The Legend of Zelda: A Block to the Past is a 3D action adventure puzzle game made by Inora for the first Weekly Challenge on the Wii U and 3DS. The game is a spin-off of the main series, featuring characters from all games crossing over and exploring the Block Realm. Reception has been TBA.


A young version of Link is exploring a small cave, playing with his friend, the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. Together, they discover a treasure known as the Cube of the Gods. Zelda tries to take it, but a giant purple hand pulls it and her into another dimensions. Link follows behind and lands in the Block Realm, a mysterious world where things are blocky. Link sets out to rescue Zelda and defeat the mysterious hand.

Link later discovers that the hand is that of Demise, an ancient evil. After battling Demise, he defeated the hand, causing it to explode. Demise swore revenge and fleed, leaving the Cube alone. Link and Zelda escaped, leaving the Cube for the good of all.


The game is a combination between the mini-universe format of Captain Toad and the 3D Zelda games. Players journey from Block Realm to Block Realm, solving puzzles and battling enemies using various tools and Link's sword and shield. At the top of every Block Realm is Demise's Hand, which will take the player to the next. In addition to this, players must also confront bosses at the end of a World, with three worlds in all. Once players have done this, they can battle Demise's Hand.

In every level, there are three Triforce pieces to collect. Collecting all three will give Link a Mask. Once all Masks are collected, the Bonus World is unlocked. Players can also collect Rupees, which they can spend with Ravio(who randomly appears and can sell Potions), Tingle(who can sell maps), and the Happy Mask Salesman(who can sell Triforce guides).

Block Realms


Name Description
Hyrule Field This basic level is the tutorial for the game. It changes between night and day through a clock that can be hit at the top of the level. At night, players must learn about fighting by defeating three Stalchildren to activate Demise's Hand.
Lon Lon Ranch The home of Malon, Epona, and Lon Lon Milk. The first part of the level has a stable of Cuccos, which must be rounded up to win Malon's affection, allowing Link to mount Epona and jump over a barrier leading to the next part, where players must avoid lava pits.
Goron City The dwelling of the Gorons. Players must use different Gorons to be launched higher, where they can eventually find a Bomb Flower. Roll the flower to the bottom of the stage to the Goron statue and let it explode to reach the ending.
Zora's Domain The peaceful home of the Zoras. The first layer is covered in ice, and players must ice-skate around the various River Zoras to reach the Blue Fire, which will melt it, allowing you access to the waterfall. Swim to bottom around spiky icicles to reach the end.
Gerudo Fortress A sandy fortress of the Gerudos. The outside features a pair of Gerudo Warriors. Defeat them to get their chest, with contains a Bow and Arrow. Shoot the door's target to enter, where players must solve target puzzles and fight across three floors to the bottom.
Ice Cavern An eerie frozen cavern nearby Zora's Domain. Players must do a simple block puzzle on ice to create stairs to the next floor. One room is a maze, one has three Ice Keese, and one is a jigsaw puzzle. Once all are complete, Blue Fire appears at melts the barrier to the ending.
Haunted Wasteland An ancient desert occupied by ghosts. The first area is 26 graves, one for every letter of the alphabet. Hit them with your sword to spell out ZELDA, which will reveal a hidden staircase. Underground, player must fight 3 Poes to reach the level goal.
Lost Woods A maze that protects the Kokiris. Players must solve the maze to reach the end while battling a new enemy in every room.
Kokiri Forest Home of the Kokiris. The first part has Link going through a small top-down maze to get permission to leave, bring it to Mido, and then go to the Great Deku Tree. Inside his mouth defeat three Skulltulas to win.
Skyloft An island in the clouds. Players start out on a block cloud that they can guide using their sword which they must navigate around hazards to reach Skyloft. Once there, players must complete three questions to open the temple where Gohma lies.

