This article refers to The Judge from the Mr. Chilli series. For other uses of the name see "Judge".

The Judge at his stand.

The Judge is a character in Mr. Chilli, he appears as a judge who is dominant maestro in the courtroom.


Although The Judge has to be neutral for the majority of the trial, sometimes he has been known to open up his true feelings after the jury's decision. He always ignores his younger colleagues after and before a trial. But, he claims to have had a 'sad past', which is unknown, but he does seem nicer if you do get to know him better. He has been a judge for over 30 years and he is a dominant force. He acts like he owns whichever room he is in and want to make his presence known.


Mr. Chilli

The Judge is in a lot of Chilli's trials sparking arguments and squabbles in the courtroom, in which The Judge constantly reminds Chilli. The Judge has described Chilli as a 'self-centred numbskull', with Chilli once replying to him as a 'street cred grandfather'!


Mr. Chilli

Judge Judy

These two are always in war on the better judge status, although Judy is favoured, both are of equal stats and it's up to the player who is better, so the weaker one will be more spiteful to the greater one.


  • The Judge's name is completely unknown, but in the trailer, Chilli shouts and points shouting "PARKER"! This could be to The Judge as there relationship is strained.
  • Ironically, although he solves problems, he doesn't want to stop his arguments with Mr. Chilli.
  • He has been Smilexa's leading barrister for 32 years.
  • He is the assistant manager for Team Lios Lions, but when interviewed is ever criticising Chilli and tries to ignore his excellent performances.
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