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Legend of the Deku is a game in developement for the Wii. It is based on a question by an NPC in the first Majora's Mask.


You are a Deku in school on a field trip to view monuments in Termina. While visiting the Clock Tower, a weird black smoke takes everyone but you (you have to run away from it or your game is automatically over and must reset). After you run away, you find Link playing his Ocarina. You (automatically) tell him what happened and the smoke flies over to a desert area.

More story coming soon...

Playable Characters

Link, Deku, Tatl


Link: same as in other Legend of Zelda games. Deku- your cute look can get you past guards and you have a bubble attack and a spin attack (same as Deku Link in Majora's Mask) Navi- Can shrink to trigger switches and turn Link invisible for a short time (for when Deku is "charming" gaurds, etc.).


Link- Swing Wiimote to swing sword. Items are on the D-Pad (Like Zelda: Twilight Princess), Analog stick is for moving Navi- (Not using nunchuck) If you want to fly sraight, hold remote straight, fly up: tilt pointer end up (get it?). Deku-

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