack its core which is a bright green which causes the Keese to disperse or by using Deku Nuts to force them to disperse.
Fire Keese These Keese are somehow constantly on fire and can pose a greater threat than their regular counterparts as they can burn up wooden shields and leave behind flaming embers that linger on the ground. Fortunately they can be extinguished with powerful winds or cold weather.
Ice Keese These Keese are imbued with the element of Ice and are able to freeze the player upon contact even if the player blocks with their shield, due to their unusual nature they cannot be turned back to normal like Fire Keese and thus it's best to take them out from a distance.
Stalkeese Keese that had died but returned, they're more formidable and can call on other Stal Enemies through a unique screeching attack they use, they're otherwise the same as regular Keese.
Thunder Keese The third elemental variant of Keese, these Keese are electrified by nature and will electrocute Link if he attempts to block with a metallic shield or attack with metallic weapons, they're best dispatched with ranged weapons or wooden weapons. If two Thunder Keese come into contact with one another they can generate a shock wave in the nearby area.
Vire A creature that through dark magic is able to conjur up Keese to fight on its behalf, these difficult demon-like creatures will often attack Link with volleys of fireballs or by attempting to swoop him however if they're threatened they will instead summon Keese to fight on their behalf including Fire Keese.
Green Chuchu The most common type of Chuchu in the game, Green Chuchu are weak and easy to defeat with a single strike from any weapon, they will attempt to lunge at Link if they're close enough to him and will drop Green Chuchu Jelly which can restore Link's Magic or be used to create more potent items.
Red Chuchu Another common type of Chuchu, Red Chuchus are also fairly weak although can take a hit before being defeated, like their Green counterpart they will attempt to lunge at Link however if Link is too close for a lunge to work they'll instead attempt to headbutt him. They drop Red Chuchu Jelly which can be used to heal Link's health or create more potent items.
Yellow Chuchu A more difficult variant of the Chuchu although not too dissimilar from Green or Red Chuchus, Yellow Chuchus are often found in environments with Electricity or Sand and can become electrified if they come into contact with the former, they act identically to Red Chuchus and drop Yellow Chuchu Jelly which (through unknown means) is able to replenish Link's ammunition pouches and can be used to create more potent items.
Blue Chuchu The toughest of the basic Chuchus, Blue Chuchus take more hits than the other three common variants and like Yellow Chuchus can take on properties of Electricity when in contact with it, in addition Blue Chuchus will turn into Frost Chuchus if they come into contact with exceptionally cold objects making them much more dangerous. They're also able to stick together to form a larger Chuchu to pose a greater threat to Link. They drop Blue Chuchu Jelly upon defeat which can replenish both Health and Magic and be used to create more potent items.
Black Chuchu A seemingly invincible Chuchu, Black Chuchus are extremely sturdy and will be able to actively harden in response to physical attacks, the best and only way to defeat one is through indirect means usually involving Magic or Powder. Black Chuchus drop Black Chuchu Jelly upon defeat which can be used to immediately remove the Cursed Status or can be an ingredient in certain items.
Stone Chuchu A Chuchu that has ingested enough stone over other materials that its body has become naturally hardened, these Chuchu can prove tough to take down due to this although Bombs and Charged Attacks can easily defeat them, unlike other Chuchus they do not drop a Jelly instead they tend to drop higher amounts of Rupees.
Frost Chuchu An extremely cold Chuchu which can freeze Link in place upon contact, they prove to be the first of the elemental variety of Chuchu and are the only ones capable of spawning from common Chuchu, they leave behind a frost trail which can freeze Link if he touches it, in addition this Chuchu is capable of extinguishing flames with its freezing breath and can freeze water if it falls into it. They drop Blue Chuchu Jelly.
Fire Chuchu A fiery variant of the Chuchu, their bodies appear to be mostly composed of lava and will destroy Wooden Shields if they make contact, their heat is also so extreme they can charge up the Fire Reflection of the Mirror Shield when they strike it. The Fire Chuchu is also capable of expelling lava spit which it shoots in an arc at the player. Fire Chuchus drop Orange Chuchu Jelly which can be ingested to counteract the Freeze Status but can also be used in crafting certain items.
Silver Chuchu A special Chuchu that contains silver in its body, they're able to magnetize the Silver turning into spikes which damage anyone that tries to attack them directly, they are prized among treasure hunters as their Jelly is extremely valuable and sells for a high price.
