The Green Gatling is a launch title for the Gold-Player and the 3rd overall game in the Goldverse. It was released ??/??/?? exclusively on the Gold-Player. 


The city of Manhatten is a city filled with a lot of bad people, ranging from petty crooks to full blows supervillains. Luckily, for every villain out there, a hero rises. And that hero is The Green Gatling, a 13-Year Old boy who has been fighting crime ever since he was 10 with the support of his best friend Drinktank and The Police Department. Throughtout these three years of crime fighting, he's faced many foes, made a few allies, and kicked all of the bad guys butts. These are just some of the many stories Gatling has to tell.





Character Description

The Green Gatling

(Calvin Pond)

"I fight for justice!...And out of boredom too i guess. BUT MOSTLEY JUSTICE!"

Next to nothing is known about Gatling's past, besides that he's an orphan and that his full name is Calvin Pond. At one point, this 13-year old decided to fight crime at the age of 10, and is still fighting crime 3 years later. He's pretty genre-savy and snarky, but overall never gives up and always fights for justice, even after 9:00 PM.


(Teddy Flanders)

"I've stopped being embarrassed by my weakness one I learned Green Lanterns weakness to wood."

Drinktank is Green Gatling's childhood friend and partner in crime. After accidently drinking a chemical that changed up his nerve system, he now gets special powers depending on what juice he drinks until he uses the bathroom. He's smarter then Gatling and is usually the ground control during missions, but can fight himself.

The Commissioner

(Mr. Howard)

"Be careful out there, kiddo. You never know what'll happen next in this crazy city."

The Commissioner is Gatling's friend and one of the few people who know his identity, alongside Drinktank. Thanks to Commissioner, Gatling has gained the support of the Police Department and usually gets his gadgets from them. The Commish is usually mistaken as Gatling's father, and the two get along very well outside missions.


Character Description


(The Deadliest Virus)

"Well done, fleshling. Your skills are admirable. But, alas, they're worthless, just like you."

Tobor was meant to be the next generation of Maleware protection. However, it turned into a sentient virus and took control of an 8-foot robot, then escaped. He's cold, ruthless, and hates humans with a passion, wishing to wipe them all out to create the perfect race. The only bad guys he trusts are Dr. Kranken and Snow Miser.

Dr. Kranken



Dr. Kranken was bullied a lot as a child, and it got worse and worse as he grew up. Eventually he had enough and created a Robot to destroy them all. However, after an accident, his soul ended up inside the robot body. A few modifications later and Kranken is ready for revenge. He's The Gatling's arch-nemisis and ally of Tobor.


(John Badmann)

"So how do ya wanna die, mate? Frozen like a ice cube or fried like fish sticks?"

Dr. Kranken may be Gatling's Arch-Nemisis, but Flamefreeze is his oldest. Crime runs in FF's family, and while he loves his family Flame is always looking for ways to 1-up them. He uses both a flamethrower and a Freeze Ray, and has a jetpack too. He often claims to be Gatling's nemisis, and has a grudge against Dr. Kranken.

Snow Miser


"They call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch! Turns to ice in my clutch! I'm too much!"

It's unknown who exactly this guy's identity was, but at one point a petty thief get experimented on by Kranken and turned into a crazy living Snowman. Forming an obsession with Raskin-Bass films, he based himself on the Snow Miser, often singing the song to announce his arrival. He' one of the few people Tobor trusts.


(Larry L. Larryman)

"I can't BEE-leive you think that you can BEE-t me! I'm un-BEE-table, you know!"

B.Hyv may be Gatling's most sane villain, becoming a villain because of unknown reasons and choosing a Bee theme for also unknown reasons. His best strategy is to annoy the sanity out of enemies with really bad Bee puns. Or just flat out shooting them with his minigun stinger. Even by fellow villains, B.Hyv is considared a weakling.

The Grim Gatling

(Nivlac Dnop)

"Your calling me a clone? I'm clearly the supirior version, has-been! Get lost!"

The Grim Gatling is a Gatling from another universe that was thrown out of it due to being evil. He wound up in the normal Universe and decides to cause chaos here instead. He's the polar opposet of Gatling, being evil and a lover of chaos and insanity. He's 100% sure that he himself is the definitive Gatling, and tries to take out his "lesser Fake".

The Rhythm Thief

(Carol Synth)

"Well? C'mon Greenie, chase me down! Crime's no fun without a nemisis to fight!"

The Thief isn't really a bad person, she just loves to do crime for the thrill of it all. She usually works best while dancing to the beat of a song, and she has headphones filled with songs from the 80's and 90's. She and Gatling only met recently, but Rhythm has already taken interest in the green hero, nicknaming him "Greenie" or "Cutie".

Mistah M.B

(Mike Balingo)

"Hey, who're you, kid? Ah, I get it. Musta been the little punks Girlfriend, huh?"

Mistah M.B is a mob boss who rose to power thanks to killing the competition. Apparently, for a long time, he's been the arch-enemy to The Rhythm Thief, and is constantly robbed by her. Doesn't help that he hates music with a undying passion, only opting to listen to 60's jazz. He's cold, ruthless, and is a hater of Teddy Bears.


Level Name/Goal Description Boss Fight

Issue #0: Learn a thing or two

Goal: Freshen up on your skills

It may not have been a long time since your last adventure, but hey, it doesn't hurt to brush up on your skills, right? Get into your combat gear and learn the basics of how to play the game, like countering, using your gear, and take on some enemies to get yourself ready for some action.


Issue #1: Better Bee-lieve it

Goal: Get back Manhattens Honey

It's only right to start out weak and build it up from there. The pathetic villain "B.Hyv" has stolen all of Manhattan's honey (the scumbag) and is taking it all to his hive. It's up to Gatling to teach this Bee some needed manners. The question remains: how'd he get the tech for this? B.Hyv


Name Description/Use

Grappling Hook

A superheroes best friend if they want to get around fast and sneakily. This can be used for many things: to swing across ledges, pulling in objects, as a long ranged weapon, etc. It's one of the games most used gadget, and one of Gatling's personal favorites and oldest as well.
Smoke Bomb Say you mess up a stealth section of you're being overruned by baddies. No worries: the Smoke Bomb can blind enemies for a short time, allowing you to make your escape. Be careful, though: these things have a cooldown after use. You can't just go willy-nilly with it.
Caltrops These things are usually used to stop cars in there tracks, but it works just as well for crooks as well. Once thrown onto the ground, anyone who steps in it will get damaged by it. You can either throw it onto the enemy or you can lay it onto the floor until someone steps on it.

Boss Battles






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