The Keeper
GENDER Presumed Male
CURRENT STATUS Roaming the world.
AGE 234,000
CLASS Keeper
WEAPONS The Chain of Sins

The Keeper is an 100,000 year old beast containing the seven sins in order to avoid total destruction. His body acts as an eternal "cage" for the sins, containing them to avoid catastrophe. When it dies, however, the sins will be let loose to destroy the world.


Before turning into the beast he is now, The Keeper was a legendary knight who saught to find a legendary treasure. Seeking this, he journeyed into a dungeon and unwittingly released the seven sins unto the world. Hoping to reverse the destruction that followed, he travelled and absorbed each of the sins back unto his body. Unfortunately, this proved too mighty of a task for his frail human body to handle, and he began to die; instead of releasing his spirit, however, his body transformed into the monstrous form it has today. Although at first he was held in a dark world as punishment for releasing the sins, he was eventually released, with his main task being to keep the sins at bay and potentially find a way to contain them forever.


The Keeper usually appears calm and collected, never becoming angry or tense. Rarely, however, Wrath will be able to command him for a brief period of time, causing him to be extremely angry and hellbent on destroying everything in his sight. Because of his old age, The Keeper has a raspy and dry voice, although he retains a fair amount of strength, even above those of young humans.



Hates him for his continuous possesions of him.


Is nuetral with her, but is sometimes bothered of her... 'nature'


Is disgusted of his constant starvation, though sometimes has the greatest conversations with Gluttony.


Hates him, but not as much as Wrath.


Actually somewhat likes him, and doesnt really seem bothered about him.


Like Greed, hates her, but not as much as Wrath.


Somewhat likes her, but hates with how much pride she is filled with.


  • His original design involved each of the seven sins sewn together into a single being, but it was changed for unknown reasons later on.
  • Originally he was known as Synn, but eventually his name was changed to The Keeper, presumably because of his change of design; he is still sometimes refered to as Synn, however.

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