The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Odissey is a Legend of Zelda game released for the Starry Skies in 2017 and part of the Four Swords series of games. The game uses the Starry Skies' controller screens to emulate a similar system to the GBA-Gamecube system Four Swords Adventures used.


Centuries after the events of Four Swords Adventures, in which the evil sorcerer Vaati was killed and Ganon was sealed inside the Four Sword, the events have been forgotten by practically the entire world and the Four Sword was buried underneath a temple ages ago, no-one knew the location of the Four Sword, except for the new queen of the country of Hyrule, Zelda, who was repeatedly told by her parents and guardian, Impa, to keep an eye on the Four Sword and make sure that the seal that keeps the evil Ganon trapped inside is never broken, which is why once every 3 months she checks on the sword and strenghtens the seal using a special spell passed down the royal family for generations ever since the sealing of Ganon.

Link, one of Zelda's childhood friends, is invited by Zelda to a party at the castle, Link accepts the invitation and goes there, however in the middle of the party Link gets lost and is pushed by some people onto a merchant's table where he accidentally knocks over a vase and breaks it, at which point the merchant forces Link to buy an item to make up for the one he broke, Link gets out his wallet but he doesn't have enough Rupees, making the merchant yell at him until Zelda arrives and gives Link enough Rupees to buy a shield, after which Zelda jokingly says that he owes her 40 Rupees before an elegantly dressed man enters with a group of bodyguards and introduces himself as the newly-crowned king of Termina, who calls himself "Bluebay", the man goes up to the princess, kneels down before her and kisses her hand before talking with her about ending the rivalry between the two countries once and for all. 

After Zelda finishes her conversation with Bluebay, she returns to Link and the two go outside to talk, Zelda thinks that she should reveal the secret about the Four Sword to Link but before she does so she notices a purple glowing mark in her hand in the spot where Bluebay kissed her, and seconds later she falls unconscious. Link runs and tells the guards who tell Link that she has fallen into a coma, Impa, knowing that she's the only one that knows the spell to strengthen the seal on the sword, sets out to try and find a cure, but goes missing soon after.

Months after the incident, Link goes to the castle to check on Zelda once again, he sees that she still hasn't woken up and is saddened until being interrupted by a loud noise outside, he goes to check and finds none other than Bluebay, wielding the Four Sword itself, he tells Link about it and how the princess kept it a secret for him before chanting random words and casting a spell on the sword to break Ganon's seal, releasing him once more, as soon as Ganon is freed he snaps his finger, causing Bluebay to fall asleep, Ganon then explains that Bluebay accidentally stumbled upon the Four Sword and took it, thinking it was an old artifact, Ganon then managed to leak a bit of his dark magic into the real world and took advantage of Bluebay's weak will to control him and lay a curse on the princess. Link then dashes over to the Four Sword and splits himself into 4 different Links to try and stop Ganon but he quickly defeats them all and takes the Four Sword himself before teleporting the 4 Links away.

When the 4 Links wake up they find that Hyrule is in ruins but that a young swordsman has been taken care of them ever since, the young swordsman then gives the Link a special sword he put all of his work into while they were asleep, the "White Sword", a sword that can be infused with magic to become stronger the more enemies it takes down, he also gives the 3 other Links replicas of the White Sword and sends them out on their quest, and after fighting through the forest filled with Ganon's monsters they find Impa trapped inside a cage made out of dark magic, the heroes tough the cage and manage to break it, freeing Impa, who says that their hearts are so pure that they managed to break through Ganon's dark magic made out of negativity, Impa then tells them that she's found out that there are 6 Great Fairies in Hyrule who can lend the Links the power he needs in order to defeat Ganon, but that they've been trapped inside dungeons by Ganon, which is why the Links must explore the land and retrieve the Dungeon Keys to access the dungeons and free the Great Fairies to get enough power to face Ganon.

Eventually the Links find all 6 Great Fairies, who power up Link with light magic in order to fight Ganon, the Links enter Hyrule Castle and, after fighting copies of the 6 past bosses, find Zelda. The Links try to use their light magic to wake up but it's somehow repelled until Zelda opens her eyes and turns into a more distorted version of herself that tries to kill the Links but they manage to defeat her and get the dark magic out of her body, finally waking her up, from there she uses a spell to open up the door to the Throne Room, which was covered in a shadow lock that prevented anyone from entering, but before she does she warns the Links as she suspects this is where Ganon is.

