The Legend of Zelda: Link's Great Adventure is an upcoming platforming game for the Nintendo Switch. It's the 19th game in the Legend of Zelda series, coming after Breath of the Wild. It's release date hasn't been released so far, nor has it's place in the timeline been placed so far.


Unlike the past few Legend of Zelda games, Link's Great Adventure is  a platformer, very similar to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, with a few aspects from modern games. The Magic Gauge returns from Link Between Worlds. Similar to that, Magic is required to use specific Items.


Left Move Left
Right Move Right
Down Duck
Up Look Up, Talk
A Jump
B Run (Roll while Ducking)
X Use Item (Hold to choose)
Y Attack
L/R Raise Shield


Y Sword Slash
Y (Hold & Relase) Spin Attack
Up + Y Upward Slash
Duck + Y Ducking Slash
Down + Y (In Air) Downward Thrust
Y  (While Shield is Up) Shield Bash


The story is pretty cliche. At the start of the game, Link is scene sleeping in a forest. He wakes up, and after going through the forest, a man comes running to him, saying that Hyrule Castle is under attack. Arriving to the top of the castle, he finds Zelda and Ganondorf. Ganondorf challanges Link to a fight. Ganondorf is defeated, but takes Zelda to his fortress anyway. And now, Link must go to the fortress, defeat Ganondorf, and save Zelda. However, to defeat Ganondorf, Link must collect four sacred relics from four big bosses to obtain the Master Sword, and actually beat Ganondorf.


616px-SSB4 - Link Artwork


Link serves as the main character of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Great Adventure. In the story, he's friend with Zelda, and also her protecter. Of course, Zelda is captured and you have to save her from Ganondorf.


Ganondorf Ganondorf is the main villain of Link's Great Adventure. He kidnaps Zelda, and does other evil stuff.
Zelda Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule, and is Link's friend. She is kidnapped, and it's your job to save her.


Hylian By far the most boring of the races, Hylians can be found all over Hyrule, though they most live in Hyrule Castle Town.
Goron Gorons are rock people that live within Death Mountain. They live in the Goron Village.
Zora Zora are fish people that live (or used to live) is Zora's Domain. Some are found in Zora's Domain, though most left. They return after beating the Frozen Temple, and collecting the Relic of Ice.


Similar to Four Swords Adventures, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Great Adventure uses a level-based system rather than an open world similar to the last game. Levels are split into 6 worlds.

World 1

World 1 is mainly grass themed. This is the smallest area in the game, with only two levels. The area features Hyrule Town and Hyrule Castle.

1-1 Wooded Trail Serving as the tutortial area for the game, this is a wooded trail featuring many training things to ease players into the game. 

Hyule Castle Town

This is the first town of the game. It's home to many shops for upgrading your items, buying potions, playing mini-games, etc.
1-T Hyrule Castle Serving as the first dungeon of the game, you storm the castle, fighting Ganon's forces and try to find Zelda. This is where you will obtain the Hero's Bow.

World 2

The level starts off similar to World 1, grassy, but later transitions to a mountainous and lava-themed level. The level mostly takes place on Death Mountain.

2-1 Hyrule Field An expansive grasslands area. 
2-2 Keese Caverns A cave level with many Keeses.
2-3 Rocky Pass A mountainy rock level.
Goron Village A village filled with Gorons. It has a few shops, and is where you can obtain the Bomb Bag.
2-T Fire Temple The first true temple in the game. This is a temple located in a Volcano, and also where you obtain the Minebuster, Relic of Fire, and fight Gohma.

World 3

A water-themed level, which later transitions to Ice.

3-1 Lake Hylia While accesible after being Hyrule Field, you are unable to enter it until your obtain the Relic of Fire. It's a level taking place within a lake.
Zora's Domain A frozen town, that was once home to many Zora. 
3-2 Frozen Zora River A ice level that takes place in a river within a canyon. A few Zora can be found here as NPCs.
3-T Frozen Temple

The game's second dungeon. Taking place in a frozen and abandoned place of worship, it is where you obtain the Clawshots, the Relic of Ice, and fight Frostare.



