Request8-The Final Five Nights

The Final Five Nights is an upcoming 2016 horror game, and a "closure game" for the Five Nights at Freddy's games. This is actually a fan-made game, but is often referred to as the fifth installment of the official FNAF games. Taking place 5 years after the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, it follows the opening of yet another new restaurant (Freddy and Friends' Arcade), and the player must sit in an office, using different gimmicks to fend off killer animatronics.


Welcome to Freddy and Friends' Arcade, a restaurant and paradise for kids and adults alike!

It's been nearly 35 years since Freddy Fazbear and friends have hit the stage, but now (with the help of our sponsor, Purple Eye Corporation) the animatronics are back to perform, with an all new restaurant! Watch as Freddy, with the help of friends Bonnie and Chica, perform some old and new tunes! All the while, you can order food, play arcade games with the help of our Token Booth operator, Balloon Girl, explore the new Pirate's Cove with Foxy the Pirate, and even experience a new music-playing duo, The Twins!

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death, disembodiment, or any head injuries that may occur.


As with every other installment, there are several gameplay gimmicks to use in the game, and must be used strategically. If you want to survive the nights at the arcade, you basically have to use these objects. These objects consist of a Monitor, a Flashlight, a Freddy Mask, an Airhorn, and the Force Lever. For Night 5 and onwards, you have the Arcade Buttons.

The Monitor functions how it did in the first three games, but takes on more similarities to the second one. Using the monitor, you can view cameras to see where the animatronics are. New to this game, in some cameras you can close and lock some doors so most of the animatronics can't get through. The cameras do not use power.

The Flashlight also functions how it does in the second game. You can use the flashlight to light up the the two hallways in front of you, as well as the vents. Not only that, but your cameras are rigged to be able to use the flashlight to light up rooms. Some animatronics even are driven away from repeated flashlight flashes. However, there are five bars of battery life for your flashlight, so be careful how you use it.

The Freddy Mask also returns from the 2nd game, but with a catch. You can use this old Freddy Mask to cover your face, so, if an animatronic come into your office, they will pass by you, thinking you are just a plain old mask. However, what makes the Mask harder to use is the fact that a "Toxicity Bar" pops up in your top left corner. This bar fills up the longer you wear the mask, and decreases the longer you go without it. If the bar reaches the maximum, then you cannot move your character for a certain amount of time, leaving you completely vulnerable to any animatronic attacks, so use it wisely!

The Airhorn, you can say, is some sort of last resort object, but can also drive away more dangerous animatronics. Using it will blast a loud noise, which drives away most animatronics (with a few exceptions). This can also be used to drive away specific animatronics, as it is their only weakness. HOWEVER: the Airhorn has a limit to 7 uses, meaning if you run out, you better cross your fingers that you don't run into something dangerous.

That's not to forget the Lever. This is quite an odd object, and the hardest to use. The Lever basically controls the box where The Twins are. When they start to struggle against the box, the lever slowly starts to move towards the right, which opens the box. You must rewind the lever so they don't get out. If they do get out, then they'll be unstoppable and you'll die shortly after, so keep the lever in check.

In Night 5, Mrs. Smith installs something in the office called the Arcade Buttons. This button allows you to turn on the arcade machines in one of the three Arcade rooms. The noise often scares off some animatronics, but lures others. This can be used to lure some tronics away from your room, like Mishmash.


This is a list of the entire map of Freddy and Friends' Arcade. If someone can make a picture, it would be greatly appreciated (once the thing is done, I mean).

