The Legend of Zelda: Dual Destiny is an upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS Advanced dated for 2012.


New to the series, Link is ambidextrous and can wield two swords. Here are the actual controls.

  • A - right sword action/talk/confirm
  • B - attack (roll)
  • C - jump
  • X - left sword action
  • Y - run
  • Z - target lock on
  • L - first person view
  • R - right shield action
  • A+X - dual sword action
  • L+R - Mirror Flip (King's Quest only)
  • +Control Pad - UP = instrument, LEFT = attack item, DOWN = hint, RIGHT = recovery item
  • Left Analog Circle Pad - move Link
  • Right Analog Circle Pad - change first person view camera angle
  • Touch Screen - touch menus
  • Start - pause game
  • Select - zoom in/zoom out


Unlike past Zelda games, you travel to places by using Super Mario 64 hub style maps. Like Super Mario, you travel by worlds, but instead named Kingdoms.

To exit a level, you need to finish the mandatory quest in each level and then you have to find a tunnel that only opens when you complete the quest. If you enter this level again, the tunnel will still be open.

Kingdom 1: Hyrule

This is the starting kingdom.

  • Level 1: Destined Dual Destiny
  • Dungeon Level: Hyrule Prison
  • Sidequest Level: Royal Delivery

Kingdom 2: Wooden Royal

This kingdom is based off of Virgin Komi Forests located in Europe. This kingdom also have themes of France, Germany, British Isles, Greece, and Italy.

  • Level 2: The Deku Royal Family
  • Level 3: Curse in the Wooden Garden
  • Dungeon Level: Lost Woods Cavern
  • Sidequest Level 1: Lost Little Woodlings
  • Sidequest Level 2: Sacred Guidence

Kingdom 3: Jungle Savannahs

This kingdom is based off of the jungles, savannahs, and deserts of Africa. This kingdom also have themes of the Middle East.

  • Level 4: Vines
  • Level 5: The Hidden
  • Level 6: Grassy Savannahs
  • Dungeon Level: Ancient Gerudo Pyramid
  • Sidequest Level 1: Gerudo Race
  • Sidequest Level 2: Dieing Valley
  • Sidequest Level 3: Targets

Kingdom 4

Kingdom 5

Kingdom 6

Kingdom 7

Kingdom 8


Master Quest (Second Quest)

A second quest will be unlocked if the first quest is completed. It will be similar to the Master Quest version on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D where the gameplay is more harder and it's completely mirrored.

King's Quest (Third Quest)

Once completed the Master Quest, you can unlock King's Quest. Similar to Master Quest, King's Quest is a very more hard version of the game, but now all sidequests are mandatory, dungeon levels are timed, and a new ability is unlocked called Mirror Flip where Link gets to mirror the world so that unseen things can be seen (this is mandatory).


The graphics are a higher quality of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. You can no longer see the little pixels and it is very smooth.


The music will be fully orchestrated.


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