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Developer(s) GreenProductions.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Release Date(s) 2018?
Mode(s) Story
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg

The Guap Squad is a game that's going to be released on the Switch in 2018. It's the first installment in The Guap Squad series. It's being developed by Green Productions.




The Guap Squad

Picture Name Description How to Unlock
Guapster.png Guaptain Guaptain is the main character of the game, being as the team is named after him. He's a very balanced character. His main weapon is a Mini-Laser Gun. He eats a turkey leg and becomes Super Guap as his special move! Default
Bobie!.png Bobtain Bobtain's short name is Bob, but he likes Bobtain better. He is Guaptain's best friend. He has better speed but worse jumping skills. His main weapon is shooting fire balls. He can use an NES to summon a giant pixel version of him to crash down as a special move! Complete Grassy Hills
Joe (The Guap Squad).png Joe Joe is Bob's cousin and a good friend of everyone else in the group. He's from Texas. He has more power, and has less defense. His main weapon is throwing a sheriff star. He can use his pet bull as a special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Ashley (The Guap Squad).png Ashley Ashley is the only girl in the group. Guaptain has had a crush on her since Kindergarten, but no one knows of this yet. She has better defence, but lower power. Her main weapon is throwing electric lipstick. She can use a giant hairdryer to blow and burn the enemies as a special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Tim(The Guap Squad).png Tim Tim loves to pretend he's a DJ. His mom got him a Sound Studio for his 8th birthday, and has loved it since! His main weapon is throwing discs. He has the best jump, but the worst speed. He can use his Sound Studio for his special move. Complete Grassy Hills
Andy.png Andy Andy is the newest member of The Guap Squad. After getting accidently hit falling off a cliff, he was revived by Mr. O, who also turned him evil. After beating the game, he turns good and joins the squad. He has balanced stats. His main weapon is using a mini robot. His special weapon is summoning a big hole that sucks nearby enemies in! Complete the game


Level Picture Name Description How to defeat
Midway Showdown Mr O. Redesign.png Mr. O Mr. O can punch with his arms, uses his rocket feet, and shoots smoke out of his chimney! He's a robot made by an unknown scientist. In order to defeat Mr. O, you have to try to relocate the black smoke (The smoke that follows you) into his mouth so he starts coughing, causing him to fall over. You have to shoot h
All You Can't Eat Buffet BigMouth.png Big Mouth Talk about a chatter box! This big mouth has no table manors! He can spit food at players, try and bite them, stick it's tounge out as a grab, and can burp giant dust clouds! After being hit twice, he can shoot curry! To defeat Big Mouth, when he opens his mouth to try and bite you, you have to take curry, and shoot it into it's mouth! If done correctly, it will burn it's mouth and start to get angry! Repeat this 4 more times to defeat Big Mouth! It's mouth will disintagrate, causing the ashes to blow into the door lock, unlocking the door and goal!


List of The Guap Squad Levels



  • The game was originally going to be called The Bob Squad and Guaptain wasn't going to appear in the game.


The Guap Squad was once drastically different. To see this version of it, click here