After entering the Throne Room the Links find Ganon and they engage in a final showdown but just when they think they've defeated Ganon, black smoke starts leaking from the Four Sword and entering Ganon's body, revealing itself as the remnants of Vaati that escaped into the Four Sword to avoid death, the fusion between Vaati and Ganon calls itself "Vaanon" and tries to kill the Links but they prevail and Vaanon dies along with what's left of Vaati, but Ganon manages to use up the last of his dark magic to bring the Links' shadows to life into one Shadow Link and live on as him, at which point the Great Fairies realize that Ganon will always find a way to live on using his dark magic, so the 6 Great Fairis sacrifice themselves by merging themselves into one Silver Arrow which Link fires at the Shadow Link, killing Ganon and creating a bright light that restores Hyrule to its past state before Ganon took over.

The Links take the Four Sword and free it from its dark magic before putting it back into its pedestal at the temple, making the Links turn back into one, who assists a giant festival made to celebrate Ganon's defeat with Zelda.

After the credits, we see two witches cackling evilly as they fly in brooms around a cauldron with a glowing purple liquid inside, throwing ingredients into it while they spin before stopping on-top of the cauldron, revealing their identities as Koume and Kotake, the two throw one last ingredient into the cauldron, causing black smoke to come out of it and they merge into Twinrova as they laugh and the black smoke enters their body, causing them to gain a dark aura before a bright flash engulfs the room.


The gameplay is similar to Four Swords Adventure, a multiplayer Legend of Zelda game with a mix of co-op and competitive, the Links explore semi-linear stages fighting enemies and finding secrets and items, defeating enemies makes them drop Rupees and/or Force Gems, while Rupees still work as currency Force Gems work more like experience, at the end of each stage you can spend the Force Gems you found (or save them up) to upgrade individual stats. 

Controller Screens

The Starry Skies has screens on the controllers, these screens are used a lot in the game, when one of the Links is exploring a location separate from the others (like a house or a cave) they will show up on the Controller Screen instead, in the Controller Screen they can also check out their Inventory and remap any of the items they currently have, if one is inside a house/cave/location where they need to look at their Controller Screen they can instead remap their items by holding down both triggers at the same time to bring up their items.

Control Scheme and Items

The control scheme in this game is very similar to the one found in Minish Cap but upgraded, players can move around using the joystick and lift things with the right trigger while they're not moving, if they press the right trigger while moving Link will instead "roll", a move similar to a dash, this time however Link can run around by holding the left trigger while moving. The 4 main buttons (A, B, X, Y) are used to use items, items are mapped to one of the buttons on the controller screen and if you press the button an item is mapped to, you will use that item. Whenever an item is not mapped to any button it stays on the Inventory.

Items are found throughout stages in many forms, some are hidden in chests, some are sold in shops, and some are given out as rewards for doing certain tasks, however if someone takes an item they're the only ones that can use it unless it's some sort of very important item that can be used by everyone, however if they want they can pass their item onto another player.


The game has two Inventories, outside of a stage there's a giant bag known as the "Big Bag" which all of the Links share, with each Link getting half of the gigantic Inventory, but because of the heavyness of the Big Bag, each Link can only bring a smaller bag which only has 16 slots, so before each stage the Links get to choose what items to bring.

Item Podiums, Switcheroo Podiums and Portal Podiums

If a stage requires a specific item to get through, then it might have an Item Podium, a small pedestal containing an item that can be grabbed by anyone and contains an item needed for the stage. There also exists a variant of the Item Podium known as Switcheroo Podium, which requires you to leave an item behind before taking the new item, as soon as you leave the screen you won't be able to use the item you left behind for the rest of the stage, however you will get it back once you beat it. There are also some stages that have Portal Podiums that can return you the item you left behind in the same stage, but few stages have these.

Bracelets and Rings

Throughout the game players get bracelets that give abilities or enhance their skills as well as rings which work similarly, before each stage you can choose which bracelets and rings to bring, you can only equip two bracelets and 5 rings, minus 1 for each bracelet equipped, meaning that if you use up both of your bracelet slots you'll only be able to use 3 rings. Stages that require specific rings and bracelets will include Item Podiums that give you the rings and bracelets you need, if you don't have the slots needed for the items you will have to take off one bracelet or ring, though once you beat the stage you will get both the ring/bracelet you left behind plus the one you just got.


