The legacy of Mario, formerly known as project RED, is a series of written fanfics by Darklight Studios, inc that cronicle the adventures of Mario and Luigi throughout their careers, beginning with their very first adventure, in a very different way. The stories portray the characters and events in a slightly less outlandish manner, grounding them in a psuedo-realistic way, while still maintaining an aura of fantasy. Currently, there are three writers.

Several changes were made to the stories, partly because the more serious air of the redesigns and partly at the writer's descretion. Of all of the changes, one that remains constant in each story is the mysterious Kingdom Crystals, which allow Mario (and later, Luigi) to turn everyday objects, such as mushrooms and flowers, into extraordinary powers, which are all they have to rely on during their adventures.

Differances in writers

There are currently three writers of these stories.

The first writer, a user named Serras-Kai, is writing tOoM, DT, tTYD, and GA. He tends to stay close to the original story of the respective games, or at the very least more so than the other writers. The stories are also fairly light-hearted (also in comparison) and contain many jokes, while the fights tend to be brutal and unforgiving. These stories are also known for having several sub-plots.

The second writer, the user Arum unum, who wrote stories including WN, BB, and SS, tends to stray from the story sometimes completely, more interested in the actual story telling than relativety to the games. These stories tend to be brutal and dark in nature, revealing sides of the characters not seen in the other stories, some of which are amazingly violent.

The third writer, the user Graydove, is writing all of the remaining stories. His stories are arguably the most light-hearted, being more tragic than brutal, and have several, hopefully, humorous scenes. While his stories follow the main plot, he tends to exclude some things (certain bosses, locations, etc.) and can make drastic character changes, although none so drastic as Atrum Unum's Count Black. On a final note, it appears that he is the only one of the three who thinks that some romance (and maybe some lolis) makes stories better.


The odyssey of Mario

(Formerly Super Mario Bros.)

The cover art for The odyssey of Mario by Serras-Kai.

The Mario brothers, a pair of handymen who are out of work, take a once-in-a-lifetime chance and work in the castle- only to find that they chose the wrong day. When the princess is taken, the two agree to try and get her back before the deadline of Peach's ransom is met, lest the world fall prey to Bowser once again. Their adventure only becomes more complicated as time passes, and the deadline nears.

Wario's Nightmare

(Formerly Wario's woods)

After mario comes to light as the new hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and champion of all that is good there is peace, for a short while. After news of the inital heroics of mario and his brother, the roylal family of a neighboring kingdom is kidnapped, shortly after an entire elementry school, now with the family in tow, is taken hostage by a deranged sociopathic straight razor weilding mad man and his masacistic brother. The maniac demands that mario come to face him, and if he does not one person every hour will die, first the teachers then children and then the royal family. Now it is time for mario to face his darkest fears and come to grips with the truest darkness that can lurk in the human soul, it is time for mario to face Wario's Nightmare.

Dead Terror

(Formerly Luigi's mansion)

The cover art for Dead Terror by Serras-Kai.

A bounty has been put on the brother's heads. But it isn't money, nor jewels or lordship. No, the killer of the Mario brothers becomes the king of darkness in Bowser's place! But when disaster strikes and Mario vanishes, Luigi must team up with the less-than-trustworthy E. Gadd for help, but he is quickly learning that he can't trust just anyone. When the machinery he is using to save his brother begins to devour him, Luigi begins to wonder if he can survive the night.

The thousand year Door

(Formerly Paper Mario 2)

Mario, while on a diplomatic mission to mend the gap between the Mushroom kingdom and it's allies, finds himself under attack. He washes up onto the docks of the mystesrious Rogue town, where he discovers that he has been brought here by fate, and must retrieve seven crystal star Keys from their resting places, and possibly from the dead hands of their seven guardians, and use them to open a door that has been sealed for 1,000 years, and stop the evil behid it from ever seeing the light of day!

Dark Desires

(Formerly Mario & Luigi)


Black Book

(Formerly Super Paper Mario)

When the creature known as Count Black (formerly known as Count Bleck) resurfaces, Mario finds himself searching for two books, both of which weild great power, neither of which should ever be disturbed!


(Formerly super Mario bros. 2)



(Formerly Mario Sunshine)



(Formerly Super Mario RPG)


Breaking Point

(Formerly Super Mario Bros. 3)


Galactic Anarchy

(Formerly Mario Galaxy)


Character changes

Several characters from throughout the series have been changed to better suit the purposes of the stories. The more drastic changes are listed below.


The redesigned apearence of Mario.

Mario, being a standard teenager, is stubborn and willful. He isn't cocky, nor is he headstrong, but rather uncaring. It means nothing to him how strong someone says they are to him. He may also be near fearless, since he faces off with many frightening creatures with little to no hesitation. His only points of concern are his brother and, later, the various people he travels with. His overall attitude towards the world is described multiple times as 'poor, at best.'


The redesigned apearence of Luigi.

Luigi has changed little in the transition between stories. He is the more level-headed brother, often grounding his opinion in facts or statistics rather than things he's seen himself or simply believes in as Mario does. He is far from fearless, often running from creatures that are slightly-larger-than-normal. This allows him, however, to utilize his clever brain and dispatch his enemies in unique ways. He is known for his embracing the darkness and utilizing it, even developing a second personality known as Mr. L (or simply "L" at times.)


Possibly the most drastically changed, Wario now weilds a pair of strait razors as well as a multitude of guns in battle. Wario is violent and murderous, possible even insane, and wishes nothing more than to watch the world drown in it's own blood. His bloodthirsty nature and malice have brought a huge bounty onto his head, but it is shown that these things are not all that make up Wario. As with most of the characters in the series, Wario has a completely seperate side to him, this one (while still vicious) is considerably more trustworthy.


Unlike Wario, who was made to be very similar to Mario, Waluigi is neither the opposite nor the same as Luigi. He is'nt murderous (per se) but rather single-minded, and once he discovers Luigi is more powerful than him, he seeks him out wherever he can. Waluigi utilizes a single knife and a vine covered in thorns wrapped around his arm in combat. When his stress levels get high, he also tightens the thorns around his arm, allowing them to stab at him. Why he does this is unknown.


The redesigned apearence of Peach.

While Peach has changed little between the original stories and the redesigns, one thing has: she is not the ruler of the Mushroom kingdom. No, instead she is underneath the King who is constantly trying to get rid of her, instead trying to have a male child so that Peach may never become queen.


Rosalina is a shy, quiet person. She often doesn't know how to react to Mario, or the things he says. She also does not understand the various sayings and phrases he uses. This is all due to the fact that since she has been away from the 'world' for so long, she has lost all sense of how to interact with people.


The redesigned apearence of Bowser.

Power hungry and possibly insane, Bowser is a walking engine of destruction. His bulk and his horns provide perfect natural weapons, and on top of that he weilds an axe (seen in the original Mario Bros. at the end of the bridge) which he uses with a great profeciency. However, Bowser is also highly intelligent, often laying elaborate traps to lure his enemies to their doom without him lifting a finger.

Count Black

The corporial form of the pure sorrow that the dark prognostics has brought forth, Count Black is a living source of eternal evil. His only purpous in life is to claim the prosnostics books so that he may absorb their power and become the ultimate threat. Count Black is uncapable of feeling anything but greed rage hate and distain for all life and seeks to end what he calls the cosmic joke of life.


The redesigned apearence of Toad.

Toad, another drastically changed character, is a brave knight and even accompanies Mario and Luigi on several adventures. He is, however, not very powerful, even with a Kingdom Crystal, but his steadfastness and utter loyalty still make him a reliable ally.

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