First of all, let me clarify that Evi is not my character, she belongs to Pyrostar. A while back, Pyro cancelled his plans for Evi to star in a Zelda spinoff; while Evi goes on to be an original character, I've taken it upon myself to make Evi's original concept.
Author's Note, Darth Phazon

The Legend of Evi: Spirit of the Goddess
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) Pyrohedron (Deluxe Edition), RiiVolution Advance.
Genre(s) Adventure
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Age Rating(s) E10+, Pegi 7

The Legend of Evi: Spirit of the Goddess is a Legend of Zelda spinoff title released for the Pyrohedron and RiiVolution Advance.

Set after the close of the Legend of Zelda series, it tells what happened after the split timelines merged into one: Link and Zelda wholly destroyed themselves with Ganondorf to end Demise's curse and offered Hyrule a chance at peace; now, it's the distant future of Hyrule. While the time is peaceful, the monarch in charge, Queen Lydia, is quite the racist, not trusting any of the races that make up Hyrule's population and planning to wipe them all out.

The goddesses, noticing the queen who threatens the very creation they made and adore, gather the collective spirit leftover from Hylia, Link and Zelda and reform them into a young human girl: Evi. With the guidance of the Sheikah guardian Impa, it's up to her to save the races of Hyrule from Lydia's plot.


Main Characters

Name & Title Role Species Description
Spirit of the Goddess
Protagonist Human/Sheikah
The Fairy Guide
Guide Fairy
Queen Lydia
Queen of Hyrule
Antagonist Human (undefined)

Hyrule's Races

Each race of Hyrule protects a temple of vast elemental power, each temple fueling each race with raw elemental power that makes each race unique in its own respect.

Species Element Area of Residence Description
Hylian Light Mountain Village - Hylia's Land The friendly Hylians are always willing to look up to the resident monarch of Hyrule, which leaves them ignorant to Lydia's plans to wipe them all out.

Hylians are typically responsible for the commerce and economy within Hyrule, and make homes within both the land and other outlying areas.

Sheikah Shadow Kakariko Village - Lorule While the Sheikah were significantly absent in Ocarina of Time, in Evi's time they are much more abundant, although like their element, they prefer hiding in silence.

Since the Sheikah have a talent for stealth no matter how young, most dedicate themselves to protecting Hyrulian citizens from the shadows; a few of note work in Sheikah Shops across Hyrule, shops that can sell various items that change every time you visit it.

Goron Fire Goron Village - Death Mountain The stony-faced and hotheaded people of Death Mountain have adapted to the harsh enviroment of the volcano, and are plenty at home in the slopes of the active volcano; eating high-quality Rock Sirloin and harvesting Bomb Flowers to make Bombs for all the people of Hyrule, Gorons are gentle giants that the people of Hyrule look up to.
Zora Water Zora's Domain - Great Bay
Deku Forest Deku Palace - Silent Forest
Gerudo Spirit Gerudo's Fortress - Arbiter's Valley
Mogma Earth Cliffside Village - Windswept Canyon
Rito Wind Outset Island - Skyloft Islands



Though Evi is different from Link in some regards, she does have her own similar traits in her own regard; her playstyle is similar to both a combination of Link and Sheik, on a level.

Trait Role Upgraded By Description
  • Taking hits from foes
  • Heart Containers
  • Pieces of Heart
Evi's a vital girl, but even she can only take so much punishment before she bites the dust; how many hits she can take before a game over is measured by the Health meter. Measured in hearts, each containing 4 units of health, Evi starts off with 5 hearts as a basic meter, but that meter can be maxed to 20 hearts from both Heart Containers and Heart Pieces.

  • Heart Containers - A dropped container that adds a whole heart more of damage, these are only really dropped by bosses.
  • Pieces of Heart - 4 of these equal a brand-new Heart Container for Evi. Where whole Heart Containers are only dropped by bosses, Pieces of Heart can be found scattered all throughout Hyrule.
Magic Power
  • Fueling powerful spells, techniques or arrows
  • Magic Urns
Often times, Evi will find that she needs to pull off an attack or something with more than just her own physical ability or prowess; thus, during the course of the story, Evi is bestowed the gift of magic upon her. This allows her to use powerful spells, special weapon techniques, and the eight magic arrows gifted by each of the Hyrulian races.