CAM # Room Name Description Starting Animatronics
N/A Office This is your office! Filled with mementos of the past, a fan (for good measure), a phone for your mentor to leave messages, and a few other helpful stuff, like a flashlight, Airhorn, Freddy Mask, and the Lever. There are two large hallways here that go from left and right, as well as the vents. N/A
CAM 1 Entrance Pretty self-explanatory, as it's the entrance to the restaurant. The front door of the restaurant is locked during the night so animatronics can't get out. Normally, there isn't too much to see here. ???
CAM 2 Show Stage The stage where Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica perform. They start out here, and you know you have to start being careful when one of them leaves. Other then that, there isn't too much here. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica
CAM 3 Audience Tables Of course, the kids have to sit somewhere to watch Freddy perform! There are several seats and tables here to accommodate eating and watching. When the show stage animatronics leave the stage, they usually start by ending up here. N/A
CAM 4 Arcade Room 1 Since this place, in fact, IS an arcade, there are three arcade rooms, and this is the first of the three. You can spot a couple of references to old-timey arcade games here, and is also where The Mangle can be found in a display case. The Mangle
CAM 5 Arcade Room 2 This is the second, and largest, arcade room here. Not only is it filled with games galore, but this is also where you can find the Token Booth. The Token Booth is home to our favorite token and ticket exchanger, the Balloon Girl (also known as JJ). JJ
CAM 6 Arcade Room 3 The final arcade room isn't completely known for the arcade games in here, but for the display cases of the past. Here, they put some old versions of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica—all withered and even slightly burned—on display. Though it scares the little kids, it's still a fun memory. Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica
CAM 7 Backstage If kids choose to take a tour with a Fazbear employee, they can venture backstage and see what's behind those curtains, which include some "preparation rooms"; sadly, we can't see inside them, so if anything's in there—well, good luck. N/A
CAM 8 Dining Room 1 This dining area (to the left of the entrance area) is where families can peacefully sit down and eat. No animatronics start here, but many pass through. That's not to forget the entrance to the left vent is here, so animatronics can crawl in. N/A
CAM 9 Dining Room 2 This dining area (to the right of the entrance area) is where families can peacefully enjoy their food. No animatronics start here, but many pass through to get to your office. There's also the entrance to the right vent, so keep an eye on that. N/A
CAM 10 Pirate's Cove Behold, the brand-new Pirate's Cove! Here, the kids can go visit Foxy the Pirate, as he recalls his tales of the sea. Foxy isn't alone, either; a parrot is perched on his shoulder, made to be some sort of cheesy comic relief for the little ones. Foxy, The Parrot
CAM 11 Hallway L This is the left hallway that leads to the office. No animatronics start here, but there's a good chance one may pass through. N/A
CAM 12 Hallway R This is the right hallway that leads to the office. No animatronics start here, but there's a decent chance one may pass through. N/A
CAM 13 Gift Shop This is the gift shop, where kids can use their hard-earned tickets to buy gimmicky toys for themselves. The vendor, BB, is a good seller, and even gives out a free balloon if it's a child's birthday. BB
CAM 14 Duo's Stage Right near the Pirate's Cove, there is a small stage where, in a metal box, you can find the two masters of harmony and duets, The Twins! They perform for kids not interested in Freddy and the others, and they happen to be quite good. The Twins
CAM 15 Ceiling Vent Where is this ceiling vent entrance anyways? But this is the vent area for the ceiling vent. Not too many animatronics come in here, but be careful anyways. N/A
CAM 16 Left Vent This left vent leads straight to the office! How rude! Be sure to close the other side so animatronics in here can't get into your office. N/A
CAM 17 Right Vent This right vent leads straight to the office! How rude! Be sure to close the other side so animatronics in here can't get into your office. N/A
CAM 18 Storage Room This is a storage room for all of the scrapped animatronics, just in case we need them. Keep an eye on those scrapped ones, by the way. Mishmash, Friendoskeleton, Popped BB
CAM 19 Safe Room This safe room is rarely ever accessed by employees; however, there is a dark secret, hidden for yesrs and years, that this room contains... Stringpull
CAM 20 Basement This is the basement—or at least it should be. The camera's not working for some reason, so ignore it until we fix it. ???


There is planned to be 20 animatronics in the game as a whole. 12 of them were announced in the trailer.

