The Hills Of Oztopatu
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Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan March 27, 2015
25px-Flag of USA March 27, 2015
Flag of European Union March 27, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia March 27, 2015
Mode(s) Single-Player
Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included Media DL icon Digital Download
The Hills of Oztopatu is a puzzle game created for the first Weekly Challenge. The game is being developed by Amuza for the Fandraxo.

The game will be a puzzle-platformer and take inspiration from Monument Valley, with a similar art-style and gameplay where the player is trying to get to the top of a hill but has to pass the obstacles to get to the top where the players daughter was taken.


In The Hills of Oztopatu, players try to make their way up the hills by advancing their way vertically up the screen. Along the way their are many obstacles that the player has to work around and puzzles to solve to continue advancing up the hill.


The sun rose over the hills of Oztopatu, Halais and Autta were in their home at the foot of the hills. Autta was in her room, when she suddenly went on a rampage and when Halais went to check on her, she was being taken away by Vika to the peak of The Hills of Oztopatu.

Halais stands at the foot of the looming hills, looking up to the peak where Autta was waiting at the shrine that lays on top of the hills. Halais begins to make his way up the hills, first scaling Dania where the world is notably more cheerful compared to the rest of the game.

At the top of Dania, Halais encounters Teutuminen whom absorbs the light from the world. Halais manages to defeat Teutuminen, and he disappears into Halais' head.

Halais then begins to scale Angrew, where the terrain turns into a volcanoes with many of them erupting. Halais gains the power of Enrage which allows him to blast through obstacles without feeling pain. He uses this against Kunpa, the creature on top of Anger to defeat him.

The next peak, Barganine, is an area largely surrounded by clouds and majority of levels on clouds as well. This represents Halais' mind being up in the clouds. The boss, Pudota has a god-like appearance and is fought by dropping Pleas, large relics, on his head. At first, Pudota shrugs the Pleas off, and after a while stops Halais and allows him to pass out of free will.

Deprees is an area filled with sorrow, with ghosts rampant in the area and dead trees. Halais is nearing the peak of the Hills, however first he must defeat Hyvak.

Finally Halais is at Assapt and the peak of the Hills of Oztopatu. The world once again becomes cheerful again and is oddly enough easier then Deprees. Halais finally makes it the to peak where Autta is laying down on a large stone tablet, surrounded by flowers and light. Halais shakes Autta until she finally wakes up and they make their way back down the hills with everything oddly being different from the way up and it just being one simple hill.


Name Bio



Halais is the loving father of Autta. He is generally always very busy doing something other then caring for his daughter. He also is a very stereotypical macho man.



Autta is the young girl that was taken away by Vika to peak of the Hills of Oztopatu. She lies there in wait hoping for someone to save her.



Vika is the main antagonist that takes Autta away and puts her at the peak of the Hills of Oztopatu, the hardest place to reach. Vika seemingly appears and disappears and reacts to failure.


  • This was Amuza's entry to the first Weekly Challenge, where entries had to be games created out of blocks.
  • The game has a hidden message of love between a father and daughter and the struggles the father faced after his daughter took her life due to failure and depression.
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