Stages in this game are semi-linear, they all have a simple goal such as getting to the end or getting a certain item but they are pretty big, allowing for exploration that can reward the player with items, upgrades and more. Stages themselves are divided in "Areas" in Hyrule, each Area has a total of 4 Stages, and there are 6 Areas in total, each Area can be done in any order, meaning that you can play a stage in one area and then as soon as you're done with that play a stage in another Area, however once you beat a Stage in one Area the other Areas become slightly harder by adding stronger enemies and such.

Once you complete an Area you're not done yet, completing all of the Stages in an Area awards you a "Dungeon Map" and "Dungeon Key", unlocking one of the 6 Dungeons and allowing you to access them, but just like Areas they can be done in any order, for example you can beat one Area and unlock one Dungeon and then beat another Area and unlock a second Dungeon and beat the second Dungeon first, but just like Areas Dungeons change depending on the order of how you beat them.

Stats and Force Gems

As mentioned above, in this game Force Gems work as experience of sorts, at the end of each stage the players are shown a Status Screen where they can upgrade their stats using Force Gems, or they can save up their Force Gems to upgrade their stats more, the stats in this game are "Magic", "Stamina", "Attack", "Luck", "Health" and "Defense".

Magic works like it did in past games, you have a Magic Bar that depletes when you use a magic attack but gradually refills, the more you upgrade this stat the bigger the Magic Bar is and the lesser it depletes when you use magic. Stamina works kind of like a mix between the Energy Bar from A Link Between Worlds and the Stamina Gauge from Skyward Sword, it's a bar depletes when you use special sword techniques and run around too much but it gradually fills up just like the Magic Bar, the more you upgrade this stat the bigger your Stamina Bar is and the slower it depletes. Attack is kind of obvious, it means the amount of health you take away from your enemy when you attack them.

Defense not only means how much damage you can endure, but also how far you're knocked back when you're attacked. Luck increases the chances of getting a "Lucky Strike" which does double the damage of a normal attack and a "Lucky Dodge" in which, instead of the normal amount of damage you'd receive from an enemy you instead lose a very minimal amount of health such as half a heart. Health is the amount of Hearts you have.

Hearts, Fairies and Fairy Fountains

In this game Hearts work like in past Zelda games, each Heart has 4 pieces and if you get hurt you can find Blue Hearts to regain one half of a Heart, a Red Heart to refill one entire Heart and rarely you can find Heart Containers or Heart Stones, which refill all of your Hearts since now the amount of Hearts you have has to be upgraded with Force Gems. Each player has their own amount of Hearts and if they run out they will fall unconscious and will have to be revived by a player, this can be done by standing close to the fallen player and pressing the right trigger, which will summon a blue bar with a red spot in the middle and an arrow going back and forth, the player trying to revive the fallen player must tap the right trigger again right when the arrow is in the red spot, however the more a player falls the harder it is to revive them and if they fall 4 times in a stage they won't be able to be revived anymore. If a player isn't revived in time or if they fall more than 4 times then they will waste a Fairy to revive themselves, or if they don't have any Fairies then he will stay like that until the end of the stage.

Fairies in this game work more like lives, players start with 4 Fairies which they all share but as the game goes on they can find more and more, if a player falls and no one revives him in time he will waste a Fairy, if all Fairies are wasted and all players fall in a stage then they will get a Game Over and be forced to repeat the stage. The total amount of Fairies in the game is 24 not counting the starting 2, this means that the total amount of lives players can have is 26. When you Game Over you start with 4 Fairies once again.

Fairy Fountains are still found in some stages, in these a light hologram of sorts of the Great Fairy will ask the Link that entered the Fairy Fountain first a question about their performance in the stage, if they answer truthfully the Great Fairy will reward them with a free Fairy, a Heart Container or Force Gems.

Tingle Items

In each Area's Overworld except for Area 3 and 6 you can find a "Tingle Market", each one is run by one specific Tingle brother or Tingle himself, these shops are special as they don't sell common items, instead they each sell specific "Tingle Brand Super Useful And Rare Items" or "TBSUARI", shortened as "Tingle Items", these items do not have any special function and unlike other items these diseappear once they run out or their goal has been accomplished, meaning that you have to go back to buy more at the Tingle Market.