Flora Chuchu The result of a Chuchu fusing with a Deku Baba's seed, the creature has the aggressive tendencies of a Deku Baba although is freely able to move around like a Chuchu, it attacks by biting with its maw and and lash out with its whip-like roots.
Giga Chuchu The result of a Chuchu living a very long time, only a few Chuchu every last this long, reaching this stage in life they've amassed enough matter to become gigantic in scale, their sheer bulk makes them difficult to kill however doing so can often shower the victor in the numerous objects the Chuchu had consumed in its long life.
Metallic Chuchu A special Chuchu with metallic properties, they're tougher to kill and if they come into contact with Electricity will become electrified, they're also able to be pulled and push by magnetism allowing Link to use them to solve puzzles, in addition they will also sink if they fall in water, unlike other Chuchus which float.
Hydro Chuchu A Chuchu native to watery environments, they're surprsingly fast on water and can often pose a threat to Non-Zora, the best way to deal with them is to pull them out of the water and defeat them on land, they're functionally identical to Green and Red Chuchu on land.
Mirror Chuchu A strange Chuchu that is capable of mimicking the first thing it sees, this can pose a problem to adventurers as they must deal with a mirror counterpart of themselves that copies their movements, however if the Chuchu mimicks a different creature it will instead take on the abilities of that creature.
Poison Chuchu A dangerous Chuchu that's rarely found but can pose quite the problem, it is capable of leaving behind a toxic sludge as it moves which is dangerous to walk in, in addition it is capable of exhaling a toxic cloud that it can hide within and also damage anyone who walks into the cloud.
Cyclos Chuchu A Chuchu that's capable of manipulating wind, they're able to fly up high and then float down to attack their opponents from above, they are also capable of unleashing powerful gales of wind to push opponents off the edge of cliffs where they often reside.
Poe Chuchu A strange occurance when a Poe inhabits a Chuchu's body, the resulting fusion is able to phase through walls like Poes although is strangely able to turn invisible making it very difficult to fight, it's said there is an item that can pierce this invisibility and reveal the creature.
Electro Chuchu A naturally electrified Chuchu, it can pose quite a threat around water although can also be useful for solving puzzles involving electricity, fortunately they're fairly weak so dispatching them is rarely an issue.
Deku Scrub A tricky plant-based enemy that's found commonly in forested environments, Deku Scrubs are a cheeky group of creatures that out in the field will often attempt to toy with Hylians and Kokiri by shooting seeds at them, unlike their corrupted brethren these seeds don't cause direct harm but can blind the player temporarily, talking to the Deku Scrub or shooting them with the Slingshot or other similar weapons will cause them to retreat they'll usually leave behind some Deku Seeds or Deku Nuts as an apology.
Mad Scrub Corrupted by dark power these Deku Scrubs are larger in appearance with a more elaborate design, their leaves are slightly wilted with a vibrant orange colour to them, they often appear in groups and attack by shooting dangerous Deku seeds at the player, defeating them can be done in one of two ways, either be deflecting their seeds back at them with a shield or by using a ranged weapon.
Deku Tower A rare variant of the Mad Scrub that appears to be several Deku Scrubs fused together into a single tower, they're the only variant of Deku Scrubs that constantly moves and can attack at multiple heights thanks to their multiple heads, cutting down the lower heads will allow the player to easily attack the higher ones although the player can defeat all of the heads simultaneously by using ranged items to take out the highest head.
Business Deku Scrub An unusual variant of the Deku Scrub, these skittish Deku Scrubs will attack on sight often mistaking potential customers for monsters, they can't cause any direct harm like regular Deku Scrubs however upon attacking them they'll apologize and offer to sell the player an item, often one that's particularly useful in the environment they're currently in.
Gohma Larvae The Larvae of the parasitic creature known as Gohma, they're fairly weak creatures and attacking their large bulbous eye can take them out in one hit, they will hop around attempting to jump into the player to hurt them.
Gohma Pupae The middle stage of the Gohma's lifecycle, though immobile there is still a danger to these coccooned creatures as there are spines on their backs which can protrude out when they sense danger nearby, attacking them from afar or just avoiding them is the best way to go although they'll often station themselves in inconvenient locations.
Winged Gohma Larvae A winged variant of the Larvae, they're able to hover for a short while and will actually cling onto the ceiling until the player comes close to them before they swoop down, taking them out is just as easy as a regular Gohma Larvae however.