Great Sea

Name Description
Outset Island The home of the legendary hero. It is connected through a bridge that is missing. Players must find five wood pieces to make it to the other side where the Helmaroc King steals Aryll. Chase the bird into the forest and fire an arrow to resuce Aryll. She'll lead you to her lookout tower where the goal is.
Great Sea An endless expanse that was once Hyule. Players ride the King of Red Lions, which can be guided with sword strikes. Players must guide him through spikes, Octorocks, and other sea enemies to a Big Octo which players must shoo away by firing three arrows at it. Then, the goal will appear.
Forsaken Fortress An ominous island of legend ruled by the Helmaroc King. The level first has players rolling to the bottom while avoiding spikes to reach a chest holding Bombs. Players must blow up a crack in the wall to enter the jail area. Complete three jail cells to reach the end.
Tetra's Ship The large ship of the legendary young pirate Tetra. Players begin on the deck and must defeat three Octorocks, and they'll be able to enter the obstacle course. Complete it to reach the end.
Temple of the Ocean King An ancient master dungeon and the home of Oshus. It is split into five floors. Floor one is a block puzzle. Floor two is a bow and arrow puzzle. Floor three is a bomb puzzle. Floor four is a battle against three Phantoms, and lastly, floor five is the goal.
Dee Ess Island A large island with a mysterious shape. Hit the A button to spawn three Phantoms. Hit the B button to summon a number of stones that must be blown up. Hit the X button to summon moving targets. Hit the Y button to spawn a stylus that must be guided to make a Triforce shape. Complete all four buttons to spawn a chest that when opened will give the player the Hookshot. Use it to pull Demise's Hand out of the screen.
Maze Island At the entrance is a Gossip Stone, which players cannot access yet. Players must first go through a complex maze without enemies. At the center, there's a key, allowing players to enter it, transporting them to the same maze with Phantoms. Reach the end to end the level.
Spirit Tracks An open plain with various tracks running through it. Players start out in the cabin and must use the Hookshot to open a ring door to the engineering room, where players must battle three Torch Phantoms and bomb the coal stone to break it up and get the train started. Some paths are wrong, so players must use the wheel to decide the path. Players must go North, West, South, West to reach the end.
Snow Temple An icy temple of New Hyrule. There are three rooms where players must use the Bow and Arrow to freeze and melt water. It's inhabited by Ice Keese and Fire Keese.
Altar of the Demon King An ancient altar where the Demon King rests. The first area pits the player against three Phantoms. Defeat them to make them drop a chest with a Hammer inside. Use the hammer to smash the coffin, leading to a battle with the Demon Train.


Name Description
Clock Town The counterpart of Hyrule Castle Town, an odd place in the shadow of the Moon. Guards won't let you get to the end without a Boomerang. First, players must find all five Bombers to get the code to the Clock Tower. Inside, after battling Skulltulas, they can collect a Boomerang.
Southern Swamp A swamp inhabited by Dekus. Players cannot cross the poisoned water, so they must navigate with a boat to a maze where players must follow a Monkey to the end, where they can save Twinrova, allowing Link to ride their boat through the water to the end.
 Northern Mountain
Eastern Bay
Great Bay
Western Wasteland
Stone Tower
The Moon


Using tools uses up a Magic Bar that slowly refills.

  • Bow and Arrow: A tool gained in the Gerudo Fortress Block Realm. Collecting it will allow players to shoot arrows at targets and enemies.
  • Bomb: Heavy slow weapons that do massive damage and can break stones and cracked walls. Gained in the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Hookshot: A grapple hook of sorts that can pull things and open doors with rings on them. Gained on Dee Ess Island.
  • Hammer: A large slow mighty weapon that can smash switcjes. Gained in the Altar of the Demon King.
  • Boomerang


Name Description


Gigantic Mutant Spider

A recurring Zelda enemy, this time fought in Skyloft, taking it's appearance from Ocarina of Time. It'll climb around shooting Gohma Larvae at Link, which must be dodged. Eventually, she'll do a jump attack. Dodge it to make Gohma stuck in the ground and dizzy, allowing players to shoot an arrow at it's eye. Repeat 2 times.


High Speed Sentient Locomotive

A possessed train, players ride on it. Starting in the caboose, it attacks by summoning Phantoms. Past the Phantoms are the head of the train. Smash it, causing a wind to blow players back to the caboose. Repeat 2 times.


Ancient Mask Demon


Hand of Evil and Darkness



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