Tingle Items are mostly variations of actual items, such as Tingle Bombs which highly increases the chance of enemies dropping Rupees when killed by the bomb and randomly drops Rupees when it blows up a wall or does damage to a strong enemy, sub-boss or boss, and Tingle Hookshot which is a special Hookshot that sends a signal to Tingle when it launches, allowing him to fly in and grab the hook, allowing you to aim it better and even aim it diagonally to find special secrets, it's even longer than the normal Hookshot, however the Tingle Hookshot breaks after being used 3 times.

The only item that isn't one-use is the Tingle Bottle, obtained automatically the first time you enter, the Tingle Bottle doesn't take up any Bottle Slot and instead takes up its own spot, you can't store any item in it except for "Tings", which are special potions made by Tingle which function sort of like Pycolites from Minish Cap. Humourously, you can use the Tingle Bottle in the final boss battle against Ganon to deflect the orbs he throws at you, however unlike the sword, if you hit the orb with a Tingle Bottle it will temporarily slow down, giving the other player a better chance to hit it, if you beat Ganon using the Tingle Bottle succesfully at least once and go to the Tingle Market owned by Tingle in Area 1, he'll congratulate you and be so honoured that you used the Tingle Bottle in the fight that he'll transform the Tingle Bottle into a trophy and in return give you a "Super Tingle Bottle", which is like a Big Bottle but for Tings.

Pendants of Virtue

In this game you can actually meet the 3 Oracles Nayru, Din and Farore throughout the stages, they appear after you have beaten 5 of the Areas and the game tells you in which stage they are located, you can talk to them to start an optional sidequest to obtain the Pendants of Virtue and subsequently the Master Sword. In order to start the sidequest you need to talk to any of them, she'll explain that the spirits have granted each of them one of the Pendants of Virtue and that she recalls a legend in which a hero used them to gain access to a super powerful sword capable of smiting evil, and that she might give them to you if you prove to her that you're a hero. After talking to them they'll tell you to go to a specific stage in order to meet with her for a challenge, you must go there and complete the challenge, if you do she'll give you her Talisman and a riddle which you must solve, as it tells you the stage where she has hid the pendant along with what you need to do in order to access it, collect the pendant and repeat the process with all of the Oracles.

Once you have all of the Pendants of Virtue, you'll unlock a new stage in the Mechanized Woods Area known as "The Master Trials", complete it and you'll unlock another stage, known simply as "The Master Pedestal", which consists of a single room in which one of the Links must grab the Master Sword, after pulling it out of the ground the Master Sword will shake and 3 orbs will pop out of the Master Sword and go into the other Links' White Swords, giving them the power of the Master Sword as well. The Master Sword not only has incredible power, but it also gives the Links the "Master Spin Attack", a Spin Attack that drains some of the Magic Bar in exchange for more range and movement without the side effect of getting dizzy and wasting a bit of your Stamina Bar. It's important to note that the players who didn't grab the Master Sword still get its power and the Master Spin Attack, but instead of holding the Master Sword they're holding a White Sword powered up by the Master Sword, which ends up looking as a White Sword with a golden aura around it.

The Master Sword can be upgraded even more by going back to the rooms in which you found the Pendants of Virtue, however, the puzzles are different and harder and instead of the Pendants of Virtue you find the respective Oracle in each of the rooms, if you perform the Master Spin Attack in front of them they'll give you their Charm, which unlike Minish Cap has no gameplay purpose and doesn't have to be stored in a Bottle. If you collect all of the Oracles' Charms and return to The Master Pedestal, the Link who got the Master Sword will infuse the Charms with their Master Sword and turn it into the "Golden Sword", which doesn't have an increase in strenght but can temporarily stun weaker enemies, the Master Spin Attack is changed to the "Golden Spin Attack", which wastes less of the Magic Bar, lasts longer and fires beams in all cardinal directions when started, and also gives the Link a new move that replaces Rolling called "Rolling Blade", if you press the Roll button after obtaining the Golden Sword instead of normally Rolling you'll roll with your blade, dealing tons of damage to whoever gets in your way. It's important to note that unlike the Master Sword upgrade which is received by all Links, the Golden Sword upgrade is received only to the Link who got the Master Sword.

Funnily enough, if you go back to any of the rooms where you found the Pendants of Virtue after obtaining the Golden Sword, walk up to the Oracle in said room and perform the Golden Spin Attack in front of her, she'll say "Uhh, Link? I don't have a problem if you wanna show off but if you're here for another one of my Charms to upgrade the Golden Sword, then i'm sorry to tell you that you cannot upgrade it any more than that".

