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Tloz evilawakens
English box art.
Developer(s) Xiphance
Publisher(s) Xiphance
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) 3D Action RPG
Series Zeldalogo
Release Date(s) Summer 2015
Age Rating(s) TRating
Media Included Disc, Instruction Booklet
The Legend of Zelda: Evil Awakens is the upcoming eighteenth The Legend of Zelda game, releasing in summer 2015 for the Wii U. It is both developed and published by Xiphance. This game is unique from other Zelda games, being the first game to include online multiplayer modes as well as the first game to directly tackle the series' timeline confusion. The game features Link, Skull Kid, and Ghirahim trying to retrieve the magical Aetas Staff from a group of iconic Zelda characters in order to reverse the effects of Wizzro resetting the series' universe.



In a universe far away from your own, there is a classic story of the Hero of Time, Link, defeating the monsterous Prince of Darkness, Ganondorf. All has been well in the lands of the Zelda tales, but powerful forces are threating the entire reality of the Zelda universe. Ganondorf's alternate form Ganon has gathered up a squad of characters that feel they have been mistreated by destiny and want to change the course of Hyrule's history. Several characters have opposed this, including Skull Kid and Ghirahim. However, with the dark wizard Wizzro on their side, Ganon and his crew restart the Zelda universe - and our heroes must steal the Aetas Staff from Wizzro to undo his resetting.

Rosetta Mountains

Link wakes up, in possession of nothing but the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and a small pouch to carry things in. Already he can see a lot of differences in the landscape. Heading through a pass, he finds himself in a village where he meets an indigenous tribe of Tingle clones. The only way they can communicate is with music, and they gift Link an Ocarina.

Link moves onward, battling enemies in the mountains until he comes across an abandoned mine shaft. Outside of it is a confused Ravio, telling Link that he "is delusional" and that "Impa will have his head". Ravio then says, Link isn't "bearing the emblem of Lord Impa" and starts attacking him. Link promptly kills Ravio at heads into the Rupee Mines (the first dungeon).

Rupee Mines (Dungeon)

In the Rupee Mines, Link finds that Bombs have been strewn around the place as Mogmas have been forced to work by Impa for seemingly no reason. One rebellious Mogma teaches Link how to use the bombs. Link explores the giant dungeon, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. True to its name, the Rupee Mines are full of the little Rupees which Link learns from the same Mogma are "useless little hunks of rubbish" in this version of Hyrule.

Link goes further into the cave to find an underground river. Swimming down the river, he finds an enormous cavern full of prisoners - including Skull Kid. As Link tries to unlock the cage, Impa walks in. The first boss fight of the game ensues and Link has to use bombs strewn across the cavern to destroy Impa, because she dodges any attack by the sword. After 4-5 bomb hits, Impa is raging mad and she runs away, accidentally dropping the master key to the cells.

Link discovers Impa's not finished and that the Mogmas have installed a self-destruction bomb, so Link has a time limit of ~7 minutes to unlock all of the cages (16) and use Impa's shortcut to lead them out of Rupee Mines. Upon accomplishing this, Skull Kid has a long conversation with Link detailing Ganon's success and revealing that Rupee Mines was a cover-up for setting up a labor camp to send unwilling denizens if they disobey Ganon. He joins Link's party and now you can play as him by playing Skull Kid Medley on the Ocarina.

Path to Calyna Canyon

After the Rupee Mines self-destruct, the debris closes off any return to the Rosetta Mountains. It does, however, reveal a hidden passageway into a deep and dark canyon. Link/Skull Kid takes the winding path, fighting off assorted baddies, until they reach the bottom of the slope. At the bottom of the path, it forks into two new paths under two names: Calyna Canyon and Lyara River. The Lyrana river is blocked off to Link but avaliable to Skull Kid, and vice versa for Calyna Canyon.

Calyna Canyon & Lyara River

You may choose either the path to Calyna Canyon or Lyara River by playing Hero's Song near Calyna's enterance or Skull Kid Medley near Lyara's. Calyna Canyon and Lyara River are extremely similar landscapes, as Calyna Canyon is Lyara River from the future after years of erosion and weathering. Each has unique puzzles and enemies to solve and defeat. Across the river in both paths is Fi.

Fi explains that she is part of the rebellion to Link/Skull Kid to stop Ganon's advances on Calyna Canyon and that she's on the run. She tells our hero that the Aetas Staff must be near because "time is shifting". This causes Link to spur on until he reaches an abandoned fort, Fort Redraw.

At Fort Redraw, our hero must fight an angered Impa once again. After defeating her, Impa flees. On her way up on a Loftwing, a single transparent half-Rupee drops from her bag. Link/Skull Kid leaves the scene with Fi in tow. They must then take the other path to get the other half of the Rupee. After the Rupee is put together, the land starts to change back into the present version.

Fi takes our hero to the rebel's camp, which has several side quests, shops, and more importantly, our third hero. Link can meet several supporting characters with different roles: Ruto fixes, upgrades, and sells weapons; Volga sells potions and healing items; Tetra sells miscellaneous items, Happy Mask Salesman is the journalist and strategist, and Louise heads the rebellion.

Ghirahim's Deathbed



Glatiator Battles

Boss Battles

Take on bosses as a team.



Link is one of the three main protagonists in the game, and the character that you start out playing as. He wields the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield.



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