The Legend of Zelda: Lost in Oblivion, is an upcoming game for the 3DS to be released in April 2018. It is similar to Ocarina of time 3d as you visit Hyrule once again in a beautiful 3d environment! However, like in Twilight Princess, Hyrule is again drastically altered, even more so this time around. The game has parallels to both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess's story.

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Link, born and raised by the Zora's after the death of his mother, follows a fairy to a strange cave hidden behind a shop in the nearby town of Kakariko Village. He is suddenly attacked by spider like creatures and sees a vision of an dark cloud like creature. Link wakes up in Zora's Domain, realizing it is just another nightmare, but sees the Zora King fleeing the domain. When the Zora King is reported missing, the Zoras recognizes Links strength as a warrior and his courage, and gives his first quest to find the king. Link is told to visit the cave in Kakariko, as the Zora King often retreated there. Link is taught how to swim, wield a sword and shield, and perform various swordplay training exercises.

Link sets off to the strange cave, the Lost Cavern, first and conquers the monsters that are now dwelling inside. After defeating the boss, Tektita, a vision appears to Link of King Zora, and the king says that a strange entity has threatened all of Hyrule, and even threatened the king that Zoras domain would be forever frozen, with all the Zoras trapped under the ice. Link returns to Zoras Domain and sees that the threat has just come true.

Link's childhood friend from Kakariko Village, Gornn, rushes to Link, and seeing his anger, goads him into a quest for revenge on the dark cloud, and assures Link that he will soon find the way defeat it. Gornn leaves after telling Link that he should visit the Great Fairy's Fountain near Zoras Domain. Link visits the Great Fairy's Fountain after climbing the Tower of Trials hidden underneath Zoras Domain, and is told by the first great fairy, Din, that he must gather the elements to defeat the Dark Cloud. Din says to Link that the Dark Cloud shouldn't have been awakened from it's slumber, and that it feeds on anything seeking power. The Dark cloud plans to destroy all of Hyrule's Settlements, with the help of it's numerous minions(including the ones located in the Lost Cavern), drain Hyrule of all it's light, then consume the land to add to it's power. Din is not sure of how the Dark Cloud formed in the first place. Din says to Link that he must go to the last two dungeons across Hyrule, to gather the elements from the dungeon keepers. How Link "gathers the elements" is unknown to him at this point.

Din says that the next dungeon is in one of the Windmills in Hyrule field, just east of Kakariko Village. You have to get the key to the dungeon windmill from Guru-Guru, who runs the smallest windmill out of the four in Hyrule Field.

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Kakariko Vilage: A lively town located in the south-western part of Hyrule. It has many shops, including Gran's Magic Potion Shop, Bazaars and a huge happy Mask store. Unlike Ocarina of Time's and Twilight Princesses rendition, the village is very flat and linear, not surrounded by death mountain, and has some strange looking caves around it. However, there is still fast passage to Death Mountain through the Underground Chambers. There is a well in the village, leading to the Underground Chambers, and the entrance to the Lost Cavern is accessed through an abandoned house. Kakariko is also unique for having the entrance to two dungeons.

Hyrule Field: A huge, sprawling field, split into three areas, which has access to all the communities in Hyrule. In the southern part of the field, there are four giant windmills, three of which serves as a dungeon, and the last one is operated by Guru-Guru.

Zora's River: A straight forward, fast moving river, in the middle of a lush forest. There are many shallow spots of the river, in which Link can get out of the river and explore the surrounding riverbanks.

Zora's Domain: One has to swim all the way to the bottom of Zora's River(when also pushed along by the river currents) to access the domain and it's associated underwater caverns. The domain is magnificent, housing a huge underwater cavern, with towering pillars around. There are many houses and shops situated along the pillar's paths leading up, and many diving spots. There is a path leading up the north-most pillar, with houses situated inside overhangs along it. The throne room is located at the top.


Some key items normally found in dungeons, such as the bow and arrow, can now be bought at an Item Shop in Kakariko Village, for not too many rupees. However, you have to clear a certain amount of dungeons to get each item.

Lost Caverns:

Item: Hookshot

Mini-Boss: None

Boss: Tektita

This is the smallest dungeon in the game, with dark rooms, platforms with deadly Tektites moving around them, and obvious Super Mario 64 Hazy Mazy Cave inspirations. The Key Item that you obtain in the first moments of the dungeon is the Hookshot.

The first room of the dungeon is simple platforming. You just have to climb up the first two platforms you see, activate a switch, which opens the door of the room. However the switch is faulty, and you need something to go on it. Jump to the next platform in the air, in which you are ambushed by a couple of spiders. Defeat the spiders, then pick up a dusty old crate. Throw the crate across the platform to the switch. Then the door is open indefinitely.

In one room, you have to kill all the Tektites across the many platforms, hookshotting between each platform. Then a chest opens up on the cave floor.

In another room, you have to quickly hookshot to an upper floor before the walls cave in around you. However there are Skullutas in your way which you have to take care of before you can safely hookshot to the top.

The Boss Key is located in a damp pond in one room. You have to use your Zora swimming and diving techniques and swim to the bottom of the pond. However the water is slightly poisonous, and will eventually kill you if you don't swim down and up to the surface on time!

Boss Battle #1: Tektita

A giant Tektite emerges from the shadows, with several smaller Tektites on top of it! You have to first kill all the Tektites by hookshotting them off the giant one, while the giant is running around and trying to stomp on you. Then with all the Tektites defeated, you have to run around and slash the big one until it is killed. A very simple boss battle.

Hyrule Windmills:

Item: Wind Staff(Used to send you forward or backwards across large gaps in the windmill, not used in boss battle!)

Mini-Boss: Two Lizalfos on the Windmill Connecting Bridge

Boss: Rumpa, The Wind "Beast". A self proclaiming "god" of the wind who is around 8 ft tall, and on the rare occassion, checks over the windmills. A big and burly man, he is very proficient n swordplay, and you have to duel him with only your own sword. He steals your wind staff and sometimes uses it against you, knocking you back, however he really doesn't have any " godly wind powers" of his own.

Underground Chambers

Item: Lantern(illuminates many dark paths)

Mini-Boss: Guard of the Dead: A ghost apparition who tries to ram you with his spear. You must escape from him as he chases you through most of the dungeon. You have to use your lantern to surprise the guard when hiding around a corner, to torch him with it, and temporarily paralyze him.

Boss: Kinnajolt

A weird glowing ball of electricity, connecting to several small generators. The ball even has a creepy electric face.

Death Ravine(fire dungeon)

Item: Lava Board(for surfing on lava)

Mini-Boss: Surfiant, a creepy and giant lava surfer who you must defeat while surfing on lava at the bottom of a lava filled ravine and avoiding giant boulders that the surfer throws at you.

Boss: Flameont

Oceanic Temple

Iceberg Path:

Undergound Chambers(revisited)

Sand Temple

Ruined Fort(forest dungeon)

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