Name Activation Night Description Start Location Jumpscare Weakness Other Notes
Freddy Fazbear Night 3 Freddy looks a lot like his iteration in the first title, with a few changes. For one thing, he has an overall cleaner look—his suit is rather clean, his hat is a shiny black, and he now has a dark brown button on his chest. His top hat now has a crimson stripe in the middle. There is also a hint of blush in his cheeks. There is a small tear in the back of his right leg, however, showing a small amount of endoskeleton, and a small device in his endoskeleton leg. Freddy is as unpredictable as he was previously, and he goes to either hallway to attack. The Mask can trick him, however, Show Stage Freddy grasps the players shoulders and shakes them, screaming at the player in the face. Notably, his eyes become much more realistic, even bloodshot. Mask Attacks from either hallway. Will become more aggressive if chased off by the Airhorn. Warded off by Arcade.
Bonnie Night 1 Like Freddy, Bonnie takes on a much more similar look to his FNAF1 iteration, with a few notable differences. Bonnie's bow tie is now polka dotted, with a red background and white spots. Bonnie also is much more bluish then he first appeared. He looks much cleaner overall, and even has a bit of blush in his cheeks. Bonnie is one of the first animatronics you'll encounter in the game, and is definitely not the biggest threat. He'll attack from the Right Hallway. Show Stage Bonnie gets up from the bottom of the scream and gnashs his teeth, screaming at the player before the screen cuts to static. Mask Appears in the Right Hallway. Aggressiveness is not affected by Airhorn. Attracted to arcade.
Chica Night 1 Chica takes on a slight redesign in this game. While her base form is strikingly similar to her FNAF1 design, she now has some eyelashes, as well as a more noticeable tail, and even blush on her cheeks. She looks much cleaner overall, and, as usual, she carries the Cupcake with her. She is slightly less aggressive then Bonnie, but still can be dangerous. She attacks from the Left Hallway. Show Stage Chica screams in the player's face, with her beak showing razor-sharp teeth. The Cupcake has a chance of appearing with her in the Jumpscare. Mask Appears in Left Hallway. Aggressiveness is not affected by Airhorn. Warded away by Arcade.
Foxy the Pirate Night 2 Foxy takes on a major redesign now that he's back in business. Not only does he look much more fixed and clean, but he now dons a pirate's hat and peg leg, as well as a vest a Pirate would wear. He no longer has a hook for a hand, however. He moves quickly when he leaves the Cove, but when he reaches the hallways, it isn't too hard to deal with him, as his previous aversion to the lights hasn't left yet. Pirate's Cove Foxy charges from the hallway, and makes chomping motions at the player. If the parrot is on its perch before Foxy attacks, it will be on his shoulder. Flashlight Appears in either hallway. Aggressiveness is not affected by Airhorn. Warded away by Arcade. Attacks cameras to disable them for an hour sometimes.
The Parrot Night 3 The Parrot is made as an accompanying partner for Foxy, but is actually quite aggressive. The Parrot is a small green parrot with a yellow beak and blue feet, and is usually perched on Foxy's shoulder. However, when it leaves, it flies around the restaurant at different places, squawking. Sometimes, it's squawking will cause other animatronics to activate earlier then they should, so be careful. If you want it to flee the room it is in, to ward it away from an animatronic's position, you must stare at it in your camera long enough before it goes back to its perch. Occasionally, it will fly right to your room and steal either your mask or flashlight, but will return with it in 10 seconds. Pirate's Cove N/A Stare at it in the camera for long enough Does not have a jumpscare and does not directly attack the player. Is not affected by the Airhorn. Can also be sent back to perch if in the Arcade Rooms and Arcade machines turn on.