Drone Gohma When a Gohma Pupae reaches adulthood most of the time it'll become a Drone, these tough arachnid creatures will scurry around along walls, floors and ceilings periodically using their spear-like appendages to stab at the player, hitting them in their eye is the most effective way to take them down although they also have an aversion to light and won't be able to attack the player if they're carrying a torch.
Soldier Gohma A few Gohma Pupae will become Soldier Gohma once they reach adulthood, bigger and tougher than their drone counterparts these giant arachnids do not fear fire in the slightest and their pincer-like claws mean they have extra range when it comes to attacking the player. The best way to dispatch one is to attack it from a distance, or use the environment and their large size to keep out of reach.
Guay A strange crow-like creature that's actually formed from dark magic, they will fly around and attempt to swoop and attack the player, if they're successful they can steal the player's ruppees and items similar to certain other enemies, usually they're encountered in groups of two or three and to defeat them simply landing a well-timed sword slash will do the job as will most weapons, Deku Nuts can also disorientate them causing them to fall to the ground.
Hardhat Beetle A strange creature that has an incredibly hard shell, they're often encountered in locations which have rich ore deposits which they feed on to make their shells harder, attacking one will just send the player flying backwards although using certain items can leave them vulnerable to attack and though tough they can be knocked back or off cliffs if the player is precise.
Giant Hardhat Beetle An extremely rare variant of the Hardhat Beetle, by living for hundreds of years these ancient behemoths can pose a challenge to any adventurer that wanders into their domains, they're incredibly tough and can take a bevy of attacks before finally being defeated, due to their old age they've learnt to utilize magic and can generate energy blasts from their crystalline-like shell.
Stalchild It's uncertain what leads to Stalchildren appearing, unlike Stalfos they do not originate from people getting lost in the Lost Woods, some believe they're actually just the manifestation of dark magic in its weakest form. They're fairly weak and can only attack by making weak scratches at the player.
Stalfos The result of an adult disappearing into the Lost Woods, they can be rather dangerous forces since they often will use any weapons they were carrying during their life, some are created by dark magic however and will be stationed often in groups of two or three to prevent adventurers progressing.
Stal Knight A stronger variant of the Stalfos that appears to be a result of a Hylian Soldier who didn't receive a Soldier's burial, their cursed bodies roam about attacking with surprising fury and rage and can be a challenge to fight, switfness is key to defeating them as their weakened bones make them inflexible.
Stal Archer A Stalfos that was brought back with a bow in hand, they're able to shoot off a volley of arrows at anyone that approaches them, blocking with a shield and then retaliating with your own ranged weapons is most effective, one can also make them drop their bows by throwing a Deku Nut.
Stalrobe In the rare occurance of a Hylian with magical powers becoming lost in the Woods they'll become a Stalrobe, weaker than a Wizzrobe they're never the less quite dangerous and are capable of teleporting and generating energy blasts.
Peahat A strange plant that is capable of flight, it will move about like a helicopter spinning its leaves to maintain lift, they will chase after the player although can easily be defeated with a sword slash or almost any weapon.
Giant Peahat A larger version of the regular Peahat, their roots spin around making attacking them directly simply not an option, as such to defeat one the player must either use ranged weapons or run and block with the shield against its roots.
Poe Spectres of the undead that roam the fields of hyrule, rather playful as they may be they're never the less dangerous able to strike with surprising speed and breathe fire through their cursed lanterns, destroying the lantern, destroys the Poe.
Big Poe In rare circumstances a Poe can turn into a Big Poe if it is able to survive long enough, commonly found underground these fearsome spirits are capable of all the attacks of a regular Poe with the ability of casting magic energy and also releasing a freezing breath that can freeze the player solid.
Octorok an eight-legged creature with a large snout that roams across Hyrule, they're often found near bodies of water and are very weak, their only means of attack is to shoot out rocks that they can suck up from their snouts, the player can block these with their shield.
River Octo A variant of the Octorok encountered in water, they're much larger than their land-dwelling counterparts and look more like an octopus in appearance, they also shoot rocks although due to their location they can only be killed with a ranged weapon or a well-aimed sword slash.
Ocean Octo A variant of the River Octo that's found in the ocean, they're able to move at high speeds making them rather dangerous and they have multiple snouts allowing them to shoot projectiles at a higher frequency.
