The Legend of Zelda: Maker
Developer(s) KeyHole Studio's
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Feb 19 2016 - WorldWide
Age Rating(s)
E (NA)


Genre(s) Dungeon Maker
Series The Legend Of Zelda

Is a 2016 game developed by KeyHole studios and Published by Nintendo. 

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The game makes use of 4 skins. The Original Zelda, ALTTP, Links Awakining and ALBW. They have a few diferences which include: Original Zelda stabbing his sword while the others swing them and being able to custimize the background for the dungeons in the others. In the dungeons you can add scenery and Bosses at the end. There is a Boss maker at the main menu or you can get the diferent bosses people have made online. 

Adventure Mode

In Adventure mode you can roam around a pre-made map that is similair to the overworld of Zelda 1. There are 7 Dungeons to complete and Zelda will be in the 7th dungeon. The levels difficulty are down below.(See Online & Offline modes) In other words you can just skip to a seperate dungeon withought roaming around the map and you can also save and quiet the game when you want and return where you were.

Online & Offline modes

You can share and play other peoples content. People offline can play pre-added levels made by Nintendo staff. This is also added into the Adventure mode Above. The levels of difficulty are: Begininners, Lucky One, and Smart One. 


In 1985 during early stages of Zelda 1, Shigeru Miyamoto was planning on having a dungeon maker for the game. When they tested out a few levels, Miyamoto and his partner found the puzzle solving machanic to be more fun. In 2014, after seeing their work on the Sonic Legacy Collection, Nintendo approached KeyHole Studios in order to make the game. The game was first shown at E3 2015 being nominated for best game of E3 2015. It was later shown again at Tokyo Game Show 2015 and the Video Game Awards 2015. The game was highly supervised by Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto. The game will release Feburay 19th 2016. 


  • The Names for Smart One and Lucky Ones are based for:

Lucky One: Being Lucky enough to find something on your own

Smart One: Being Smart enough to find something on your own.

  • The game was originally thought up in 1985 during development
  • Zelda 2 stuff was not fetured even though there are a few items from the game in the Zelda skin
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