The Legend of Zelda: Awakened
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Media Included Switch Cartridge
Available Input Joy-Cons, Pro Controller, Handheld
Cost $60.00 USD, $69.99 CAD, £49.97
The Legend of Zelda: Awakened is a 3D Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Nintendo and published by Nintendo.


The Legend of Zelda takes place a few hundred years after Ocarina of Time with a new Link. This young Link wakes up in Red Oak Forest with a lost memory (A new area right next to the Kokiri Forest) where you explore and eventually find the Redwood Sword and shield. When you keep on traveling through the forest, you'll end up in the Kokiri town where you find that peace has been restored. And you can find such classics as; The Know-it-all Brothers, Saria, and the beloved Mido. Because they live forever, the Kokiri question the fact that Link is back. Link of course knowing none of these people. Saria eventually walks up to you. Saria is the most confused. After a bunch of dialog, she tells you that the new Great Deku Tree is in trouble again. Link is of course confused by why she said again. And so you rush to the Great Deku Tree (The earth dungeon) and start talking to the tree with a completely different mustache. The Great Deku Tree who explains that a sinister man had placed a curse on him because he wouldn't give up Farore's Pearl. And so he gives you the Deku Leaf and tells you to be careful. After you beat the dungeon, the Great Deku Tree tells you to search for Princess Zelda and gives you a third of a strange stone tablet. Before you leave, Saria gives you the Fairy Flute.

If you visit Lon-Lon Ranch, you meet Malon's descendant named Lon-Lon. If you talk to her and race her (For free), you can use Epona and Epona's Song.

When you enter Castle Town, you see a fight between a brown hooded girl and a Gerudo. The Gerudo yells at the young girl for stealing an apple. The girl pleads for her life, apologizing. The Gerudo continues to yell until eventually charges at her with a spear before Link blocks the Gerudo. The Gerudo backs down. The hooded girl thanks Link and says for him to follow her. She runs across Town, stopping when you get too far behind. Eventually you get to the Castle Courtyard, she talks to you. She pulls down her hood and reveals that she is the Princess Zelda. She talks about a Gerudo man that she had seen in a Castle Town alley. He was muttering about the Triforce. He was talking about stealing the other two. The other two. Zelda said that she was confused. He looked at her and then she ran. After she explains the story, she notices the part of the stone tablet. She is surprised and asks you where you got it. She then tells you that it's part of an ancient stone tablet that can reveal you the legendary blade. She marks two places on a map that she gives you to find the other two. She also teaches you the Song of Revealing.

The entrance to Zora River is blocked by rocks, so you have to go to Kakariko Village which has pretty much the same layout as Ocarina of Time. But when you travel through Death Mountain Trail, you see that the landscape has changed and that there's wood platforms as well. When you reach Death Mountain, you'll see that the landscape hasn't changed much. When you go inside the bigger Goron village, you find that all the Gorons are panicking. If you go up to the calmer one, he notices you sword and partial tablet. He says that if you're interested in those things, that he will give you part of one if you clear out the caverns and the Goron homes of Dodongos. You can't enter the cavern like how you would normaly, so you have to go through the newly connected caverns and homes. After you beat the dungeon, you get rewarded a third of the stone tablet and he teaches you the Song of Parting.

So when you go back to the Zora River, you can clear the rocks with the bombs you found. (Items explained in the items section). The Zora River has changed a bit, and you have to get past all the platforming. When you find the waterfall, you see a stone platform where you play the Song of Parting. Once you get to the king after going through Zora's Domain, he tells you that Lord Jabou-Jabou has been rather fickle recently and he orders that you put a stop to it. When you enter the Jabu-Jubu-like fish after giving him twenty rupees, you see that his layout is different than Jubu Jabu's. Once you defeat the electric monster which has to turn off it's electricity once in a while, you return to the king who is unwilling to part with some treasure. Instead he gives you the last third of the tablet.

Once you go to the Red Oak Forest again, you find a stone platform which you play the Song of Revealing on. It parts some trees and you pull the Master Sword out. It doesn't make you older, but it definitely looks cool. When you go back to the castle, you just get to see Ganon ride off with Zelda. In a last effort, Zelda drops a note right by you. You read it and it explains that she found out about the sages and that you need to go to the temples. A map is on the back with some X's and you can go to any one of them. Rauru and Saria are still sages.

