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The Legend of Zelda: Lost Conquest
Developer(s) Nintendo/Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Fighting
Series The Legend of Zelda
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc
The Legend of Zelda: Lost Conquest is a Zelda-series fighting game developed by Nintendo alongside Pyro Enterprises, acting as a love letter to the series by the latter. It is heavily inspired by the Wii U spinoff Hyrule Warriors, in terms of both gameplay and story, but additionally seeks to make its own identity in the series.



The story begins with a brief narration by the original game's narrator.

The land of Hyrule was a blessed land. Created by the three Golden Goddesses long ago, it was the keeper of the Triforce, a magical artifact of extraordinary power. While its intended task was to keep the land in balance, it could also grant wishes to the chosen few who possessed the three virtues that it stood for; Courage, Wisdom, and Power.

Unfortunately, the Triforce's inability to distinguish good from evil led to it being sought out by a powerful demon. When the demon was eventually defeated by a hero in a green tunic and a young girl with great magical power. The demon cursed the duo, causing them to be eternally reincarnated throughout the ages, to be hounded by an incarnation of his hatred.

This curse continued throughout the ages, with the demon's spirit reappearing and being defeated by the girl and the hero. Eventually, however something strange happened. The demon's defeat caused a split in Hyrule's timeline, creating three separate branches. The curse continued to spread throughout the three timelines, regardless of the hero's actions. This lead to several new occurrences of the curse appearing within a smaller amount of time.

However, the demon's spirit, spread throughout the three timelines, eventually gained awareness of all three branches, uniting into a single entity, with plans to end the cycle once and for all... More TBA


Gameplay in Lost Conquest runs on a modified version of the Hyrule Warriors engine, and as such shares many similarities. Battles take a behind-the-shoulder view akin to most Zelda games, with the ability to lock onto opponents and run around in 3D.

Combat takes place in various 3D arenas with varying sizes, similarly to the Dissidia series of fighting games. Arenas typically have puzzle-like elements in them, similarly to the actual Zelda series, and these will allow the player to gain some form of advantage over the opponent by commanding the battlefield.

Players have both light and heavy attacks at their disposal, akin to Hyrule Warriors, and also possess a Magic Meter alongside their Hearts, which allows them to utilize more powerful attacks with magical effects. In addition, players may find Item Pedestals in the arena, which contain Items that the player can combo with their standard attacks.



Byte-Related Content

When certain compatible Bytes are scanned while this game is playing, certain rewards are unlocked. These can either be weapons or alternate costumes.

Occasionally, two Bytes may interact with each other when connected, granting an additional reward.

More information TBA.

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