The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Builder is a game developed by Stardust Studio and Nintendo, and was distributed mainly by Nintendo. LOZ:HB is a game Stardust began, because they believe that this game would provide endless content and would help people deal with the very long wait times usually attributed with LOZ releases.

This game sold incredibly well and was a critical and financial success, which became important to Stardust's Growth as a company. It was released for the Nintendo Switch and the Stardust Origin , with it being a launch title for the latter.

This game uses a tile placement system similar to Super Mario Maker, but it has switches (if x do y) and variables ( if x number of y thing is reached, do z) to help make puzzles, which led to many, many difficult puzzles for players to beat. There are also many more enemies than in SMM because of the greater focus on combat rather than platforming.




Play mode involves the player delving into dungeons that other people have made, clearing them, and gaining "heart containers" (rep points that unlock a few secret things) by clearing dungeons. Play mode features several different ways to play. Hyrule Quest Mode In HQM players choose a pre built overworld by Nintendo or Stradust, then an algorithm selects dungeons that all work together (eg. the first dungeon will have no weapon reqirements, second will require the weapon from the first or no weapons etc.). A story is then selected and the player can enjoy a full length Zelda game! Dungeon Run DR is a mode where a player plays anywhere between  4 and 16 dungeons in a row, yes, players can save, quit and come back later.


The Construct mode is the mode that players build in and they can create dungeons in. The editor uses a simple drag and drop method similar to mario maker, but in zelda maker, it is possible to place puzzle elements, add switches, criteria and a bunch of other things that the player can use to unleash their creativity!

Construct Mode

Day One Items

The Legend of Zelda (Game Theme)

A Link Between Worlds (Game Theme)

Forest (Dungeon Theme)

Castle (Dungeon Theme)

Sword (Item)

Shield/Mirror Shield (Item)

Bow/Whip (Item)

Rupee (Item)

Octorok (Enemy)

Chu Chu (Enemy)

Rope (Enemy)

Darknut (Enemy)

Deku Baba (Enemy)

Wolfos (Enemy)

Ganon (Boss)

Queen Gohma (Boss)

Ground (Tile)

Walls (Tile)

Arch (Tile)

Pit (Tile)

Stairs (Tile)

Block (Tile)

Grass (Tile)

Pot (Tile)

Door (Puzzle Tool)

Switches (Puzzle Tools)

Variables (Puzzle Tools)

Chest (Puzzle Tools)

Key (Puzzle Tool)

Link (Character)

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