If you hack the game to load the 3 Charms AFTER obtaining the Golden Sword and try to infuse them with the Golden Sword at The Master Pedestal, the sword will glow red and you'll obtain the "Cuccoo Sword", which only does the damage of a Kokiri Sword, prevents you from using any of your sword techniques (including the Spin Attack) and everytime you swing it it shoots out an angry Cuccoo that automatically lunges at you, dealing damage to no one but yourself before flying away, and the worst of all is that it can't be switched out for any item at all unless you go back to The Master Pedestal, where it will transform back into the Master Sword, which means that if you want the Golden Sword again you'll have to go to the rooms in which you obtained the Pendants of Virtue and collect the Oracles' Charms all over again (the Oracles' dialogue also changes to them scolding you for trying to hack the game).


Magicandles are pixelated candles hidden in levels, there's one in each Area and they must all be lit up by swinging your sword at them, lighting all of the Magicandles unlocks a special Area with 3 levels that resemble The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and A Link To The Past respectively, ending with the Links obtaining the "Ocarina of Time", which they use to unlock a special dungeon known as "The Day The Timeline Split", which is a slightly shortened recreation of the Ganon's Castle sequence from Ocarina of Time, ending with a battle against Ganon.

Shadow Colisseum

A mode separate from the main adventure in which the 4 Links are given a specific amount of Force Gems to spend in stats at the start of the game (the amount can be changed in options) and then get to pick an arena based on a stage in the game or a location in the Zelda franchise, once they do so they will be spawned into the arena, the main screen will display a map with the players' locations marked in them while the Controller Screens display the actual game, players have to run around and get items to defeat other players, if a player is defeated 3 times they lose for good, the last Link standing wins. Throughout the match Shadow Link may also spawn and wreak havoc in several ways, such as dashing around the map, spawning enemies, using items to mess with players and blocking the map.

Every map also has at least one Item Shop, each shop location is randomized along with the items and prizes inside, this gives players motivation to find Rupees to buy items. Every map also has a Great Fairy Fountain in a randomized location that can upgrade specific items to make them more powerful if you bring her Force Gems.

Saria's Lost Woods Bingo

A mode inspired by Tetra's Trackers/Navi's Trackers from Four Swords Adventures, in this mode the Links are thrown into the past and meet Saria, the Sage of the Forest, who wants to play a game with the Links before sending them back to their time. Saria will assign each Link a different Bingo Card which is displayed at the main screen and can be checked in the Controller Screen via pause menu, the Links must explore the randomized Lost Woods and try to collect the items in their Bingo Cards to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line in order to win, the Links may also saboutage each other by fighting, there are no lives in this game but every Link takes some time before respawning, giving others an advantage.

Items in this game can be obtained in many different ways, be it haggling with the Kokiri, buying it at an Item Shop, giving an item to someone so they can give you the item you want in return, or even lost in small caves throughout the forest.

Dungeon Crawlers

Another vs. mode in which the Links are all thrown into a gigantic dungeon that's randomized each time with one simple goal, to find the most loot, the Links must run around the dungeon beating enemies to collect Rupees and exploring the Dungeon to find treasures worth even more Rupees, as well as collecting items to make the process easier. One key mechanic is the "Tingle Tuner", if you pay Tingle Rupees he can do things to saboutage other players such as throwing a bunch of bombs in whatever room he's in, creating a giant wind current to push him back for a short amount of time and more.


Area 1 - Trilby Highlands

A grassy semi-mountainous field that gets its mountanous landscape due to its proximity to Mt. Crenel Base, the area is filled with bandits and is home to the well-known "Lon Lon Ranch". Trilby Highlands is also known for its high amounts of whirlwinds to glide to high places and its mysterious caves usually hidden beneath certain trees, some of them are quite obvious but are blocked by thorny vines too thick for a normal sword to cut through.

Stage 1 - Welcome to the Highlands!

The level starts with the 4 Links rolling out of Southern Hyrule Town and onto Trilby Highlands, where they find their path blocked by a group of Deku Scrubs, after deflecting the 4 Deku Scrubs' nuts back at them with their shields, the Deku Scrubs decide to leave and fly away, opening the way for the Links to pass, after being ambushed by some Moblins and Acro-Bandits who pop out of the ground, they find a big river with a bridge they have to cross, however just as they get on the bridge Ganon's right-hand man, "Aghanim", appears and summons a Shadow Bomb which blows up the bridge, preventing the Links from crossing and forcing them to move down where they find a small mount with a whirlwind, they climb the mount and use their caps as gliders as the whirlwind sends them gliding through the air, they must land on another mount and use the whirlwind on that mount to glide through the air and fly above the river.

