The Legend of Zelda: Hour of Twilight
Developer(s) Twenty-Second Choice, Peanut Productions
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included DS Game Card

The Legend of Zelda: Hour of Twilight is a Toon Zelda game released on Nintendo DS created and abandoned by Twenty-Second Choice and resumed by Peanut Productions. They claim the game is as well finished as it is, so no more editing.




  • Musical Instrument: Wind Waker
  • Animal Form: Wolf
  • Weapon Speciality: Swords
  • Personality: Brave


  • Musical Instrument: Ocarina of Time
  • Animal Form: Tiger
  • Weapon Speciality: Knives/Daggers
  • Personality: Quiet

Princess Zelda

  • Musical Instrument: Zelda's Harp
  • Animal Form: Cat
  • Weapon Speciality: Bows
  • Personality: Intelligent


  • Musical Instrument: Tingle Flute
  • Animal Form: Pig
  • Weapon Speciality: Bombs
  • Personality: Energetic


  • Torl
    • Ability: Size Distortion
    • Description: His size distortion ability allows Torl to manipulate certain objects sizes when they are marked with the Torl Emblem.
  • Linebeck
    • Ability: Seaman's Cunning
    • Description: Linebeck can help the crew out by taking control of boats that you happen to find, including enemy boats as long as the crew's gone.
  • Midna
    • Ability: Twilight Portals
      • Description: The Twilight Princess has the ability to warp you back to any area you've previously visited.
  • Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.
    • Ability: Checkpoint
    • Description: This little chicken-like creature can teleport you out of a dungeon, and her son can teleport you back to the same spot you were in when you left.

Major NPCs

Main Villains




The overworld is explored much like in the other 3D Zelda games, but it has a few new features. There is now much more horse battling that occurs, random events that occur and new locations to explore. The overworld is covered in entrances to dungeons, mini-dungeons and towns.


The main new feature introduced is partners and multiple character at the same time. To select your character and partners, head to the Partner screen on the pause screen. From there, you can drag character's into various different slots to assign them different roles. You can have a max of two partners at one time, as well as yourself. Using small buttons on the screen, you can give various orders to your partners.

Info Partners

"Info Partners" are characters such as the fairies from the previous games that give you information and follow you around on screen. They usually can't attack very well but have other helpful abilities. Each one has a different ability.


Dungeons work similairly to the dungeons in other Zelda games. Each dungeon has an objective to be fulfilled, which is usually to defeat the boss but can be things such as rescue this character or collect this item, etc. A new feature is also the Custom Dungeon which you can edit and share online.


Every character has their own musical instrument and their own collection of songs to play. Songs play a very large role in this game, as they did in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker.


Minigames often play an important part in the story. Minigames must be played to achieve quite a few objectives, although most of them are optional.


The battles are played a bit differently. When an enemy or group of enemies sight you, you automatically enter Battle Mode. The screen doesn't change or anything, but you now have limited control over movement and full control over your weapons. As soon as the enemies are defeated you switch back, but you can also run away while in Battle Mode which removes you from it until you go back into an enemy's sight. Once an enemy is defeated, it never comes back unless you use a song with that effect. By defeating every enemy in the game you are able to finish the game 100% (as long as you've finished everything else as well, that is).


Conversations play a large part in this game too. Certain characters can switch sides based on your conversations, and your character's personality affects the chances as well. You are given a few possible choices of which you must quickly select what you wish to say. If some characters say it, it might sound sarcastic but if another says it they might understand etc.


The twilight returns from Twilight Princess and now every character has a different animal form. Animal forms also can equip special armour and weapons. Masks can also be used to change to animal form any time.














Wind Waker (Link)

  • Wind's Requiem
    • Gain control of the wind to active fans, move objects and other things.
  • Ballad of Gales
    • Harness the power of cyclones, to move yourself around quickly and defeat enemies.
  • Command Melody
    • Allows you to control certain NPCs, statues and sometimes even weak enemies.
  • Song of Passing
    • Allows you to change it from night to day and day to night whenever you like.
  • Earth God's Lyric
    • Open any paths blocked by boulders.
  • Wind God's Aria
    • Open any paths blocked by strong winds.

Ocarina of Time (Knot)

  • Zelda's Lullaby
    • Used to make Zelda fall asleep, as well as various other effects based on where it is played.
  • Epona's Song
    • Use this to call the trusty horse Epona to your side.
  • Song of Time
    • Use this to rewind time to a previous day allowing you to repeat events in case you missed something.
  • Inverted Song of Time
    • Allows you to slow down time and speed it back up again.
  • Song of Storms
    • Use this song to call upon a storm which can have various different effects.
  • Song of Healing
    • Play this song to heal someone of a curse and transfer it into a mask.
  • Goron's Lullaby
    • Make any Gorons that hear the song fall asleep which can be useful in various ways.
  • Ballad of the Wind Fish
    • This ancient song can be used to wake anybody up, even from a so-called eternal slumber.

Zelda's Harp (Zelda)

Tingle Flute (Tingle)

In progress

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