The Haunt of the Grand Pumpking is a short story that takes place after Fantendo - Meltdown. It follows Aran Leverletto and his exploration of the Pumpking's Realm.

Chapter 1: Don't Trust Suspicious Pumpkins

A miniature robotic Unten, named Untini, flies out of the closet with a costume, all set for Halloween. Aran walked up to Untini and sighed.

“What in the world are you supposed to be?

“I’m a chicken!” Untini leaps up happily, his chicken costume rustling as he moves around.

“Well thats nice, but I have to go, just don’t steal my candy and keep the house safe, okay?” Aran puts his arm on the door and then stops.

“And no explosions!” Aran shakes his fist at Untini.

“Awh, you’re no fun” Untini sighs, flying into the couch and laying back.

“Well I’m going.” Aran smirks and closes the door, walking out into the busy city, cars honking and people talking on phones, the usual. Some people were wearing costumes. Aran never felt the need to wear a costume, wasn’t a simple halloween shirt enough? He made his way to the scrapyard, leaping the fence and approaching a pile of metal. As he puts pieces of metal in a bag he hears a slight rustle in the tall grass ahead. He perks up and leaps over the fence, approaching the rustling sound.

“Well, what is this?” Aran picks up a glowing pumpkin medallion, puzzled.

“Why is this h-woah!” The ground seems to open up, consuming Aran. He begins to fall and tries to grab onto anything, something. He stops falling and stands up, he stands in total darkness, looking around.

"What in the hell?" Aran looks up at the beast standing infront of him.

Chapter 2: I See Dead People

Coming Soon.

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