  • Magic Urns - Special vases spread throughout Hyrule, when Evi breaks one of these special jars, she releases the mystic energy within and gains another fraction of Magic power, increasing her Magic Meter.
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Stamina Shrine
  • Hylian Tunic
Though her acrobatic skills are useful, Evi's stamina can only keep her going before she has to stop and catch her breath. Oh, what were you expecting? A round number?

  • Stamina Shrine - Four of these scattered throughout the region, when interacted with, can decrease consumption of Evi's stamina, by 10% for each Shrine.
  • Hylian Tunic - One of the 8 tunics that Evi can wear, this Yellow tunic supposedly woven by the goddesses doubles Evi's stamina and severely reduces the amount consumed, by an extra 50%. Combined with the Stamina Shrines, this can let Evi perform advanced feats of acrobatics. Which is necessary for progressing.
  • Adding Varying Combat Styles
  • Smithing Ore
  • Materials (for Combos)
Through her travels, Evi will find several weapons to assist her in her travels; each weapon has its own combos, speed and out-of-battle uses. Evi can even upgrade them by finding the right ore and materials for reforging them.

  • Smithing Ore - Various levels of Ore let Evi go to the Scrap Shop to upgrade her weapons' durability, strength and sometimes even their speed. They come in 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Master - each level stronger than the last.
  • Materials - Dropped by the monsters and found all over Hyrule, materials are used to create combos and help Evi gain more Experience Points with the weapon itself.
Cross-Weapon Super Combos
  • Dealing Damage in combat
  • Experience Points from Level-Ups
  • Materials
  • Traversing across Hyrule Swiftly
  • Handling different enviroments
  • Goron Tunic
  • Zora Tunic
  • Rito Tunic
  • Mogma Tunic
  • Deku Tunic
  • Gerudo Tunic
  • Hylian Tunic
  • Sheikah Tunic
Though her basic tunic is good for clothing, Evi will find that the other tunics produced by the different species come in handy for other enviroments, as well as other side quirks.

These cover a bunch of the base areas of Evi's playstyle, but that doesn't cover everything. Evi's as varied as every race in Hyrule, but in the sections below, her playstyle is listed below by items.


Weapon Damage Level Speed Combos Description
Megaton Hammer High Slow
  • Bone Crusher
  • Doom Spin
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Goron Gauntlets Medium Medium
  • Boulder Smash
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Fishing Rod Low Very Fast
Great Fairy's Sword Very High Slow
Goddesses' Harp Medium Fast
Executioner's Blade Medium Medium

Dungeon Items

While the Bow isn't a primary weapon anymore, there's still one treasure per dungeon, each tying into the dungeon's main theme.

Item Element Description
Hover Boots Light
Mask of Truth Shadow
Magician's Rod Fire
Golden Scale Water
Clawshots Forest
Mogma Mitts Spirit
Bomb Bag Earth
Tough Beetle Air


With the Bow being a secondary weapon like before, it has plenty of magic arrows to shoot, each with different fucntions.

Arrow Obtained: Description
Light Arrow ??? The symbol of the goddesses' power is usually manifested in the powerful-but-costly Light Arrow; most Light-related objects will be activated with this, like Sun Symbols, Sun Blocks and a peculiar blood-red emblem.
Shadow Arrow ??? A contrast to the Light Arrow, the Shadow Arrow is what could be considered the exact opposite of the Light Arrow; with the power of the shadows, it creates a remote detonation bomb that can explode when shot again. 
Fire Arrow ??? An arrow imbued with the fire of life itself, the Fire Arrow can be used to ignite torches, melt ice, ignite webbings, or just straight-up damage dealing on occasions.
Ice Arrow ??? The frosty opposite of the Fire Arrow, this Ice Arrow freezes most enemies and water areas; when there's nothing but water in a certain room, Ice Arrows can make a platform out of just water.
Forest Arrow ??? An arrow fused with nature itself, the Forest Arrow can be used to attract creatures from nature to its impact point, be they enemies from natural causes (Wolfos, Peahats, and the like) or animals themselves (like the Deku Hornets, known for their aggresive behavior); sadly, this doesn't work on unnatural enemies (like the undead, Armos, etc.). When they hit enemies that aren't natural, though, the enemy gets stunned for a large duration of time.
Spirit Arrows ???
Earth Arrow ??? Imbueing the power of the earth itself into an arrowhead, the Earth Arrow hits most obstacles and enemies with the force of a powerful earthquake; this shatters cracked walls and boulders easily, and shakes up enemies with tremendous force.
Wind Arrow ??? Sometimes, some things need to be taken for a spin; that's where the Wind Arrow comes in: with the special Rito-powered arrowhead, it spins objects and enemies with a force of a tornado.