Big Octorok A rare Octorok that appears massive in size, they move about slowly however can shoot out large projectiles and can lash at anyone who gets too close with their tentacles, they have a weak point on their back which can be struck to kill them instantly.
Like Like A large leech-like enemy that slows wanders about, shifting as it moves, though not outright dangerous Like Like's have the unique ability to steal the player's equipment, they can steal any equipment the player can replace and once they do will attempt to quickly retreat.
Ruppee Like A variant of the Like Like that attempts to tempt the player with a lure that appears like a Ruppee, they're no more dangerous than their regular counterpart but can catch the player off-guard, one can tell if a Ruppee is fake since it will not shimmer when light is shone onto it.
Pol's Voice A rabbit-like creature that seems to be invulnerable to attacks, their squishy bodies can absorb sharp, blunt and ranged attacks without any harm to the creature, the only way to defeat them is to hit the pitch in music that they resonate to.
Morth The larval form of a Mothula, these urchin-looking enemies have a single large eye which when struck will kill them instantly, they will attempt to latch onto Link sapping him of his health, the player will need to perform a Spin Attack to detach them.
Wingless Mothula As long as a Winged Mothula is present no other Mothulas are able to achieve flight, the wingless Mothulas however are the elite guard of the Winged Mothula, tough and fast they're able to climb up walls and on ceilings and will drop down onto Link in an attempt to squash him, they can also unleash a vibration by rubbing their hind legs together which can cause Link to flinch due to the noise produced, they take several hits to defeat although striking them through their singular eye can one-shot them.
Morthopillar A rare sight where Morths gather together to try to be more threatening the Morthopillar is the result of many Morths gathering together forming a long serpentine-like enemy, they will usually charge at high speed at Link and will move around the rooms they're encountered in with little in the way of stopping them, striking the front Morth will cause the Morthopillar to collapse causing all the Morths to split, cutting a Morthopillar at any other segment will simply create two smaller Morthopillars from the remaining Morths stuck together.
Lizalfos A reptilian creature that seems to dwell in commonly hot locations, they're deceptive and tricky to fight due to their fast movement, often encountered in duos or trios they will fight with their shorswords and shields as well as their whip-like tails, they're also rather cowardly and will retreat a short distance if struck.
Dinolfos A tougher relative of the Lizalfos, rarely encountered in groups this territorial reptilian monster is capable of spewing fire from its mouth and will often carry more deadly weapons like battle axes and hammers, they are also able to stomp with enough force to generate a shock wave so Link can't remain in one place without taking a hit.
Lizalfos Knight An armoured Lizalfos that utilizes a pair of longswords instead of the Sword and Shield of the regular Lizalfos, the player must strike its weak points to break off its armour and then attack it directly, they're more aggressive than regular Lizalfos and can prove difficult to take down.
Rope These small snake-like enemies pose little threat to most, being more a nuisance for travellers along the same lines as Keese. As such they can easily be taken down with a single sword swipe or most other weapons. The unusual talent of Ropes is that they're able to move at high speeds when they lock onto a target meaning some can be caught off guard by their speed.
Stalrope An undead version of the Rope that's a bit more durable, they are only encountered at night or in dark, cavernous environments, they attack much like Ropes do although are also able to cling to walls and ceilings to surprise unwary adventurers.
Deadrock A small rocky enemy that's remarkably tough, they will run around in mountainous and arid environments and will harden into stone if the player attacks them with a direct attack, the only way to defeat them is to pick them up and throw them off a cliff after they've turned to stone or to use bombs or bombchus while they're not hardened.
Giga Deadrock These massive Deadrocks fortunately aren't as fast as their smaller counterparts but are just as durable, their large size can make them hard to avoid so it is recommended to take them out with bombs as quickly as possible, the only way to lift one is to posess the Golden Gauntlets.
Deadrock Wyvern A strange relative of the Deadrock, these flying creatures are a rather tricky foe as they will attempt to swoop the player and can be struck with the sword by will just turn to stone and land nearby quickly regaining consciousness before flying off, the only way to defeat one is to shoot it with a ranged projectile forcing it to turn to stone in which case it shatters when it hits the ground from a high height.