Toy Freddy Night 3 This old version of Freddy is extremely withered by time and weathering by now. It's left eye is missing, the hat is destroyed, it's right leg is gone, and there's a large hole in its chest. It attacks from the center hallway (like he used to). He holds a withered microphone. It seems he made sure not to fall for the mask trick this time, but his eyes are weak, meaning the flashlight works on him. Arcade Room 3 Toy Freddy screams in the player's face, his head making spastic motions. Flashlight Becomes more aggressive due to Airhorn. Warded away by Arcade.
Toy Bonnie Night 3 This extremely withered version of Bonnie was used back in the 80s, but has come back from revenge. Possibly its motive to kill is the loss of his face; his face was taken off in an old-Bonnie-esque style. His right ear and arms are gone, too. It attacks from the vents (jerk) and will enter your room from there. However, the mask will drive him away. Arcade Room 3 Toy Bonnie will pop up from the ground, and the hole in his face shows two visible red lights in them. Mask Aggressiveness raises if warded away due to Airhorn. Is attracted to Arcade.
Toy Chica Night 3 This withered (and slightly suggestive) version of Chica has gone through severe weathering over a period of time. Her beak is torn in many places, her eyes are gone, and she is missing a leg. Like Toy Bonnie, she attacks from the vents (r00d) and will enter your office from there; thankfully, she'll leave if you have the mask. Arcade Room 3 Toy Chica will pop up from the floor, the holes in her eyes glowing blue. Mask Aggressiveness raises if warded away by Airhorn. Is warded away by Arcade.
The Mangle Night 3 The Mangle is actually the least withered out of the Toy counterparts that were used so long ago—which is ironic, considering her place thirtyfive years ago. The Mangle is a counterpart to Foxy, but was extremely broken in many places. However, it didn't seem to change much from the 80s, other than being burnt. It attacks from any of the three vents, most often the Center one. However, the light and the mask won't trick it; rather you must not move when it enters your office. It'll leave quickly afterwards. Arcade Room 1 Mangle drops from the ceiling, and moves forward quickly to bite your head. Don't move when it enters your office. TBA
BB Night 2 BB (short for Balloon Boy) is a humanoid animatronic that works at the Gift Shop. He takes on the appearance of a short, plump boy with a bow tie, striped shirt, a rather silly hat, and a metallic balloon, accompanied with a sign that read "Balloons!". While he seems harmless, he can actually be quite malevolent. While he cannot end your game directly, him getting into your office will lead to him taking your flashlight batteries, meaning you are defenseless against animatronics like Foxy who are warded away directly by the flashlight. Gift Shop N/A Flashlight Is not scared of Airhorn. Lured by Arcade.
JJ Night 2 JJ (we don't know what that stands for) is basically a female version of Balloon Boy, except she works as a ticket vendor in Arcade Room 2. She looks similar to BB, though she takes on feminine features, and a purple/green color scheme as opposed to red/blue. She is just as evil as BB, however. If she reaches your room, she pretty much hacks into the office mechanisms, meaning not only is your fan gone, but the Lever and Arcade Buttons are now rendered useless. Good luck surviving the wrath of the Twins now, punk. Arcade Room 2 N/A Mask Is not scared of Airhorn. Lured by Arcade.
Popped BB Night 4 This demonic-looking version of BB was supposedly used long ago, but is so distorted and withered that it is barely recognizable, and was put away to storage, being replaced by a new BB design. Only half of the hat is on his head, the metallic balloon has a whole in it, his fingers resemble balloon-popping needles, the sign is burned, and his face has tears, revealing endoskeleton. Popped BB moves in a very spastic pattern, and can enter the room via the Ceiling Vent. When he enters the room, you can evade him by putting the monitor up to view it, ignoring him (because he loved attention back in the day!). He speaks in a garbled child's voice. Storage Room A balloon suddenly floats up and it pops in midair, as Popped BB lunges at the player with his needles. Put up the camera when it comes into your room, until it leaves. Becomes more aggressive if warded away with Airhorn. Lured by Arcade.