All of the temples have vaguely similar layouts, but the same bosses. At the end of all of them, the sage thanks you and goes to the Temple of Light.

When you go revisit Hyrule Castle, you see that it has had a quick makeover. Ganondorf has taken his and her Triforce and remade the castle with his. After you fight through the Redeads and other monsters, you fight Ganondorf in the same way as in Ocarina of Time and Zelda quickly tosses you the light arrow. After fighting his first stage, Ganondorf, he transforms into Ganon. But Ganon has changed and can teleport, but he has lost some of his speed. After you deal the final blow, he dies and Hyrule is saved once again. Zelda runs towards you and jumps onto you as Ganon's effects disappear. And then the credits roll.


Because this is a sequel to Ocarina of Time (ish), there aren't really any new mechanics. Once you have the Master Sword, the Song of Revealing and the Song of Parting in the temples.


Then there's the items!

Of course there's heart pieces, heart containers, the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield, and many others.

The starter sword is known as the Red Oak Sword. The Red Oak Sword does one damage. Replacing the Red Oak Sword comes the Master Sword which does two damage. Sticks do two damage as well, but they also break.

The shields don't replace each other, you have to equip them separately. The shield you get first is the Red Oak Shield which partners with the Red Oak Sword. In the fire dungeon, you get the Hylian Shield, which doesn't burn. In the water dungeon, you get the Bubble Shield which you can use underwater with the iron boots. In the earth dungeon, you unlock the Heavy Impact Shield which you can put over your head to protect you from heavy objects, and lets you walk slowly at the same time. In the spirit temple, you unlock the Mirror Shield. The Mirror Shield resembles the Hylian Shield but with a smooth flat surface and an engraving of an eye. The Mirror Shield also acts pretty much how it did in Wind Waker and can be used against Poes.

In the earth dungeon, you find the great deku leaf. It basically works the same that it did in Wind Waker. Be sure to get that magic from the Great Fairies too!

In the fire dungeon also comes the Bomb Bag which can carry 20 at a time until he eventually discovers the Big Bomb Bag (20) and the Giant's Bomb Bag (30). Bombs do two damage.

In the fire dungeon you can find the Goron's Bracelet which works the same way as it does in Ocarina of Time.

The flute that you find in the beginning in the game acts just like the ocarina, you just have an extra direction you can push using the d-pad.

In the water dungeon, you find the Iron Boots. They work like they always have.

In the Spirit Temple you can find the Silver Gauntlets. In Hyrule Castle, you find the Gold Gaultlets. Both of these work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

In the Shadow Temple you can find the Hover Boots. They work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

To unlock the Zora Scale, you have to beat a diving minigame in Zora's Domain. To unlock the Golden Scale, you have to catch the record fish (Four pounds). They work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

To unlock the Fairy Bow, you have to get it from the Forest Temple. The regular arrows do two damage. At first you can only hold 30 arrows. Then when you get the Big Quiver you can hold 40 arrows, then when you get the Giant's Quiver which holds 50 arrows.

You unlock the fire arrows from the Water Temple. They do four damage and they work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

You unlock the ice arrows from the Gerudo Training Grounds. They do four damage and they work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

You get Bombchus from shops, chests, or games. They do two damage and they work exactly like they did in Ocarina of Time.

The Hookshot is found in Dampe's grave. It does two damage and it works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time. In the Water Temple, you can find the longshot, a hookshot that reaches farther.

The Boomerang is found in the Water Temple. It does one damage and it works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time.

The Lens of Truth is found at the Bottom of the Well. It works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time.

The Megaton Hammer is found in the Fire Temple. It does two damage and it works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time.

The Small Giant's Knife is obtained from Medigoron's shop for 200 rupees. It breaks after eight hits or if you hit a wall. It must be held with two hands and when broken does one damage. It does four damage and it works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time.

The Small Biggoron's Sword is obtained from the Master Craftman for 750 rupees. It does four damage and it works exactly like it did in Ocarina of Time.

The Light Arrows do two damage on regular enemies, but do more on Ganon.


1. Epona's Song

2. Song of Revealing

3. Song of Parting

4. Sun's Song

It can be obtained from the Royal Family's Tomb.

5. The Song of Storms

6. The Scarecrow's Song

7. The Minuet of Forest

8. The Bolero of Fire

9. The Serenade of Water

10. The Nocturne of Shadow

11. Requiem of Spirit

12. Prelude of Light

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