There is a large variety of items the player can acquire in OoTKR which can serve the player for solving a variety of puzzles and also to boost their combat capabilities as well as allowing for greater access of movement. Items are separated into two main groups; Gear & Items. Gear refers to major items the player receives which cannot be unequipped, only swapped out, Items however refers to items that are commonly obtained in dungeons or through quests which serve specific purposes and can be unequipped from the player.

Item Location Function
Kokiri Sword Kokiri Village A small but functional blade that Child Link can use, though its range is short the player can still use it effectively in combat. Upgrading the Sword allows the player to attack more quickly and leaves behind air slashes which can damage enemies who run into them.
Deku Shield Kokiri Village The most basic shield in the game, the Deku Shield is a weak, wooden shield that protects Link from incoming physical attacks, it burns up in hot environments and cannot deflect magic attacks. Upgrading it will cause it to stun enemies who directly hit the shield due to a Deku Nut engraved into the icon.
Boko Shield Kokiri Village A larger shield rewarded to those who can best the Kokiri Warriors, the shield is made of a hardened wood that is able to deflect the same sorts of attacks as the Deku Shield, it however can reflect basic magic attacks. When upgraded this Shield allows Link to gather magical energy and unleash it back at the sender.
Deku Stick Various Locations These sticks found from the stems of various plants can prove useful as make-shift weapons but can also be used as temporary torches to move fire from one location to another, in addition the sticks are able to be used to weigh down switches.
Deku Nuts Various Locations A strange chemical appears in these nuts which causes them to release a blinding flash of light when they are thrown at the ground, they're useful for stunning enemies and can activate multiple Eye Panels at the same time.
Kokiri Whistle Kokiri Village Shop A special whistle which can be bought at a high price, it is effective at stunning enemies for a short while however only works on enemies that can hear the sound it generates, generally larger enemies and enemies without ears are not affected by it.
Deku Charm Kokiri Village Shop A special Charm that's crafted from the hardened sap of a Deku Baba, the special odour it generates helps pacify the plant-like enemies making them less aggressive towards the player while they're wearing it.
Liquid Magic Various Shops This special liquid can be coated onto the player's sword to allow them to generate a powerful energy blast which can consume magic, the coating wears off after one week or if another coat is applied over it.
Liquid Might Various Shops This special liquid can be coated onto the player's sword to increase its damage output for a short while, the effects of the liquid will last for ten minutes and causes the weapon in question to glow with a red hue.
Deku Leaf Various Locations A very large leaf that allows even a Goron to achieve temporary flight, well gliding to be precise, the player can use Deku Leaves to float from high points travelling large distances without touching the ground, this is the fastest method of travel for Child Link although can only be used effectively at certain vantage points, fortunately there's one at every corner of Hyrule Field allowing the player to cross it in less than half an in-game day. The player will find the Deku Leaves only last for a little while however so the player is suggested to collect any that they find, updrafts and the wind can also effect the player's movement allowing them to travel further or sometimes veering them off course.
Wolfos Charm Deku Shops A charm made from the fang of a Wolfos, it's said to ward off evil spirits and can protect the player from Poes, Redeads, Gibdos and Stalfos for 24 hours after being equipped, they cost a lot to buy however.