The Twins Night 1 The Twins (aka the Inseperable Duo) are two little animatronics that resemble small little sprites, and start on the Duo's Stage. Despite its size, however, these little guys are the biggest threat to the night guard on the first week. They are trapped in a box normally, but they tend to often struggle against it, and, if they escape, you are dead. Thankfully, holding the force of the Lever will keep the box shut, meaning you'll be safe if your strong enough. Duo's Stage The Twins fly forward towards you, with blacked out eyes and noticeably bloody teeth. When they try to escape, hold the force of the Lever against it. They are not affected by the Airhorn at all, as they can't be warded away by it. Cannot be shut off by Friendoskeleton.
Mishmash Night 5 Mishmash is a particularly scary, yet mysterious animatronic that starts in the Storage Room. He is made of what appears to be a blank endoskeleton, and various skin parts of other animatronics; in particular, it appears to be made out of a hybrid of suit skin, made from old versions of several animatronics; particularly Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and what appears to be Golden Freddy. Mishmash can't be tricked with the flashlight or mask, meaning he's unstoppable, right? Wrong. With the installation of the Arcade Buttons you can lure Mishmash to the Arcade rooms and keep him around there so he doesn't reach your office. Storage Room Mishmash pops up from the floor, swinging its giant arm at the player's face. Notably, two pincers come out of Mishmash's back, almost like blades. Arcade Cannot be warded away with Airhorn. Is largely attracted to Arcade. Cannot be shut off by Friendoskeleton.
Friendoskeleton Night 4 An endoskeleton that can move on its own and is seemingly friendly to humans, dubbed the Friendoskeleton by workers. During the day, it actually works in the kitchen with the employees. At night, it takes on the role of an ally to the night guard. Here, if you allow it to reach your office, it will befriend you for the night, and will go out. Afterwards, if it meets another animatronic, it will attempt to shut it off using its software. If it succeeds, the animatronic will be unactive for the next two hours. However, if Friendoskeleton fails, he will be dismantled and cannot be used for the rest of the night. Storage Room N/A Can be dismantled by an aggressive animatronic if it isn't careful. Does not attack the player.
Stringpull Night 5 An extremely broken version of the Puppet, withered away by time and damage. It's entire body is charred, the mask is slightly broken, forming a much sharper smile, the red rosy cheeks are now black, and it's body is broken in various other places. However, it now has much longer arms and legs, almost resembling Nightmarionne. Stringpull attacks very spastically, and comes through the Ceiling Vent. When it comes into your room, he acts like Mangle where he will only leave if you don't move. However, not only does Stringpull stay in your room for much longer than Mangle, but using the Airhorn when he is 2 cameras away or less, he will immediately know where you are and will be unstoppable. Also, most of the animatronics will follow him when he activates (save for a few, which include Mishmash, Friendoskeleton, ????, ?????, and The Twins). Safe Room Stringpull screams at the player, standing tall in front of the player while its mask falls off, revealing a frighteningly-charred endoskeleton face. Dont move when it's in your office, unbeatable if attracted by Airhorn Ignores Arcade noises, cannot be shut off by Friendoskeleton, and is attracted to the office through the Airhorn. Breaks cameras to disable for two hours occasionally.
Golden Freddy Night 6 An out-of-commission suit of Freddy, colored a bright yellow. It's eye sockets are empty, it appears to be slumped, it's missing an arm, it's mouth is hanging open, and it's top hat is toppled beside it. Golden Freddy has no real starting point or pattern, but rather enters your office at random times, staring at you. He will jumpscare you unless you immediately put on your mask the second you put down the camera. His face can also appear in either hallway, where you must, in that case, hold the flashlight on its face for exactly five seconds or else he'll cause a game over. N/A Golden Freddy's suit floats upwards and flies at the player, in an embracing movement. Mask/Flashlight Doesnt appear on cameras, isn't affected by Airhorn.

