The Legend Of Zelda Descent is a puzzle style game in the Zelda franchise. It is open world 3D, like Breath of the Wild, but it is a actually an indirect sequel to Ocarina of Time. However, it takes place thousands of years later. After the completion of chapter 2, chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 can be played in any order, however once one is started, i5 must be finished. Chapter 8 is played after the completion of 3-7.



A long time ago, an ancient evil awoke. But it was combatted by 7 deities, the sages. With a princess at their stead, the ancient evil was sealed, and order returned to Hyrule.


The Sinister 7 is gathered in a dark room somewhere in Hyrule. An evil laugh is heard. Link is awoken by Malon, who calls him from outside. As Link goes down to meet her, the ground begins shaking. The ground opens up in the middle of the village. Malon and Link begin running, but Malon falls. She tells Link to get to the castle, and as he begins running, a darkness emerges from the earth. Link speeds off away toward Hyrule Castle. At this point, the player gains control of Link.

Chapter 1

Link makes his way through Hyrule Field. Once arriving at the castle, he must make it inside to Queen Zelda’s chambers. On his way, he meets Alla, who shows him through a window that Zelda is at a meeting with Ghirahim and Ganondorf, and then says ‘I don’t like that one bit’. If Link continues onward toward Zelda’s chambers, he will initiate a cutscene that triggers chapter 2, but Link can also explore the castle at this point and get some interesting dialogue from Alla, such as the fate of Mandrid.

Chapter 2

As Link arrives at Zelda’s chambers, he will witness Zelda’s kidnapping.


316px-HW Link


A young Hylian boy ready to save the day!


Zelda’s younger sister with a strong sense of justice who is also the new Sage of Sealing.


The Queen Of Hyrule with 2 younger sisters and ‘divine power’.
Rauranna The Sage of Light.
Diaz The Sage of Shadow
Mako The Sage of Water
Jaylne Member of the shadow girls, Sage of Spirit
Monette Sage of Forest
Greyson Sage of Fire
HW Cia 2


The self proclaimed leader of the Sinister 7. Boss of the Shadow Girls Hideout.
HWL Ganondorf Cover Artwork


The true leader of the Sinister 7. Boss of Hyrule Castle.
Character-portrait vaati


Boss of Zora Lake.


Boss of Safehaven.
Twinrova CotC


Boss of The Lost Woods.


Boss of Shadow Well.
HWL Yuga


Past member of the Sinister 7 who captured Mandrid. Boss of Afterwards.
HW Volga


Boss of Death Mountain.
Mandrid Zelda and Alla's sister. Was capture by Yuga, but released.


Jaylne's best friend and partner.
Cia's second in command. Miniboss of the Shadow Girl Hideout.
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