The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Legacy
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan- March 4th, 2015

USA- March 5th, 2015 Europe, Australia- March 6th, 2015



Age Rating(s)
ESRB- E10+

PEGI- 7+

Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Media Included Wii U Disc
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Legacy is an action-adventure Zelda game created by Nintendo for the Wii U in 2015. Majora's Legacy is considered a sequel to Twilight Princess, although it is heavily focused with Majora's Mask's story.


The game begins with Link traveling through the Lost Woods, searching for an ancient treasure. He comes upon a treasur chest and opens it. However, when he looks inside, he finds a long pit leading to nowhere. He is then pushed inside by something behind him and falls down the hole. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital bed in a room. A man then walks in, stating that he found Link in the middle of a place called Clock Town. The man introduces himself as Gerimido and asks Link why he was in the field. After finding out Link is from Hyrule, he says that he is in the world of Termina and is glad to show him around the town. Just then, a man outside begins to yell about a man floating above a statue. Link and Gerimido then walk out of the hospital to find the man, dressed in black robes levitating above the ground.

When Gerimido asks what the man is doing, the floating figure pronounces himself a wizard known of Zireoa and states he is back for his revenge upon the royal family. Gerimido, confused, asks what Zireoa is talking about. The wizard however, uses his powers to summon a sleeping evil spirit that will awaken in five days. Link springs into action and attempts to battle the wizard, but is easily defeated. Zireoa then teleports away laughing. Gerimido says that there are luckily five temples built throughout Termina, in each one containing an artifact that will keep the spirit in its slumber. Link volunteers to find the artifacts and is given a sword and shield.

After Link obtains the first artifact, a mossy mask, a man known as the Happy Mask Salesman greets himself before Link can make it to Clock Town. The Salesman says he remembers Link from somewhere and asks who he is. Upon learning the hero's name, the Salesman gives his mask special powers and asks Link to put on the mask. When Link does this, finds himself turned into a large being made of moss and vines. He can control nearby plants when he turns into this creature and is about to ask the Salesman what he did with the mask, but find him long gone.

Gerimido walks up, surprised by Link's transformation. He reveals himself as the king of Termina and that Zireoa is from a different dimension, having the powers to travel between time and space. The five artifacts as well as keeping the spirit in check, can block out the evil wizard's powers. With that Gerimido encourages Link to keep with his good work.

Link, after collecting the third artifacts, is pulled into an alleyway in Clock Town. He finds himself with a strange being wearing a large hat with a trumpet. Link prepares for battle, but the being says it doesn't want a fight. Link puts away his sword as the creature claims itself as the Skull Kid. The Skull Kid says he accidently pushed Link into Termina and apologized, stating that it wants to help Link find the artifacts. Link agrees to this, and the Skull Kid follows Link to the next temples.

When Link collects all the artifacts, Skull Kid senses something bad is happening. When the two arrive in Clock Town, they find Zireoa awakening the spirit early. The wizard tries to travel back in time, but finds himself stuck in the present. Link battles Zireoa once more and this time defeats the villian. However, the spirit vanishes and its voice is heard, saying that it will allow the bravest of heroes to fight it.

Link travels to the top of the Clock Tower to go inside a portal to the spirit's dimension, but is pushed aside by Gerimido. The king reveals Zireoa killed his father and he wants to stop his final plan. When Link and the Skull Kid deny this, Gerimido becomes enraged and fights Link. Although it is a close battle, Gerimido ultimately defeats Link, walking into the portal and leaving Link and the Skull Kid behind. The Skull Kid heals Link using a fairy he found in a bottle and the two travel to the spirit's world. When they arrive, they find a white flat platform surrounded by darkness.

Gerimido notices Link and prepares for a battle, but is interrupted when the spirit stabs him in the back and saps away his life energy. It reveals itself as Majora and taunts the two heroes over Gerimido's death. The two heroes take on Majora and defeat it, but the god reveals a sacrifice must be made to destroy it. Link initally volunteers, but Skull Kid takes his place. Majora agrees and lets Skull Kid travel to Termina with Link one last time.

Upon arriving in the plaza of Clock Town, the two heroes are praised by the townspeople and guards. Skull Kid, overwhelmed by happiness, drops to his knees and thanks Link for helping him become remembered as a hero. Skull Kid then turns into a thick mist and rises in the air. Link is then magically transported by Skull Kid back to Hyrule Field next to his horse, Epona. The hero looks into the air as Skull Kid's feint laughter is heard.


The Happy Mask Salesman

Throughout the game, the Happy Mask Salesman can be seen walking around Clock Town. When talked to, the Salesman asks the player to find a mask in a certain location. After eight masks are found, the Mask Salesman gives the player the Collector's Mask, which allows Link to see hidden invisible Chests throughout Termina. After the sidequest is over, the Salesman resides in his shop on the outskirts of town.

The Whereabouts of Majora's Mask

Inside the Happy Mask Salesman's shop is a treasure map resting on the wall. When the Salesman leaves his shop, Link can take his map and discover it leads to a secret sixth temple. When Link gets to the bottom floor, Majora's Mask can be collected. It gives Link no new abilities.

The Armed Horseman

A horseman wielding a scythe is occasionally seen in Termina Field at night. When attack, he rides off too quickly for Link to follow. If Link buys a horse in Clock Town, he can chase the horseman down until he reaches a cliff. The horseman drops the Ghost Mask and the Death Scythe, a new weapon, and rides his horse off the cliff, disapparing before hitting the bottom.

A Giant's Hunger

In Distant Valley, a giant Goron is blocking the way to a dungeon, saying his hunger won't let him move. Link has to collect fruit nearby and give them to the Goron. When he does this, the Goron thanks him and walks away. Link can travel through the dungeon to find 500 Rupees and the Goron Mask at the end of the dungeon.