Nights and Phone Calls

This game's "Phone Guy" is actually a "Phone Girl' this time around. This "Phone Girl" acts as your mentor while you work the shift. Her name is confirmed to be Katherine Smith.

Week 1

Of course, the game starts at Week 1, where you begin your time at Freddy's.

Day 1

<phone rings and beeps>"You have one new message." <phone beeps>

"Hello? Are you getting this? U-um, *ahem*, "Welcome to Freddy and Friends' Arcade, where dreams come to life and fun is our number one. You have recieved a job as a night guard for the next week or so, and this is where you practice your new job. The job is quite simple; make sure no robbers come in, and keep a close eye on the animatronics. That's all you really have to know. Freddy and Friends' Arcade is dedicated to blah blah blah, this stuff is pointless, those things can kill you...""

"H-huh?! Oh, heh, you weren't supposed to h-hear that. Uh, my name is Katherine Smith, a current day shift employee at Freddy's Arcade, and, uh, I'm working as a mentor for you as you have become the new night guard. Heh, seems like only yesterday I was working in your spot. Y'know, I've always loved Freddy's. I opened when I was a kid, and it's been a part of my childhood. Shame this place has a...well, a "reputation"."

"Sooo, yeah, you may have heard the fact that I said the animatronics are...well, kind of dangerous. Here's the thing...the animatronics tend to, uh, wander around at night. I don't blame them, I mean, they can't really do that during the day. Not after "The Bite". And, yeah, they can be a bit dangerous. Basically, if any animatronic reaches your office, they will n-not hesitate to attack. They think that you are an endoskeleton, and forcefully stuff you into a Freddy Fazbear suit. If the force doesn't kill you, the wires will. So, how does one m-make sure nothing unwanted enters your office?"

"W-well, for one, we gave you a flashlight. After all, the darkness isn't very helpful during the night shift, now isn't it? You may also have noticed that mask in your office, and it isn't for decoration. It's an old Freddy Fazbear mask, which we dug up a long while back at the abandoned sister location we had. Basically, sometimes, if an animatronics wanders in or around the office, you should put the mask on. There's, uh, a downside to that, though. See, it's been there for so long, that sometimes it ends up being a bit, that means you can't keep it on for too long, or it'll be dangerous to your, uh, mental health. There's also an Airhorn, which isn't one of those meme-savvy instruments. It's a tool used to chase animatronics away as a last resort. See, the animatronics were mostly built with endoskeletons and speakers that are sensitive to sound, meaning you can use a loud noise to chase them away. However, most of them get angry when they realize they were chased away by a loud noise, so they may become more aggressive. Not to mention that Airhorn is the cheap kind with limited uses. Only 7 uses! So, be sure to use it wisely. Bonnie and Chica can be dealt with by your mask, by the way, so that should be helpful. Other then that, you don't have too much to deal with tonight."

"There's one more thing I want to mention, however. You know the twins? The ones in the metal box on that other stage? Heh, I always thought they were a cute addition, and they are fun to watch. But, may want to be careful. Put simply, DO NOT LET THEM OUT OF THEIR BOX. Nothing will stop them from going to your office if they get out. How do you keep them out, you say? Well, you see that lever over by the fan? Well, when they start to struggle against the top of the box, push it to the left with all your might. If it ends on the right, then you may as well kill yourself right then. Because you are DEAD."

"But, uh, don't worry. I spent a week here and I came out just fine! So, uh, yeah, g-good luck. And make sure you keep your eye on The Twins, as well as Bonnie and Chica. I doubt Freddy will be out anytime soon, though. Anyways, g'night." <phone beeps>

Right after the phone call ends, Bonnie leaves his spot on the Show Stage, shortly followed by Chica. The Twins begin to stir in the box, and start to struggle at around 3:00. There is a chance you hear a small low bang in the left wall of the Entrance Hall.

This night is pretty easy for beginners. Keep an eye on The Twins, and be sure to use the mask everytime Bonnie or Chica reach your office.

Day 2

<phone rings and beeps>"You have one new message."<phone beeps>

"H-hey! Well, look at you, you made it! Heh, I knew you could do it. I hope The Twins weren't too hard to deal with. They can be pretty rambunctious, y'know. Just make sure they stay in that box, for now."

"Anyways, since it's the second day, I'm gonna go ahead and warn you about Foxy. I'm sure you know about him by now, h-he's at Pirate's Cove with that goofy looking parrot. He usually starts walking around right now, looking for someone to a-adventure with. But he's a dangerous guy. You may want to know that using the mask...doesn't exactly work. However, if he appears in your hallway, than simply rapidly flash your light. It sounds odd, I know, but it works. He's always been weak to light, I suppose, heh. O-oh, and don't worry about the Parrot. He usually stays on his perch like a g-good bird."

"I also have to mention those two humanoid animatronics. Y'know, BB and JJ? BB's at the Gift Shop, and he doesn't do that much other than sell gifts there like any worker would do. If he leaves his area, though, flash your light at him. You may want to make sure he doesn't actually get in the room, or else he'll actually steal your flashlight batteries. Don't even ask me how he does it, it just...happens, really. As for JJ, she's in the Arcade Room with the Ticket Vendor. She won't kill you, but if she gets into your room, throw your mask on. If you don't, good luck surviving. She completely hacks into your interface, meaning pretty much everything electricial will go down. Cameras, lever, fan, you name it."