Hylian sword
Knight's Sword Serving as your first weapon, the Knight's Sword is your standard sword, and is the weakest sword in the game.
Flame Sword This sword is collected after gaining the Relic of Fire. This allows Link to shoot a wave of hot energy when attacking, as long as he has full health.
Crystal Sword This sword is collected after gaining the Relic of Water. 
? This sword is collected after gaining the Relic of the Earth.
Master Sword This is the last sword in the game, and collected after gaining the Relic of Lightning. It's the most powerful sword in the game.
Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield Along with the Knight's Sword, the Hylian Shield is a weapon found at the start of the game. It allows Link to block oncoming attacks. It's the only shield in the game.
Relic of Fire The first relic obtained in the game. It is obtained after beating the Fire Temple, and upgrades the Knight's Sword to the Flame Sword. It is needed to reach Ganon's Tower.
Relic of Water The second relic obtained in the game. It is obtained after beating the Frozen Temple. It is needed to reach Ganon's Tower.
Relic of the Earth The third relic obtained in the game. 
Relic of Lightning The fourth relic obtained in the game.
Hero's Bow This bow is the first item that can be used by Link. Found within Hyrule Castle, it allows him to fire arrows at his opponents from long ranges. The Bow uses magic.
Bomb Bag This is a bag that allows Link to hold bombs and keep for later. It's required to enter the first dungeon, the Fire Temple.
Minebuster This ancient tool for mining is found within the Fire Temple. This massive blunt weapon can do high damage to anyone with the toughest of armor, can knock over pillars, and activate certain switches. However, the Minebuster makes Link extremely slow, due to how heavy it is.
Clawshots The Double Clawshots are obtained in the Frozen Temple. These allow Link to latch onto certain surfaces. It can be used to climb, and can be used to grab things.


WW Rupee

The standard currency in Hyrule. These gems are dropped by enemies (or grass) and can be used to buy stuff in shops. Their color signifies their cost.

  • Green: 1
  • Blue: 5
  • Red: 20
OW - heartemoji
Heart Hearts restore your health. They are dropped by enemies (or grass) and restore your health.
Heart Container
Heart Container Obtained after beating a boss or finding a secret area, the Heart Container is an item that icreases Link's overall health by one heart. Very useful.


Common Enemies

BotW Chuchu Model

The standard Chuchu. It's one of the most common enemies in the game, and the easiest to beat. They come in two sizes, Normal, and Large, which split into Normals and have more health.


  • Blue Chuchu: The most common and generic of the Chuchu, they have no special abilities. They are the only Chuchus that can be found in water.
  • Lava Chuchu: This Red Chuchu variants burns you upon contact. 
  • Electric Chuchu: This Yellow Chuchu burns enemies upon impact.

The Keese are flying enemies, found usually within caves and night-themed areas. When you come near, they will fly in a wavy pattern. They can also be found flying in groups.


  • Keese: These Keese are the most common. They have dark skin, and no special abilities.
  • Fire Keese: These Keese are covered in flames, and home into the player.
  • Electric Keese: These Keeses conduct electricity, and home into the player.

The Octorok is a octopus-like creature. They pop out of nowhere and fire rocks at their enemies. Shield Bash their projectiles to send them back and defeat them.


  • Octorok: This Octorok will pop out of water and has no special abilities.
  • Lava Octorok: This Octorok fires flaming rocks and pops out of Lava.
  • Sand Octorok: This Octorok pops out of sand, and fires three rocks at once.
Gohma Larvae
Gohma Larvae Gohma Larvae are the offspring of the Gohma Queen. These flaming lava spiders are covered in armor, requiring the use of the Minebuster. They mainly jump around uncontrollably, hoping to hit you.

Serving as the bulk of Ganondorf's army, Bokoblins are one of the most common enemies found within the game. They walk back and forth normally, but when they spot you, they will attempt to attack you with their swords.


  • Bokoblin: The generic Bokoblin, armed with nothing but a sword.
  • Armored Bokoblin: A Bokoblin with a shield and sword. Wait for them to strike, as they will block all attacks, except while attacking.
  • Bokoblin Archer: These Bokoblins fire at you from far away. Shot them down with your Bow, or somehow get up to where they are.
  • Bokoblin Captain: A more powerful verison of the Bokoblin, they can blow a horn to attract nearby ones to support him.

The Moblin is a large enemy found in the game. They are armed with spears and shields, and can be quite dangerous.


  • Moblin: This variant is armed with a wooden shield. You can break their shields, but they will get angry if you do.
  • Armored Moblin: This Moblin is armed with an Iron Shield. These Shields can't be destroyed, so you have to go behind them.
Kargorok Cards of Conquest

The Kargoroks are bird enemies that serve Ganon. They are often out of reach from Link, unless they attack.