Across the game the player will collect a number of Medallions which are received for completing their respective Temples, these Medallions are a signifier of the player's quest to restore Hyrule to its former glory but also possess a secondary function in the remake acting as Magical Spells for which the player can use replacing the ones from the original.

Medallion Function
Forest Medallion Remake

Forest Medallion
Great Deku Trap
Sets up a Trap that will ensnare and damage any enemy that comes into contact with it allowing the player to attack the enemy significantly more easily.
Swamp Medallion

Swamp Medallion
Farore's Poison
Causes the player's weapons to become poisonous for a while causing lingering damage to any enemy that's hit by them, doesn't work on enemies that are naturally immune to Poison however.
Wind Medallion Remake

Wind Medallion
Farore's Wind
Creates a Whirlwind which sets a Warp Point within dungeons, the Warp Point will remain permanently and is only removed if the player creates another Warp Point within the same dungeon, the other end of the Warp Point is always at the Dungeon's entrance.


Link Ocarina of Time

Link - The Boy without a Fairy/The Hero of Time

Born shortly before the Hyrulean Civil War had broken out, Link is a young Hylian that grew up under the care of the Great Deku Tree in the Kokiri Forest, shunned by some of the Kokiri for lacking a fairy as he grew up, Link became the hero whom the Great Deku Tree entrusted with defeating the evil that lurked within Hyrule. Equipped with a variety of weapons and items, Link travels across the lands of Hyrule freeing its people from the permeations of Demise that dwell throughout the land rotting it from beneath.

Zelda OOT3D

Princess Zelda - Heir to the Hylian Throne/Sage of Time

Heir to the throne of Hyrule and the faled Sage of Time, Princess Zelda like the reincarnations before her has helped protect the Triforce of the Goddess from the evil forces that have emerged ever since the fateful defeat of Demise thousands of years in the past, though a bit mischievious, Princess Zelda seems to be keenly aware of the role she plays in protecting the Triforce and under the teachings of her guardian, Impa, she's capable of handling the dangers that come with her position as holder of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Ganondorf OoT3D

Ganondorf - King of the Gerudo/Reincarnation of Demise

Once known as the King of the Gerudo, Ganondorf is a powerful individual whose might had allowed the Gerudo to expand their area of influence even after their defeat in the Hyrulean Civil War. Though a calm and collected individual, there are times when Ganondorf's rage gets the better of him, permitting him to show an almost barbaric power that he possesses as the king of the Gerudo. After the time-jump however the power-crazed Ganondorf takes on the Triforce of Power using it to subjugate the people of Hyrule and summon ancient and mystical evils that had dwelled long ago.


In the Koete Remake the player will have access to more dungeons than in the original game, dramatically increasing the playtime and also altering the various returning dungeons' layouts with new puzzles that better fit with the theming of the dungeon and the items obtained within it. Unlike the original game the player, after the first dungeon, is free to do the dungeons in relatively any order they like with the only caveat being to complete the child dungeons before the adult dungeons. If a Dungeon as a Mid-Boss and Boss, the Boss is displayed first with the Mid-Boss in a smaller text beneath.

