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The Legend of Zelda: Mechnazoid X
Box art for Mechnazoid X on VXZ Polar in U.S.A.
Developer(s) VXZ Ltd.
Platform(s) VXZ Allo, VXZ Polar, VXZ VRZ
Release Date(s)
Vinlandia, Septillo 4.59, YP9T2
1 player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Teen
Lermon: Teen Lermon
Genre(s) RPG, First Person Shooter
Media Included VXZ Allo Game Card, VXZ Polar Game Pak, VXZ VRZ Goggle Pak

The Legend of Zelda: Mechnazoid X is a LoZ game that is part RPG part first person shooter RPG. Being released on both the VXZ Duo, VXZ Polar, and VXZ VRZ.

Main Story

Link awakens to find that Hyrule is in a

A DeviantArt Link Mech from ChasingArtwork.

destroyed state. His Master Sword and Hylian Shield lay shattered on the floor and his house broken. As he walks to Hyrule Castle, he stumbles upon a trapdoor, which senses his presence and opens. He falls into a pit where he stumbles upon Machina Ultimus. The machine opens and Link climbs inside. A door opens and Machina Ultimus, controlled by Link, walks outside. Both the shield arm and sword arm have pretty good durability. After defeating bosses from earlier games such as Volvagia, Goht, and Scourge of Hyrule Castle, Link having gained weapons such as the SMG, ATG, Grenade Launcher, and Hylian Blaster, Link arrives at the Castle where he fights Mecha Ganon.

Mecha Ganon by beowulfkiller2 on DeviantArt.

After failing to defeat Mecha Ganon, Link runs to Kalam Villiage

The symbol of Kalam Villiage, Protecters of the Triforce Sword.

to find the one sword to save him and Hyrule. After undergoing several hard and rigorous tasks, he finally makes it. A girl named Mazelina watches him with a telescope, admiring his handiwork and agility. Mazelina asks Link if she can join, happily, Link allows Mazelina to come. Now Link, with Machina Ultimus and Mazelina, with Machina X, they travel to other places, fight more monsters, and eventually face Mecha Ganon, where they defeat him. Five years later, Link and Mazelina get married and have a family of warriors. They continue making and upgrading Machinas to train their kids.

Ultimate Golden Master Sword for the Mech Left Arm

Unlockable Story

In the unlockable story you can play as Faron(M), Alexis(F), or Almyn(F) and go on an adventure with their Machina. The story is the same with every character so C stands for Player. C awakes and gets in their Machina to go on a secret adventure. C fights hordes of Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and Skeletans, to work up to getting to Club M, where they face Dark C, their evil shadow. After fighting this you return home to find that you have woken up and it was all a dream. After this, you tell your parents about and the game ends.

Game Modes

Main Game

The main game is the only way to unlock anything else, including the Weapon Vault and the Five Years Later.

Five Years Later

The Five Years Later story is unlocked by fully beating the Main Game. If you miss some achievement or trial, Five Years Later will be unavailable.

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