  • Kargorok: The standard Kargarok floats around Link when they come near, then swoop down moments later. Attack them while they're on your level.
  • Bomb Kargorok: The first of the Dropper Kargoroks, they drop down bombs to damage Link.
  • Transport Kargorok: The second of the Dropper Kargoroks, they drop down Bokoblins, Lizalfos, or other enemies that to attack Link.
HW Lizalfos Artwork

The Lizalfos are part of Ganon's Army. These humanoid lizards are armed with blades and gauntlets, and need timing to defeat.


  • Lizalfos: This is a green-skinned Lizalfos with no special abilities.
  • Dragolfos: These are Lizalfoses with red-skin and horns. They can spew fire from their mouths, and have two gauntlets instead of one gauntlet and a blade.
Stalfos ss

Stalfos are nimble warriors in Ganon's Army. Sort of a combination of their 2D and 3D tactics, they will attempt to slice you with their swords, while dodging your attacks at lightning speeds. Hit them while they're vulnerable.


  • Stalfos: The standard Stalfos armed with two swords, and have no special abilities.
  • Stalreaper: An upgraded form of the Stalfos, wearing a cloak and wielding a double-sided scythe. They are also much faster.
Wizzrobe WW

The Wizzrobe can be an annoying enemy to deal with. They teleport around and fire off magical shots, that depend on the color of the Wizzrobe.


  • Red Wizzrobe: Hurls fireballs at you.
  • Blue Wizzrobe: Hurls ice at you.
  • Yellow Wizzrobe: Hurls thunder at you.
  • Green Wizzrobe: Hurls shots at enemies that heal them.



Ganondorf (1st Battle)

The Lord of Darkness

Serving as the game's first boss. You fight the boss in Hyrule Castle. He is a pretty simple boss, but since it's the first boss, it's understandable.

How to Beat:

In the first phase of the fight, Ganondorf will teleport around the room and attempt to throw energy balls at you. Here, you have to play Dead Man's Volley, and hit back the energy ball. Once the ball stuns Ganondorf, he falls to the ground, allowing you to hit him. 

During the second phase, he fights on foot with a sword. When he throws out a more powerful version of the energy ball, called the Hyper Dead Man's Volley, fire an arrow at it. The arrow will absorb the energy and hit Ganondorf, stunning him and allowing you to hit him. Attempting to slash the ball will just have you be stunned.


Dead Man's Volley - 1 Heart Sword Slash - 1 Heart Hyper Dead Man's Volley - 2 Hearts

Gohma Queen


The Queen of the Flames

Gohma appears as the game's 2nd boss. She is the holder of the Fire Relic, and is found in the Fire Temple.

How to Beat:

At the start of the fight, Gohma will be on the ceiling. When her eye opens, shoot an arrow at it, and run away from the falling body. Then, equip the Minebuster to do damage to her.

When she sustains enough damage, she will fall to the ground and stay like that for the rest of the fight. When she tries to do an Mega Eye Laser attack, grab the Minebuster and destroy the armor protecting the eye and hit the eye. After a few more hits, Gohma dies.


Pincers - 1 Heart Eye Beam - 2 Hearts Stinger Strike - 1 Heart Pincer Grab - Drain Mega Eye Beam - 2 Hearts.


The Creator of the Cold

Frostare appears as the third boss of the game. He's the holder of the Water Relic, and found in the Frozen Temple.

How to Beat:

At the start of the fight, Frostare will be encased in ice. To beat him, when he starts to create a large snowball, use the clawshot to grab it. This causes a quick-time event to start. If you succeed, you will grab the snowball, and you can throw it at Frostare, breaking the ice, and allowing him to be hit.

After a bunch of hits, Frostare falls to the ground, and is thought to be dead. Then, he sprouts wings and begins flying. He breaks the ground under you, and now the fight takes place in the air. To beat Frostare, you must use the clawshots to grapple from ice shard to ice shard. Then you must grapple Frostare's eye, and stab it. After a few more hits, Frostare dies, and you make it back to the ground.


Claw Strike - 1 Heart Jump - 2 Hearts Snowball - 3 Hearts Ice Blast - 2 Hearts Charge - 2 Hearts

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