The Legend of Paranoia is a Legend of Zelda game created by the group responsible for the Stanley Parable. The game borrows it's setting and small segments of the gameplay from the Legend of Zelda series, but has the twisted yet pacifistic black humor and other segments of the gameplay of Stanley Parable. The game, for some reason, also frequently uses memes.


The game is set at an unknown point in the history of Hyrule. The player is set in the shoes of Link, a young hero in training who finds his life being narrated by a faceless man. He is faced with strange choices and unusual situations, some of which result in the point of view changing to other characters, including Princess Zelda, Midna, Tingle, and Ganondorf. The game also has an odd habit of throwing psychological confusion the player's way on a regular basis, leading to seemingly random choices that leave a lasting impact on the story. There are a total of thirty endings to the game. Some of them are extremely secretive, and they are generally far from serious.

Playable Characters


The primary protagonist and the most common character that players will find themselves controlling. Link, as usual, is portrayed as completely mute. In the rare combat situations, he fights using a one-handed sword and a shield.

Princess Zelda

The secondary protagonist and the ruler of Hyrule. She is intent on looking after her kingdom, and most of her segments take place in Hyrule Castle or Ganon's Castle. She fights using a one-handed rapier.

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