Though her basic tunic is good for clothing, Evi will find that the other tunics produced by the different species come in handy for other enviroments, as well as other side quirks.

Tunic Element Description
Goron Tunic Fire A red garb crafted by the Gorons, when Evi wears this, she resists the high temperatures of the volcanic areas in Hyrule; she can also walk on hot rocks briefly before getting hurt.
Zora Tunic Water A blue garb woven by the Zoras, this outfit allows Evi to stay underwater for as long as she wants without drowning. How a change of clothing can do that is beyond me.
Rito Tunic Air This white outfit that the Ritos made has special stretches of fabric under the arms, allowing Evi to glide briefly after her jumps; the same effect that would happen when Link picked up a Cucco and jumped off a ledge afterward.
Mogma Tunic Earth A dark brown outfit that the Mogmas pieced together (yes, the Mogma can make clothes), this Tunic lets Evi resist all sorts of harm from impacts, be they clubs, rolling boulders or swords. Downside: she can't jump or run, and this armor doesn't prevent her from being hurt by the elements.
Deku Tunic Forest A lighter green tunic that the Deku weave themselves (still don't get how they do it), if Evi wears this, she can walk past thorny bushes and climb up the thorny vines with no trouble. She's also ignored by plant-based enemies like the Deku Baba, Peahat, and various others.
Gerudo Tunic Spirit An orange outfit that some Gerudo wear, this tunic comes with a special pair of glasses that allow her to walk through the sandstorms of the desert without getting blinded and turned around; it also allows her to move freely on the sands with her getting slowed down.
Hylian Tunic Light A bright yellow outfit that was supposedly crafted by the goddesses, this garb is rumored to double the physical abilities of those who wear it. But that's just rumor - supposedly.
Sheikah Tunic Shadow This purple garment is the classic ensemble of the Sheikah, allowing them to remain hidden from the sight of enemies; all enemies will ignore Evi in the nighttime, and some enemies will never notice her. However, certain enemies will spot her almost immediately.


Like in past games, Hyrule is pretty massive, but even moreso in Legend of Evi; Legend of Evi restarted the timeline, meaning that all areas from the past games are capable of appearing in this variation of Hyrule.

Name Locations Element Race Description
Hyrule Field None None None The massive open world that connects all of Hyrule's towns and settlements, Hyrule Field is lush and beautiful, showing off traits inherited from each of the 8 regions, but also is quite dangerous, being home to many different enemies that each have their own traits about them; Evi must cross this massive hub multiple times to reach the 8 corners of the region, before Queen Lydia can unleash her master plan.
Silent Forest
  • Deku Palace
  • Root Caverns
  • Lost Woods
  • Sacred Forest Meadow
  • Forest Temple
Forest Deku A vast forest home to the Deku people, the Silent Forest is both a maze and a home, since the various Forest-born creatures make their home here. Though the Deku have been safeguarding the Forest temple for years, they won't open it to just anyone, since not only is it their duty to protect it, but they've been distacted by the forest's water being poisoned at its source in the Root Caverns.
Arbiter's Valley
  • Gerudo's Fortress
  • Arbiter's Keep
  • Gerudo Desert
  • Desert Colossus
  • Spirit Temple
Spirit Gerudo
Skyloft Islands
  • Outset Island
  • Loftwing Isles
  • Big Blue
  • Dragon's Roost
  • Air Temple
Air Rito
Windswept Canyon
  • Cliffside Village
  • Eldin Mines
  • Windblown Chasm
  • Abandoned Quarry
  • Earth Temple
Earth Mogma
Death Mountain
  • Goron Village
  • Dodongo's Cavern
  • Death Mountain Trail
  • Death Mountain Core
  • Fire Temple
Fire Goron
Great Bay
  • Great Bay Coast
  • Zora's Domain
  • Abyssal Trail
  • Pinnacle Rock
  • Water Temple
Water Zora
Hylia's Land
  • Mountain Village
  • Reacher's Cave
  • Mountain Pass
  • Snowhead
  • Light Temple
Light Hylian
  • Kakariko Village
  • Bottom of the Well
  • Lost Hills
  • Kakariko Graveyard
  • Shadow Temple
Shadow Sheikah
Castle Grounds None None


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