The Legend of Zelda: Darkness Fallen is the last game in Child Timeline, the game is only for Wii U.



Game has a Day and a Night feature, at Day it's bright just like Skyward Sword, at night, it's looks more like Twilight Princess. Game has been praised for this feature.


Main gameplay is pretty much the same as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You can ride a fire-breathing Dragon Dolrie. This is second Zelda game to use motion plus Controls, first was Skyward Sword.


Link must defeat Ganondorf to free Princess Zelda, Ganondorf also has the most powerful Dragon, he wants to take Triforce. Ganondorf now has an army of robots named Ganonbots (Different versions of Ancient Robots from Skyward Sword in Lanayru Desertt) to serve him. This is first Zelda game by release dates to have Ganondorf as main antagonist, since Twilight Princess.



Ganondorf is a Main Antagonist in the game. He looks simmiliar to how he looked in Twilight Princess.


Hyrule Castle

Dungeon(s): Scrambled Ruins.

Dark Jungle

Dungeon(s): Jungle Hut, Grand Woods, Jungle Moon.

Crystal Stone

Dungeon(s): Frozen Temple, Crystal Stone, Ice Moon.

Eruption Peak

Dungeon(s): Inside the Volcano, Fire Factory, Fire Moon.

Isla Clarisa

Dungeon(s): The Prison, Isla Moona.

Darkness Falls

Dungeon(s): Ganondorf's Lair, Trap Base.

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