Once the Links get to the other side they find they must land on another small mount due to the fact that the surrounding area is completely filled with spiky rocks, there they use a ladder to go down into a cave inside the the mount filled with Octoroks where they find their first item, "Small Bomb Bag", allowing them to carry up to 10 Bombs, they must use the Bombs to blow up cracked walls and throw them at targets to blow them up in order to progress. Eventually the Links find a tunnel that leads outside of the cave and away from the rocky spikes, they move up again until they meet with Aghanim, who's surprised that the Links manage to cross the river even without a bridge, he teleports away and instead leaves a "Massive Bomb", which takes out anybody still in the area unless they're below water or in another room, and a group of Bow Moblins, the Links must escape the Massive Bomb by either leaving the area as fast as they can while avoiding the Moblins or they can hide in a tiny cave filled with "Real Bombchus", which run around the room and even run up walls, if they come in contact with any of the Links, an enemy or an unclimbable wall they explode. The Massive Bomb will keep respawning after exploding until the Links have fleed the area.

Once the Links escape the Massive Bomb and Bow Moblins, they reach an empty area with 4 trees which have thorny vines covering entrances, these thorny vines can only be burned down with the Fire Rod found in the Endless Winter Palace, another Area in the game. All of the entrances lead to small rooms with switches, if you press all of the switches below all of the trees, a "Magicandle" rises in the center of the main area. 

After passing through the empty area they find what looks like another empty room, however this time around they're ambushed by the same group of Deku Scrubs who flew away at the start of the stage, the Deku Scrubs return but stay airborne while dropping bombs and rolling boulders, the Links can't attack them so their only choice is to avoid them as they move forwards, however, Aghanim has blocked the goal with a magic cobweb which the Links can't cut, so they're forced to move up while avoiding the flying Deku Scrubs until finding the Gust Jar, which one of the Links can take, the Link who took the Gust Jar can then use it to suck the Deku Scrubs into the Gust Jar and shoot them out against a wall, just doing it to one of them makes the others fly away in fear, allowing the Links to safely return to the magic cobweb and suck it in the Gust Jar, letting the Links enter.

Normally the Links can't cross the big river due to the currents being too strong for them to swim through, but if one of the players has the Zora Ring, obtained in the Zora Swamplands, they can swim up to the center of the river where they can dive below a mystic whirlpool and end up in a small underwater cave where, if the Links have Nayru's Talisman after completing her challenge, a wall will open up and lead them to a room with puzzles involving riding on lilypads using the Gust Jar that will finally lead to the Pendant of Nayru.

Area 2 - Gorongoro Mountains

Rocky mountains surrounded by volcanoes, filling the area with extremely high temperatures that only the Gorons could endure, below the mountains are the Gorongoro Mines, caverns mined out by the Gorons in search of minerals. The mines are also known to be the place with the largest amount of Bomb Flowers, even though they do grow on other parts of Hyrule, a ton more grow in the Gorongoro Mines due to the extremely high temperatures.


Area 3 - Zora Swamplands

Originally a clean and beautiful habitat of the sea Zoras, deemed the second best habitat next to Lake Hylia, however as time went on the area became more contaminated and now it's known as the Zora Swamplands due to its swamp-like nature, the Zoras still inhabit the area as Lake Hylia is too far away and there isn't much water between the two locations, meaning that if the Zoras try to move to Lake Hylia, most of them would asphyxiate, the Zoras have now adapted to their life in the swamplands, inhabiting houses built over the water and only swimming on it ocassionally so they don't asphyxiate, Princess Ruto, princess of the sea Zoras promised to help with the contamined water but no-one seen her since. The Zora Swampland is not only filled with monsters and ruins, but also filled with, of course, swampy water which works like quicksand as it slowly pulls you down until you drown if you don't swim to a surface fast enough.


