The Legend of Zelda: Link's Paradox is a game for the Nintendo 3DS, DS-u and DS+ and is a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It uses the same game engine, and in fact it's code was actually copied over to the 3DS and edited from there. It was made by Omegaverse Corp.


A long time ago, a hero clad in green drove off a great evil who wanted to rule a hidden, golden land called The Dark World. Several years later, it is tradition in the kingdom of Hyrule to dress boys in green on their 12th birthday, in honor of the hero. One young boy named Link went to the Festival of Time in Castle Town in celebration of the hero. He put on the green outfit and bought a sword and shield. When no one was looking he went inside the castle to explore. He climbed all the way to the top of the castle, fighting guards and saw a coffin with the words Aghanim scribbled on it. He opened the coffin and a wizard's body floated out like a puppet. It raised it's arms and Link found himself on top of a pyramid with cracks in it. He tried to run away but the cracks opened and a huge blue bat flew out and turned into a pig-beast named Ganon. Ganon whacked Link with his trident and when Link fell to the ground he bumped his head and passed out. He awoke in the square of the festival and told his uncle what had happened. His uncle told Link that the description of the pig-beast and the wizard matched the ones of the antagonists of the old legends. His uncle told him that the shopkeep of the nearby Kakariko Village is a descendant of a very old elder and that he might know something. Link went to the village and met the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper said that his ancestor's old house was up in the Eastern Ruins. Link went to the Eastern Ruins but the door to the house was locked. He went around to the backdoor and entered. Inside was stairs down. Link went in and fought through the dungeon and defeated Sashrala's Knights. Then he picked up the Shiny Key and left. He put the key in the door to the house and went inside. Inside was a book. It said, "If you are reading this then you have the Silver Key. Find the other three Silver Keys to unlock the Master Sword, the old hero's sword. Use it to save the land." More coming...

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