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The Fool Male
? Unknown
150 lbs
??? years old Unknown
The Fool, the emissary from a shattered reality
BIRTHDAY September 22nd



Unknown Brother
Emissaries of the Stars (creations)
Fatalli (assistant)


Emissaries of the Stars, Fatalli, SA


The Fool is a entity similar to The Fan or The Enemy who was ruler of his own universe and domain. During the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, The Fan and The Enemy requested his help while the heroes were attempting to fight Clockwarx, knowing the universe was doomed. The Fool agreed to help, but by the time he had begun his task, the universe had undergone The Shattering. His body completely mangled by the process, The Fool would later find The New Fantendoverse in an attempt to relocate The Fan and The Enemy. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc).

The Fool had previously owned and operated his own universe, which was destroyed by The Shattering of the original Fantendoverse when his User Crystal was heavily corrupted. The Fool intended to help The Fan and The Enemy bring over pieces and people of their old universe into the new one, as they had figured the chance to save the old universe was over. They had less time than anticipated, which caused The Fool to get badly injured by The Shattering process. He went searching for The Fan and The Enemy for eons after the incident, with no known intent. When he arrived in The New Fantendoverse, he began to set up his own space known as The Foolspace, where he would operate out of to complete his original task that The Fan and The Enemy had originally given him so long ago.


The Fool was very similar to The Fan and The Enemy in his original look, spotting glowing eyes and a simple crescent mouth. His body was jet black and he hosted blade-like hands and feet, with broad shoulders. He wore a teal robe with a black hole symbol on it.

After the Shattering, The Fool was completely disfigured and transformed, with most of his body seemingly melted to expose his blinding white underneath. His mouth especially was deformed, resembling a melted maw. His eyes have a tear motif to them and his scalp was burnt off to show what originally was his metallic skull that has since fused into the melted black flesh. His broad shoulders have since curved upwards, almost wilting off him.


The Fool was not known as The Fool prior to the accident. What his name was originally is currently unknown. Regardless, The Fool was a generally nice and kind person who was willing to help out prior entities. He seemed to be an especially benevolent god alongside his brother, to the point where people didn't pray or feel the need to create religion to him due to how personal he was with his creations, completely entrusting in his actions. In turn, The Fool generally let his creations know when he had to add chaotic events into his universe so that it would remain balanced and stable, which he did so under his brother's watch.

Despite his incredible incident, The Fool has had billions of years to contemplate what had happened to him and his creations, eventually going mad by the process as he traveled from universe in vain to look for what he was told to look for. Finally, he reached some kind of apotheosis of his madness that it actually made him go relatively sane. He became calm and collected, although his mission that The Fan and The Enemy gave him still was at the forefront of his warped mind. He was no longer the person he was, and when he had arrived in the New Fantendoverse, he was completely ignorant of the fact The Fan and The Enemy had been descended.

Taking over some space in the universe for himself, he lives somewhat in seclusion, with his intentions not known by anyone, disappearing in and out of his stargate portal from time to time, leaving his workshop entirely empty.


A benevolent ruler to his universe's creations, The Fool was a incredibly giving person who seemed to operate the perfect universe, even if it was rather small. He ruled this universe alongside his brother. He was willing to help The Fan and The Enemy in collecting what they considered "Approved" items and objects from their universe to bring into the new one. While scouring for these "Approved" items and objects, The Fool got himself right into the Shattering's devastating effects on the Fantendoverse, a devastating white, blinding explosion that completely disfigured him and sent him into a state of shock for about 100 years.

During his time searching, he went completely mad. He was destructive and built new, terrifying entities that invaded other universes. He also met with SA, a Herald that adopted his new-formed ideology of looking for "Approved" objects and people. Eventually he he reached some kind of apotheosis of his madness that it actually made him go relatively sane before finally reaching the New Fantendoverse.

The Fool is a product of The Fan and The Enemy's mistake to send someone to try and collect the past from a shattering universe. The Fool was a good person that was warped by them attempting to gather what was left over, and continues to try and accomplish this despite it being a billion+ years too late.

Canon Appearances

Pink Lemonade

The Fool appears late in the episode Connector, making his debut in the New Fantendoverse as a whole. Xerra slams into his workshop during her dream state and he introduces himself to her. He shows bitter feelings towards the Fan and the Enemy, but continues to stay on task. He transforms Xerra's axe and wakes her up by stabbing her in the chest. He showcases similar abilities to Tennu in this appearance in that he can appear in the dreamscape and be unaffected by the person dreaming in it, as well as effect the person dreaming in it. Additionally, he states that he plans to bring Ella Metals to the New Fantendoverse despite the existence of Sakeena Kamel.

Afterwards, Xerra wakes up and is unable to go back to sleep, speculating that the Fool has killed her dreaming/unconscious self.

Non-Canon Appearances

Beorn Battle Royal

The Fool appears as part of this game's story, being sent by The Enemy to kill all the Beorns. Instead, because The Fool is "weird", he sends them to the NightRift Realm and makes them battle each other until there is no Beorns left. The story notes seems to disapprove of his plan, although this somewhat falls in line with his mission to preserve characters; additionally he seems to still be carrying out the plan the Enemy sent him out to do, just in a strange way that would not involve him personally killing the Beorns.

Powers and Abilities

The Fool is a standard god character, able to create and destroy most things at a whim. When in universes with other gods, his powers become restricted to being only able to destroy things he creates, but he can create basically anything so long as he has the god-formula for it. The Fool has access to his own User Crystal, which logs his creations and feats as well as can be used to inflict the Foolishness status onto any creation for a limited time, which can be cancelled out with another User Crystal status effect.

Additionally, The Fool demonstrates a corrupting touch effect when he handles Xerra's axe in Pink Lemonade, as well as the ability to visit dreams under his own power, as well as the seeming ability to separate the dreaming self from the conscious self when he stabs Xerra in her dream at the end of Connector.


The Fan and The Enemy

The Fool has a warped sense of duty to them since he never completed his mission. It's clear he does not respect them considering what they've done to him, but he isn't really eager to kill either of them, especially since he seems blind to the fact they are no longer gods.


  • The Fool is named after the Moderat song The Fool from their album III. It's also a reference to how he was transformed god into relative fool by The Fan and The Enemy's mission.
  • His goal of collecting "approved" objects and people is based off the original intention of the Sysop Approval concept, which was to mark pages that were to be ported over to the new version of the wiki should there ever be a move. There has never been a move, so this original idea was abandoned for it.