Area 4 - The Endless Winter Palace

Decades before the events of the game an enormous palace was built to be Hyrule Castle, however as they were building it a massive winter storm occured but only in that area, the winter storm got so big that a massive avalanche was formed that destroyed the palace and turned it into a broken down abandoned mess, to this day the winter storm still remains, though much weaker, and many brave adventurers explore the ruins in search for the cause of the winter storm, the ruins were eventually dubbed "The Endless Winter Palace". The Endless Winter Palace is a gigantic palace so it's very mazey and has tons of room to explore, however it is also majorly covered in snow which may slow you down or cover certain paths, some people claim to have seen ghosts and some adventurers have seen special gems which, when touched, temporarily transform the place into what it looked like before the catastrophe, these gems have been called "Timeshift Stones" by adventurers.

Area 5 - Entering the Palace of Catastrophes...

The first stage starts with the 4 Links rolling from the Eastern Hyrule Town and on-to a long path marked with a rocky road in the center, the group of Links is quickly ambushed by Flying Deku Scrubs who drop blocks to block the path and then drop bombs on the other side, they then fly around holding the switches needed to light the bombs and ocassionally drop down at the Links' level, the Links must hit the switches of their colours at around the same time to light the bombs and blow up the blocks blocking their path. After the blocks are destroyed the Links keep moving on and ocassionally fight some Octoroks and Bokoblins, however as they move along the road becomes more abd more destroyed and tiny bits of snow are seen as the Octoroks change into Ice Octoroks and the Links start seeing frozen Bokoblins until they reach piles of snow from where Deku Scrubs covered in snow ocassionally pop out to ambush the Links.

After finally reaching the end of the destroyed rocky road they find a wooden bridge over a river from where a group of river Zoras start firing fireballs at the Links while they face off against Darknuts summoned by Aghanim, who tries to burn the bridge using a shadow fireball but the Links run to other side and tackle him in time, however the fireball still burns the bridge, leaving the Links stranded on the other side as Aghanim laughs and teleports away.

The Links move on and find a giant broken down abandoned palace covered in snow, known as "The Endless Winter Palace", after being warned by an explorer about the mysterious ghosts inside, the 4 Links enter the giant living room filled with Poes that chase the Links around and can only be hurt by the Link that matches its color, and Ghinis that chase Links in packs but can be scared off by only killing one of them. The living room leads to a bunch of other rooms but most of them are covered in snow, leaving only 7 rooms to enter, though only 3 of them are important the others can still be searched for loot and secrets, one of the rooms has a hidden switch which, when pressed, makes a bookshelf move in another room, behind the bookshelf is a hidden panic room with a lever and a skeleton beside it, as soon as you pull the lever a hidden passage will open in another room and a Poe will possess the skeleton, turning him into a "Stalfkin" as he launches onto the nearest player.

After going to the room with the secret passage and finding out it's a stairway that leads to a series of tunnels underground as some sort of emergency escape route filled with skeletons, some of them turn into Stalfkin and other are normal skeletons that can be slashed at to release Rupees or Hearts, after walking through the tunnel and later being ambushed by even more Ghinis and Poes who become hard to beat in the confined hallway, they find what was supposed to be an emergency exit but is now blocked by snow. The 4 Links keep on walking as they find a stairway that leads back up to The Endless Winter Palace, but it's blocked by a big Stalfos wearing a hylian soldier uniform, who rises a group of Stalfos by swinging his sword around and sends them to attack the Links as he runs off and disappears, after defeating the Stalfi the Links go up the stairs and reach an area a few rooms from where they first were.

In this room, the first Timeshift Stone puzzle appears, with the Links having to hit the Timeshift Stone in the center of the room to bring the room back to before the catastrophy with the victims still alive and talk to the people there in order to get clues as to where the key to the next room is, after finding the key the Links find out that at the time that the Timeshift Stone sent them to the lock for the door wasn't completely installed yet, but they were trying to install it since from there all rooms are private unless invited by the owner himself, so the Links have to use the Timeshift Stone to return the room to how it is currently and use the key on the rusty lock on the door, opening it and leading them to a hallway where the goal is.

Area 5 - Mechanized Forest

A gigantic forest that was originally going to be mechanized in order to build a factory, but the wildlife quickly became hostile and violent and destroyed every single attempt at building the factory, to this day special teams have been sent to steadily build machinery around the forest in hopes of building the factory and mechanizing the forest without the rabid animals messing with the construction. The Mechanized Forest is a dangerous area because of the violent wildlife and its strange landscape filled with big holes in the ground and caves, while exploring the forest you may also find the mechanized areas as well as broken down construction sites from the failed attempts at building the factory.


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