Dungeon Item Reward Puzzles Bosses
Great Deku Tree Fairy Slingshot Kokiri's Emerald Explosive Seeds
Slingshot Targets
Queen Gohma
Mad Deku Brothers

Dungeon Puzzles

As listed in the table above each dungeon features a variety of puzzles that act as central teaching tools to the player, their explanations are listed below.

  • Explosive Seeds - The dungeon features seeds that will explode if struck after a few seconds or when thrown after hitting the ground, they can be used to activate switches from afar and act similar to Bomb Flowers in this regard, they are sometimes needed to activate switches far away and then quickly running through the gate or door before the seed explodes or by placing them on a particular switch, avoiding getting hit along the way as by dropping the seed Link will cause it to being its countdown.
  • Slingshot Targets - Throughout the dungeon the player will come across target-practise targets scattered throughout the dungeon, these were used by the Dekus and Skull Kids in the past and the player can only discover their purpose at opening doors and revealing hidden objects after talking to the Mad Deku Brothers. Some switches simply allow the player access into a room whereas others cause an item to appear and some need to be knocked down to cause a ladder or chunk of the platforms above to fall through, sometimes the player will also need to time their shots in-between moving targets.


Much like in the original Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as well as other games in the series the player will be able to find and utilize a number of songs throughout the game which can help the player in different ways depending on the song in question.

Unlike the original Ocarina of Time, the remake cuts the total number of songs down from 13 to 8, all the Warp Songs from the original were condensed into a singular song, in addition the Song of Storms was removed and replaced with the Wind's Requiem.

While the removed songs have no impact on the gameplay section of the remake, the six Warp Songs are part of the objective of the Frog Songs Side-Quest where each song is related to one of the six frogs that Link must look for across Hyrule.

Song Location Abilities
Saria's Song Kokiri Guardian Hollow Able to calm restless spirits and provides special interactions with various NPCs across the game.
Zelda's Lullaby Hyrule Castle Garden Grants the player access to several locations in the game and will invoke special dialogue in various NPCs, it is also necessary for activating certain features in the environment signified by the Triforce symbol. The song will also put certain enemies to sleep as a result of playing it.
Epona's Song Lon Lon Ranch Allows the player to call upon Epona.
Song of Time Bridge to Caste-Hyrule Allows the player access to the Temple of Time's interior sections and can be used to send the Master Sword back to the Pedestal of Time from anywhere in Hyrule or call it from the Pedestal of Time to wherever the player is.
Wind's Requiem Guru-Guru Windmill Allows the player to alter the weather between Sunny, Cloudy & Rainy at will, depending on the environment the player is in this can also cause other weather effects to occur in addition to the primary three, it is also capable of draining or flooding bodies of water providing access to certain locations.
Sun's Song Royal Hylian Tomb Allows the player to change the time of day to any hourly incriment.
Song of Soaring Kokiri Forest-Hyrule Field Junction Allows the player to fly to any unlocked Owl Statue across Hyrule, this functionally replaces the Warp Songs from the original game.
Scarecrow's Song Lake Hylia Beach Allows the player to summon Pierre the Scarecrow to use to reach certain locations the player otherwise would be unable to access, in addition it will trigger dialogue in creatures that the player cannot normally understand including animals and enemies.


  • Initially the game was planned to be a complete overhaul with a majority of the original being removed and replaced with a new story and settings however this was decided to be detrimental to references made in later games to Ocarina of Time so instead the focus was put on expanding upon while minimizing the removal of aspects from the original Ocarina of Time
  • The change to Time Travel was seen as an absolute necessity to the gameplay as the new Time-Mechanic heavy Dungeons require the player to repeatedly change time periods and having the player return to the Temple of Time just to do this was deemed a terrible design element.
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