The Legend of Zelda: Call of Tyros is an action-adventure video game in the Legend of Zelda series for the Nintendo Wii. Released on March 29, 2012, the game received mixed reviews, with some critics praising the new direction of the series and other critics deriding the game for the same reasons.

The game tells the story of a boy who wakes up in the middle of a dense wood, with no memory of who or where he is. His only clues are a sword, a shield, and a bizarre stone sculpture found in his pocket, with a note attached to it that said "Make your way to Tyros." Throughout the game, the player uncovers the mysteries of the character's past as well as the hidden secrets of the city of Tyros, by delving into dungeons and solving puzzles.

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To some extent, the game resembles the traditional Zelda style, with players solving puzzles and fighting monsters to travel through dungeons and advance the plot. This game is notable for its introduction of Waystones, a system that introduced non-linear gameplay into the series.


Combat in the game is largely based on swordplay. Continuing Skyward Sword's system of WiiMotion Plus swordplay, Call of Tyros uses 1-to-1 motion tracking to mimic the movement of a sword during combat. Unlike Skyward Sword, the enemies do not have pre-programmed attack patterns, and will instead "smart" block player motions using a new AI engine developed for the game. The intention is for battles that will rely on speed, precision, and strategy rather than just waiting for an opening.

In addition to swordplay, the character gains access to a bow early in the game. The bow is controlled through a new system similar to that found in WiiSports Resort's archery minigame. Unlike in previous entries, the bow is an important element in combat and less so in puzzle-solving. Its slow rate of fire discounts it as a use for close combat, and is best used on targets from afar. Unlike previous games in the series, the bow can be aimed in first-person mode while moving.


Waystones are large, ornate objects scattered throughout the countryside surrounding Tyros. When encountering one, the player character may place his hand on it and be teleported to a previous time, and relive a former experience of the character with the tools currently in his arsenal. Each Waystone takes the character back to a specific point and reveals part of his backstory should he complete the series of puzzles set before him. A Waystone can be used multiple times, and in many cases will have to be used multiple times, as if the player has not aquired a necessary tool, the puzzles within will be impossible to complete. When the puzzles are completed, a new section of the character's journal is unlocked, along with an item that will aid in the main quest and unlocking the central dungeon.


The Traveler's tale

Several years ago, the Traveler was cast out of his hometown for the accidental murder of another citizen. Seeking to atone for his crime, he traveled to several temples within the country and prayed at the altars within. Unfortunately, none of the Temple Spirits would bless him or forgive him, and he was doomed to wander aimlessly for all his days, with little hope of salvation.

One day, while traveling through a darkened wood, the Traveler encountered a strange forest child, garbed in green. When he spotted the child, the child turned and ran off. The Traveler pursued the child, following him to a forest shrine. There, an ancient blade rested in its pedestal. The forest child faded away, and the Traveler approached the sword. As he did, he heard whisperings and chanting, and almost turned away on the spot. He held strong, however, and drew the sword from its pedestal. The shrine suddenly began to glow, and when the Traveler next opened his eyes, he was dressed in a garb similar to the forest child, with a new shield on his back. A floating sphere of light sat above the pedestal, and when he reached out and touched the sphere, a voice spoke: "You are the rebirth of an ancient hero, Traveler. You must find yourself by completing the trials beyond this shrine. If you are deemed worthy, you will then travel to the city of Tyros, where an ancient evil that has long slept will soon awaken. Go forth, Traveler, and be brave."

The Traveler completed his tasks beyond the shrine, and awakened as the legendary hero, Link, reborn. He began to travel to Tyros. On the journey, he was ambushed by a party of bannermen, claiming to represent the Lord of Tyros. He was knocked out, his horse stolen, and his memory lost.

The Waystones and the mysteries of Tyros

Awakening with no memory of his life, the Traveler found a note that been left by a mysterious benefactor, his sword, his shield, and a Waystone nearby. Using the Waystone, he was shown a vision of his ambush. One of the men mentioned a Temple nearby, so the Traveler first decided to travel there.

Outside the Temple, he finds a strange priest who explains the Waystones to the Traveler. Before sending him off, the priest also tasks him with igniting the flames in the altars of the Temples scattered across the country. The Traveler agrees, and enters the Temple. Inside, he finds a journal with no writing in it other than a name: Lord Aldroh. Unsure what to make of it, he keeps the journal. As he continues to unlock memories of his past through the Waystones, as well as igniting the flames, he begins to notice strangeness within Tyros - namely, the lack of citizens, the rampant creatures, and the absence of any ruins of civilization except within the central city. The journal of Aldroh also begins to gradually fill in with writing as he completes each Waystone, revealing a story that explains the placement of the Waystones and their original intentions.

Tyros was once a grand kingdom that was in a state of perpetual prosperity, until Lord Aldroh came into power. With the death of the Lord before him, a curse was placed on the land. Crops withered and monsters ran amok, turning the prosperous kingdom into a living hell. The Waystones were designed to send the entire kingdom back to a previous time, one of prosperity before the curse. The Goddess of Time, however, would not bless such a selfish act, and refused to activate the Waystones.

The Traveler soon discovers the ancient evil sleeping beneath Tyros, and has to unlock the Central Tower, which stretches as far underground as it does above ground, to reach the Demon King's lair and end his reign before it can begin.

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