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The Legend of Zelda: Ado's Tale
Developer(s) Talix Arts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DS, DSi
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) March 2010
Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) T+
Media Included Unknown

The Legend of Zelda: Ado's Tale is the first Zelda midquel and will tell the events of Ado's journey before joining Link, and tell what he's been doing before coming to Solaris. After The Legend of Zelda: Mystic Beginnings, the game will continue in Ado's point of view. This will also be the first Zelda game where series protagonist Link is not the hero of this game. However, Link will be in the game and as well Princess Zelda; Ganondorf will be seen in a flashback, but the original three will be the only series characters that will appear in the game. It is only for the Nintendo DS and DSi; and it is set for a March 2010 release.


In Ado's Tale, Ado the bounty hunter made a bet with another bounty hunter Zacchin a year before the events of Mystic Beginnings, but a unexpected disaster made Ado leave the bet wide open and making Zacchin furious. Trying to outrace his former friend, Ado heads to Hyrule to loose him and ends up meeting Link. Seeing no chance to go back, Ado joins Link's adventure into stopping Gandondorf and saving Princess Zelda, but soon after the Guerdoian King is defeated, Link heads off back home. Ado tries to go back to his hometown, but discovers Zacchin is on his trail, so he decides to help out some old friends and seeing if they have a chance to help him stop Zacchin's wild vendetta.


The game will have similar gameplay like Mystic Beginnings. The battle-style will be custom fited for the double screens on the DS. On the top screen will have the gameplay, and on the bottom will have the item scenery: weapons, object bag, and options. The stylus pen will have a intregal role in the game in certain mini-games; these mini-games like reading certain letters, solving clues, or hunting for food will have a central part in telling the storyline. The game will also have an innovative time clock like Majora's Mask telling from day to evening to night.

Ado like Link will have certian weapons to collect like Helmer's gun, sword, knife, bombs, fire stick, bow; some might be the same arsenal as Link's, but most of them will be in common of a hunter's gear. Ado will also learn new abilities and skills. Becuase of him being a bounty hunter, he can jump longer distances, crouch on walls or rocks to hide away from emenies, use special vision to see at night, and can use a spin attack.


The Steral Harp a prize collection item that holds the powers of healing and improving strength. Ado gets aware of it and tries to find it, but discovers Zacchin is on the same trail as his. Whoever controls the harp will have a short limited ability of invincibility and invisibility.


  • Hyrule
    • Kirocuou Hills
    • Gueredo Desert
    • Hyrule Castle
      • Courtyard
  • Shadow Plains
  • Destiny Mountain
  • Hollow Point


(p) playable

  • Ado(p): Main protagonist of the game.
  • Trix: A old friend of Ado's who holds a scorn past against Ado.
  • Zacchin: The main antagonist of the game. A former friend of Ado's and chief rival bounty hunter. He wants to collect something Ado owes him a year ago.
  • Harley: Zaccchin's right hand man.
  • Sky: Ado's older brother.
  • Link: Ado's reluctant partner while he is hiding in Hyrule.
  • Princess Zelda: Daughter of the Hyrulain Royal Family.
  • Ganondorf: King of Gueredo Desert and master criminal. (Only seen in a flashback)
  • Boss Battles:
    • Tobais
    • Grudbe
    • Lokikan
    • Quimbnus
    • Yates
    • Zodiac
    • Deltacon

The Legend of Zelda: The Sun King

The ending of Ado's Tale will lead to Mystic Beginnings's direct sequel, The Legend of Zelda: The Sun King. The story will take place following the events of Mystic Beginnings and Ado's Tale. It will have Link finding the Sun King in order to stop an evil sorceress Lunina from taking over Solaris. It is for the Nintendo Wii and is set for an unannounced release.

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