The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Dimensions
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Release Date(s) June 21, 2012
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) Teen
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Dimensions is a Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld made by Nintendo. It is a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was released for the Nintendo 64 console in 1998. Ocarina of Dimensions is released in 2012, and features a graphical design that appears to be a mixture between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. The musical score is composed by the same orchestra that worked on Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The plot of the game is very close to that of Ocarina of Time, but it is also altered in several different ways. The setting is an alternate reality where the Ocarina of Time is replaced by a new instrument, the Ocarina of Dimensions. The player uses the Ocarina of Dimensions to transport between different realities, which helps in obtaining certain items or completing several puzzles. There are many new characters that have never been seen before in the Zelda universe, and are all making their debut in Ocarina of Dimensions.


Once upon a time, there was a boy. This boy was named Link. Link lived in an area known as the Stratus Woods, named after the mysterious stratus clouds that always hung over the trees. Every resident of the Stratus Woods had a fairy. Except Link. One day, the great oracle of the woods, the Almighty Thunder, saw a vision in his dreams. He foresaw a great disaster that would overcome the land, and only Link could save them all. He sent one of his last guardian fairies, Cirrus, to confront Link and come to him. Cirrus brought Link 'to the

Ocarina of Dimensions

Almighty Thunder, and he told Link of a disease he had contracted in his sleep that caused him to pour acid rain onto the Woods. The only way to stop the rain was to enter the Almighty Thunder and take out the parasitic King Gohma inside his layers of cloud. Link succeeded in defeating King Gohma, but it was already too late. The Almighty Thunder was dying, so he gave Link the sacred Spirit Bolt and told him what he must do. He needed to travel across the land and obtain the remaining bolts from the hidden temples; the Aqua Bolt, the Cosmic Bolt, and the Lava Bolt. He must then confront the widowed Queen Zelda in the royal castle and warn her of what is to come.

After obtaining all of the sacred Bolts, Link makes his way to the royal castle to meet Queen Zelda. On his way to the drawbridge, it suddenly drops with a clash and a horse charges into the fields as it begins to rain. On-board the horse is Queen Zelda, who throws an undefinable object into the moat surrounding the castle. As she rides off into the distance, another horse comes out from the castle. This horse is manned by the evil Lord Magmus, who casts Link into the moat with a blast of dark energy. After waking up from unconciousness, Link fishes around in the moat and finds a dark blue instrument: the Ocarina of Dimensions. And so the story begins...


  • Link - The main protagonist of Ocarina of Dimensions. He is the recurring hero in every Zelda title.
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  • Queen Zelda - An alternate version of Princess Zelda who is older and skilled in the art of warfare. Her first husband, King Lyonus, was killed in battle by Lord Magmus and his men, making her a widow.
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  • Lord Magmus - A skilled swordsman who is also equipped with the power of black magic. He reigns over the Volcana Desert and is a bitter enemy of Queen Zelda and her people.
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  • Almighty Thunder - The guardian of the Stratus Woods and the deity of thunder. He resembles a menacing black storm cloud and guards the sacred Spirit Bolt until he dies at the hands of King Gohma.

  • Cirrus - A dedicated guardian fairy who helps Link on his quest. He dreams of one day becoming a Great Fairy and saving his people from the wrath of the Volcanians.


The gameplay in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Dimensions is fairly similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The Circle Pad is used to run, the touch screen is used as a menu screen, and the various buttons are used in their own appropriate manner. Ocarina of Dimensions also borrows an element from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: sprinting. The player can make Link sprint by holding down the left shoulder button, which can produce acrobatic sword manuevers, or help in jumping long gaps.

The Ocarina of Dimensions has two methods that it can be played with:

  • Classic Button Mode

The player plays the Ocarina of Dimensions by using the Face Buttons (A, B, X & Y.)

  • Microphone Mode

The player plays the Ocarina of Dimensions by holding down buttons on the Touch Screen with their stylus, and blowing into the Microphone to produce the ocarina tunes.

Collectible Items

-Stratus Sword-

Link obtains the Stratus Sword after venturing through a small hole in the wall in the Stratus Woods. It is found in the same manner as the Kokiri Sword was found in Ocarina of Time. It deals as much damage as the Kokiri Sword, but it sends out an electric shockwave when doing a spin attack.

-Cumulus Shield-

The Cumulus Shield is purchased in the Stratus Woods shop for 40 Rupees. It is the same as the Deku Shield but with a red lightning bolt on the front.

-Ocarina of Dimensions-

Link uses this to travel between alternate realities. It is played using one of the two ocarina methods described above. The Ocarina of Dimensions can take Link to five dimensions other than his own.

