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Zelda battle royale switch official box
Publisher(s) Nintendo ,Team Ninja,Namco Bandai and Ubisoft
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Arcade,Battle
Series The legend of Zelda
Predecessor Hyrule Warrior
Successor  ???
Release Date(s) 2023
Mode(s) 1-4 Player
Age Rating(s) Every World


The Legend of Zelda Battle Royal is an arcade and battle game developed by Baptice29 and publised by Nintendo exclusive on the nintendo Switch

Sans titre zeee


The Legend of Zelda Battle Royal is an arcade game in the manner of Super Smash Bros ( the character style very similar to Hyrule Warrior/Hyrule Warrior Legend ) in the style of the 3D Legend of Zelda games and inspired to Dragon Ball & Naruto Shippuden battle games. The player can control one of several characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise and match up to 2 player face to face, or play mini games, in more than thirty varied terrains that include stages that are underwater or in the air. (every elements was inspired to Hyrule Total War a mod for Medieval Total War)


difficult used only IA Player






Master Quest


to follow

Playable Characters

in The Legend of Zelda Battle Royal, there are ?? Playable Character with severals Alternate form for some character (Link , Zelda , ...) and there are DLC Character

Unlock Method

every locked character had two method for unlocked a 1st normal method and the second method with rupee


Unlock Method 1

Unlock Method 2

Classic Link Play with Young Link , Toon Link and Link 10 times Paid 1000000 Rupee
Ben Drowned Unlock automatically in Halloween Day (All 31 October) Paid 1000000 rupee
Fi Play with Ghirahim 10 time Paid 1000000 rupee
Saria Unlocked with Lost Wood Stage Paid 1000000 Rupee
Agitha Listening 15 different wilight Princess music in Jukebox (setting game) Paid 1000000 Rupee
Veran Use 10 different Final Triforce Paid 1000000 Rupee
Phantom Ganon Paid 1000000 Rupee

Paid 1000000 Rupee

Toon Ganondorf

Paid 1000000 Rupee

Cia Plays 15 time wirh Lana Paid 1000000 Rupee
Marin Paid 1000000 Rupee
Lyzalfos Plays 250 hours of the game Paid 1000000 Rupee
Toon Zelda Paid 1000000 Rupee
Wizzro Paid 1000000 Rupee
Volga Paid 1000000 Rupee
Skull Kid Paid 1000000 Rupee
Linebeck Paid 1000000 Rupee
Zant Play with Twili Midna or Midna  in ??? Stage 10 Time Paid 1000000 Rupee
Onox Paid 1000000 Rupee
Twili Midna Paid 1000000 Rupee
Tetra Paid 1000000 Rupee
Chancelor Cole Paid 1000000 Rupee
Ravio Play with A Link Between Word Character 10 time Paid 1000000 Rupee
Linkle Paid 1000000 Rupee
Happy Mask Salesman Paid 1000000 Rupee
King Hyrule Paid 1000000 Rupee
Great Fairy Paid 1000000 Rupee
Yuga Paid 1000000 Rupee
Medli Paid 1000000 Rupee


Note : don't hesitate to propose idea for the new stage ;)

Size Stage

    Size          feature Avaliable in All Stage Locked?      Inspired to ?
Small Yes No -
Middle Yes No -
Big Yes

Yes (some Stages)

Open-World     No Yes Zelda Breath of the Wild

Boss/Middle Boss


Assist Triforce

Assist Triforce was similar to Assist Trophy



Destination Music

SONG Name Origins
Game of Thrones Legend of Zelda Intro Teaser - Gam
Intro ZBR The Legend Of Zelda & Game of Throne Mashup
Kumite Skyward Sword Hyrule Warriors Mashup
Intensive Battle Zelda Skyward Sword & Hyrule Warrior Mashup
Forteresse Maudite HD
Forsaken Fortress Zelda Wind Waker
Combat contre Ganondorf (TWWHD)
Forsaken Fortress V2 Zelda Wind Waker
A Great Evil - Hyrule Warriors
Battle Theme Hyrule Warrior
ClockTown 8Bit - Hyrule Warriors
ClockTown Theme Hyrule Warrior
Eldin Volcano - Hyrule Warriors
Eldin Volcanio Hyrule Warrior
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Music - Middle Boss
Battle Theme Zelda Majora Mask
The Legend of Zelda ~ Ocarina of Time 3D Music - Ganondorf Battle
Battle Theme Zelda Ocarina Of Time
Mini-Boss - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD -OST-
Battle Theme Zelda Wind Waker
The Legend of Zelda ~ Ocarina of Time 3D Music - Middle Boss Battle
Battle Theme Zelda Ocarina Of Time
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D - Boss Battle - Music
Battle Theme Zelda Majora Mask
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D - Boss Battle
Battle Theme Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Beta element


Hypothesis Elements



Names Video




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