Goldverse Logo

Goldverse Logo is a connected Universe of games created by Golden-Sans78. Almost every original game he creates will take place in the Goldverse Logo, and each game will have some sort of connection to them.

Games in the Goldverse

Series Name Games in this series
0ryCs88s4Y7q The Green Gatling
  • Green Gatling
  • Green Gatling 2: Return of the Hero
  • Green Gatling 3: A Gatling in Time
Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.23.54 PM Rumble Rush
  • Rumble Rush
  • Rumble Rush: Turbo Edition
0qG15CTCuWCa Detective For Hire
  • DFH Episode 1: Flip of a Coin
  • DFH Episode 2: Partners in Dime
  • DFH Episode 3: Time is Money
  • DFH Episode 4: Crime never Pays
  • DFH Episode 5: Secrets of the Coin
Bx4ZAtnLK7XB Doomsday
7GaD4JodIbHK Adventures of Pliskin
  • The Completely Unneeded Adventures of Pliskin
IPUMiqyEKNII Snow Mans Land
ITuw2Cw5icXT Crisis in the Goldverse
  • Crisis in the Goldverse
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