  • Goron Dimension

In this dimension, the Gorons are the dominant species, as they inhabit their own castle, Goron Temple, while the Hyrulians live in Hyrule Cave. The rulers of the Goron world are King Darunia and Queen Darulia. In this world, Link finds the Ultra Band, which lets Link pick up heavy boulders and move them, allowing him to access previously inaccessible areas. He also finds the Fire Tunic, which allows him to sustain hot areas like volcanoes. The main boss in the Goron Dimension is Darios, an oversized rock snake that shoots lava from spikes along its bottom side.

  • Zora Dimension

In this dimension, the Zoras are the dominant species, as they inhabit an elaborate aqua temple, Great Zora Hall, and the Hyrulians do not even exist. The rulers of the Zora world are Lord Zoran and Queen Zoram. In this world, Link finds the Shimmering Scale, which lets Link breathe underwater indefinitely. He also finds the Aqua Tunic before the Shimmering Scale, which lets him dive underwater for ten seconds. The main boss in the Zora Dimension is Hoppra, a monstrous frog that attempts to swallow Link with its 20-foot long tongue.

  • Stratus Dimension

In this dimension, the people of the Stratus Woods now populate a large town called Stratus Village. The Almighty Thunder stays inside a high chamber in the center of the town, watching over the people. The ruler of the Stratus world is the Almighty Thunder only. In this world, Link finds the Lightning Blade, which has twice as much power as the Stratus Sword and deals out vicious lightning attacks. He also finds the Storm Suit, which allows him to run through stormy weather without being struck by lightning. The main boss in the Stratus Dimension is Negative Thunder. Negative Thunder is created when the Almighty Thunder is infected by King Gohma, but instead of poisoning him, Gohma rewires his thoughts to make him perform evil deeds. Link must find a way to extract the evil from the Almighty Thunder without fatally wounding him as well.

  • Wingg Dimension

In this dimension, everything is the same except for the fact that everyone has wings. The Wingg Hyrulians inhabit a floating castle called the Hyrulian Hovera. The ruler of the Wingg world is Queen Zelda. In this world, Link finds the Hero's Wings, which grant him flight in a way similar to the Red Star from Super Mario Galaxy. Link can use the Hero's Wings to reach areas that are extremely high up, like the Hyrulian Hovera or the Cloud Temple. An alternate version of the Almighty Thunder reigns over the Cloud Temple, and he'll give Link an item called the Hurricane Tunic if he completes the challenge given by him. The Hurricane Tunic allows Link to fly at higher speeds than he could with just the Hero's Wings alone. The main boss in the Wingg Dimension is Soaro, an enormous black eagle that tries to snatch Link up with its poisonous talons. Link must use the Hurricane Tunic to ram Soaro when he is close enough.

  • Volcanian Dimension

In this dimension, the Volcanians reign supreme. The Volcanians inhabit a large, black castle called Magmus Temple. The ruler of the Volcanian world is Lord Magmus, who has forced Queen Zelda into marriage. In this world, Link finds the Lava Gloves, which allow him to punch through certain patches of rock with ease. He also finds the Dark Armor, which strengthens Link's defense and allows him to hurl Dark Matter. The main boss in the Volcanian Dimension is Lord Magmus, who is also the final boss in the normal dimension. Upon defeating Lord Magmus in the Volcanian Dimension, Link gains access to the final area in the normal dimension, where he battles Lord Magmus a second time, but in a different way...

-Ultra Band

The Ultra Band allows Link to pick up large boulders and move them. This allows the player to open up pathways that were previously blocked.

-Fire Tunic-

The Fire Tunic allows Link to sustain high temperatures in areas like the Goron Temple without losing health.

-Shimmering Scale-

The Shimmering Scale allows Link to breathe underwater without the pressure of a time limit.

-Aqua Tunic-

The Aqua Tunic is found before the Shimmering Scale, and it allows Link to breathe underwater for ten seconds.

-Lightning Blade-

The Lightning Blade is the equivalent of the Master Sword in this game, and it has double the amount of attack power that the Stratus Sword has, along with powerful lightning-based attacks.

-Storm Suit-

The Storm Suit allows Link to run through stormy areas in the Stratus Dimension without being struck by lightning.

-Hero's Wings-

The Hero's Wings allow Link to fly for a minute at a time, also allowing him to reach areas that are relatively high in the air.

-Hurricane Tunic-

The Hurricane Tunic allows Link to fly faster when donning the Hero's Wings, and it also grants him a ramming attack in mid-air.

-Lava Gloves-

The Lava Gloves allow Link to punch through weak patches of rock, which crumble away at the heat and open up new pathways.

-Dark Armor-

The Dark Armor increases Link's defense and grants him the ability to hurl a limited amount of Dark Matter blasts in the form of a ball.

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