The Skull Kid's Legacy

If Link goes into the woods near Termina Field, he will find a fairy flying around. If Link follows it, he will see a Skull Kid next to a stump. It throws stones at Link, but when Link plays a game of tag with it, it becomes friends with Link. It then gives him the Skull Kid Mask, which turns Link into a Skull Kid.


Plantmind Mask

The Plantmind Mask turns Link into a tall being make of moss with vine tendrils coming out of his arms. Using this, he can form lily pads on water as he walks, cling onto vines, and control certain leaves on trees to make platforms.

Deku Scrub Mask

Like in Majora's Mask, the Deku Scrub Mask turns Link into a Deku Scrub. His bounce move now has six bounces total and he is slightly faster.

Goron Mask

Like in Majora's Mask, the Goron Mask turns Link into a Goron with his old abilites.

Zora Mask

Like in Majora's Mask, the Zora Mask turns Link into a Zora with his old abilities. However, the Zora is now slightly slower on land.

Troll Mask

The Troll Mask turns Link into a giant troll weilding a club. It is slower then regular Link, but makes him much more powerful.

Ghostly Mask

The Ghostly Mask turns Link into a ghost. He can levitate off the ground, is slightly faster, and blocks all arrows.

Rabbit Mask

The Rabbit Mask lets Link jump much higher into the air then regularly. The Rabbit Mask has no transformation.

Rhino Mask

The Rhino Mask lets Link do a charge attack similar to the Pegasus Boots. The Rhino Mask has no transformation.

Collector's Mask

The Collector's mask is a golden face with four diamonds on the edges. With this, Link can see invisible Chests.

Arrowhead Mask

When Link puts on this mask, he can shoot an infinite amount of arrows with a 1-second cooldown time between each arrow. However, Link has to hold onto this mask with both hands due to its weight, leaving him with no way to attack with melee weapons and no shield.

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is a decorative mask which leaves no additional powers.

Skull Kid Mask

The Skull Kid Mask turns Link into Skull Kid. He gains slight speed and his walking animation changes.


The gameplay in Majora's Legacy is very similar to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Players travel across an open world with five temples scattered through six regions, Wind Mountain, Towering Volcano, Distant Valley, Bellowing Swamp, and Crumbling Underland. Each temple is filled with puzzles, traps, and is made of rooms that players explore. Combat is similar to Majora's Mask as well, and a Parry system is added, when a player lands a block right before the enemy hits Link, Link stunts the enemy with a slash.

Also like in Majora's Mask, the player has a time limit, this time being five days instead of three to make up for a longer main story.


Left Stick- Move

Right Stick- Adjust Camera

B- Preform an action

A- Attack

Y- Use Selected Item

X- Reset Camera

ZL- Target

ZR- Block/Crouch (If Held)

+ -Pause

- -Equip Item


Name Strategy Fought Where
Zireoa (First Encounter) Zireoa launches energy balls at Link. Attack him for the wizard to counter, instantly knocking him out. Clock Town
Gargoonia This giant Goron attempts to run after Link if he is at a distance. He will trip, leaving Link time to attack. At halfway, he will begin to roll after Link, leaving him smashed on the wall, letting Link attack. Breeze Temple
Queen Dodongo Queen Dodongo plays much like the King Dodongo boss, but baby Dodongos can now trop from the celieng. Heat Temple
Tikitonga Tikitonga is a tower made of tikis that shoot lasers at Link. Link must activate switches throughout the room to knock off each head one by one until a Deku Scrub is seen piloting the tower at the bottom. Attack him, and the boss is defeated. Horizon Temple
Destinstar Destinstar is a ghost that can possess Link, causing him to walk into obstacles. Destinstar can be defeated by using the Plantmind Vine to make vines turn into beings that hurt Destinstar. Crying Temple
Zyxing This boss takes the form of a giant Zora that shoots boomerang blades at Link. He must use the Zora Mask to swim around the blind Zora and attack from behind. Halfway, he changes form to Dark Link, leaving Link with no true strategy. Death Temple
Zireoa (Second Encounter) This fight plays much like the first, but Link can now attack safely and that Zireoa can shoot lightning and use a flaming katana. Clock Town
Gerimido Gerimido waits for Link to attack, leaving counters. The strategy is to use ranged attacks and then melee to confuse Gerimido. He uses a greatsword, a bow, and bombs to attack. Clock Tower
Majora's Vengenace This boss charges at Link, leaving Skull Kid to shoot arrows at it. Link has to then attack the distracted Majora. After a few cycles, the boss is over. Majora's Dimension
Majora's Insanity Majora in this phase teleports and flies around the room. It can be stunned with Deku Nuts and then attacked. Majora can however catch the nut and can throw it back if the timing is off. Majora's Dimension
Majora This boss is fought in a circle platform. It grasps onto the sides and launches fireballs, lasers, and uses its extra two arms to swat at Link and Skull Kid. Majora must be attack in its chest, with it dropping its head on the platform. It can then be attacked, dealing damage to Majora. End of the Universe


Reception to the game has been positively well. GameSpot gave the game a 9 out of 10 for its remarkable characters, gameplay, but criticized how it felt too similar to Majora's Mask and that the number of Masks were lowered. IGN gave the game a 9.5 out of 10, only saying that the five-day time period felt a little too forgiving. GameInformer gave the game a perfect 10 out of 10, prazing its amazing music, memorable characters, and the nostalgic factor.


  • The controls on the Wii U Gamepad was made to feel similar to the original Nintendo 64 controller.
  • Originally, the game was supposed to be released in 2014, but the developers decided it should not come out the same year as the Majora's Mask remake.
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