The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Remastered Edition
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Age Rating(s)
Series Legend of Zelda, Nintendo's Remastered Editions
Predecessor Super Mario Galaxy 2: Remastered Edition, Pokémon Storm Yellow: Special Thunder Edition.
Successor Unknown

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Remastered Edition is a reimagining of the original Majora's Mask from the Nintendo 64, and the 3d version for the Nintendo 3DS; while the original version was siginificantly innovative in the original days, this version expands upon that and makes it the game it was meant to be in the original development.

In pursuit of his dear friend, the fairy Navi, Link gets ambushed by the impish Skull Kid, who takes a precious memento of his, scares his horse away and transforms him into a Deku Scrub; in pursuit of his tormentor, Link happens upon the strange new land of Termina, which Skull Kid is unfortunately threatened by death and destruction in just one week of his arrival.

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The Beginning



Great Bay

Stone Tower



Young Link

The original form Link takes in this game, this Link is the same as the one seen in Ocarina of Time, given his childhood back by Princess Zelda, and on the search for a dear friend missing since that game, Link ended up embroiled into the peril for the strange land of Termina, which has just a week before meeting its impending doom.

Being the base form, Young Link has access to a whole arsenal of weapons to make up for his lack of manuverability in various substances and resistances to certain types of hazards; his signature instrument is the Ocarina of Time, which takes on a different form as Link does with his spirit masks.

Item Uses Obtained Related Items Description
Hero's Bow
  • Shoot Targets & Enemies
  • Melt Ice (Fire)
  • Freeze Water (Ice)
  • Invert Symboled Objects (Light)
  • Woodfall Temple
  • Snowhead Temple
  • Great Bay Temple
  • Stone Tower Temple
  • Fire Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Light Arrow
  • Quivers
    • Big Quiver
    • Biggest Quiver
  • Destroy Boulders
  • Break Cracked Walls
  • Dodongo Deathbait
  • Clock Town
  • Clock Town (Day 2 Onward; Special Requirement)
  • Goron Village/Southern Swamp
  • Bomb Bags
    • Big Bomb Bag
    • Biggest Bomb Bag
  • Grapple onto Objects
  • Stun certain enemies
  • Pirate's Fortress
Bottle (1-7)
  • Stores Items
    • Fish
    • Bugs
    • Potions (Green, Red, Blue)
    • Milk
    • Chateau Romani
    • Fairy
    • Gold Dust
    • Zora Eggs
    • Poe Spirit
    • Big Poe Spirit
  • Useable by All Forms
  • Southern Swamp
  • Goron Village
  • Romani Ranch
  • Waterfall Cove
  • Gorman Racetrack
  • Ikana Graveyard
  • Clock Town
Standard Masks
Mask Uses Obtained Description
Blast Mask
  • Wearable Bomb
Circus Leader's Mask
  • Repel Gorman Bros. on Sidequest
  • Initiate Bottle-Collecting Sidequest
  • Cry Manly Tears
  • Clock Town
Garo Mask
  • Summon Garos in the Ikana region
  • Gorman Racetrack
Mask of Truth
  • See the Unseen
  • Speak to Gossip Stones
  • Read the Thoughts of Others
  • Goron Village

Deku Link

The first transformation Link has access to, this form was first obtained when Skull Kid "cursed" him with the small form (in reality infusing him with the spirit of the Deku Butler's son); this gives Link access to all the plant-based skills this form is capable of.

Being a plant, Deku Link is capable of diving down into special Deku Flowers, and use them as a special flying method; poison water also isn't a problem, since Deku Link is so light he can hop across the water from lily pad to lily pad like a froggie. Although Deku Link can't do too much with fiery obstacles, he can handle himself pretty well.

Like the other 3 transformations, Deku Link has three primary methods of attack:

  • A regular spin attack which swings the barbed burr on the back of Deku Link's head around and hurts enemies, though not as much as Young Link's sword,
  • A bubble shot that costs magic power (and can be turned into an continuously damaging acid ball with a special transformation enhancement obtained later in the game),
  • And a special Deku Nut attack that he can do in midair.

When he has access to it, Deku Link has a special attack he can perform: he can charge and then shoot a acid-sap bubble with Deku Seeds in it, added shrapnel to a projectile attack that can defeat enemies close to the intended target.

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Goron Link

Zora Link

Fierce Deity Link


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