"That's really all you have to know for tonight. Just keep an eye on the Twins for me, okay? They seem to be more aggressive then they usually are. Alright, g-good luck."</phone beeps>

At 1:00, Foxy activates. At 3:00, BB and JJ will leave one after the other. Going to the Entrance Hall and listening closely will reveal a soft cry, similar to a child's.

This night isn't as easy as the first, but still relatively easy. Make sure you keep an eye on Foxy, check on The Twins often, and always check the hallways when BB and JJ leave.

Day 3

<phone rings and beeps>"You have one new message."<phone beeps>

"H-hey, dude, I see you survived the second night. G-great job! Knew you could do it, once more."

"Soooo, I assume y-you've seen those older models of Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy in the Arcade Rooms. Yeah, they weren't active when I was here, but, w-well, I heard they sometimes manage to get out of their cases and wander themselves, which makes me a b-bit worried, y'know? Heh, I hope you can handle them. The Toys, they called them. Toy Freddy is actually pretty smart, and he isn't fooled by the mask, but his eyes...well, one of them are gone and the other is weak, so flash your light when you can. As for Bonnie...well, he's kind of...missing his face, so the flashlight doesn't work, but he seems to take some traits from his current counterpart, meaning he'll be fooled by the mask. Same goes for Toy Chica and her...suggestive design. And then there's The Mang-I mean, Toy Foxy. Whoops, heh, sorry. Workers back then called the thing 'the Mangle' because of how broken it was. It isn't fooled by the Mask OR the Flashlight, though. If he does actually get in your office, though...try playing dead. No, I'm actually serious, h-heh. He'll ignore you if you don't move an inch. He'll know right away if you do move, though. Just keep an eye on the ceiling vent, that's where he comes from."

"There's also that god damn parrot. He's not just a simple prop for Foxy to use, he's also a major threat to you. See, after Foxy activates, the Parrot wakes up, and flies around and such. His squawking will cause animatronics to activate earlier, and animatronics will follow the bird. Y-yeah, he's really annoying, almost worse then BB and JJ. If you want it to leave, than just...stare at it for a while in the cameras. Yeah, sounds stupid, but the bird gets uneasy if he's watched, and will go back to its perch for a while. Just...don't let that thing in the office. He has a tendency of stealing your flashlight...or even your mask, really. That's really it for tonight. Keep the Parrot away, make sure the Toys don't mess with you, and keep a damn good eye on the Twins, they g-get more aggressive as the week goes on."

"Oh, b-by the way, you know that Storage Room? The one with the inactive animatronics that were scrapped? Yeah, k-keep a good eye on that room, that room is filled with unpredictable animatronics that you really shouldn't ignore. They don't usually activate tonight, but y-you never know, y'know?"

"A-anyways, keep an eye on the Toys and the Storage Room, look out for the parrot, and just make sure you d-don't...well, you know, die. Anyways, I heard your working the day shift tomorrow, so I'll be able to see you in person! That's pretty cool, being able to see you tomorrow. Sooo, yeahhh, see you tomorrow. G'night."

Toy Freddy and Freddy activate at the same time at 2:00, with a hallucination. Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and The Mangle activate at 3:00, and the Parrot activates at 3:30. There appears to be some sawdust leaking from a small wall that's being slammed in the Entrance Hall.

This night begins to test your abilities to survive. Use the flashlight to ward off unwanted attention from Foxy, make time to lead the Parrot away when you can, and always keep a close watch for the Twins.

Day 4

<phone rings and beeps>You have one new message.<phone beeps>

"H-hey! So, I hope you enjoyed being on the day shift, it's a much better change of pace. B-but, sorry I didn't warn you about F-Freddy. Big guy was only active on Day 4 for me, but I suppose different guards mean different movement, r-right? Anyways, if you survived last time, you'll know he's weak to the mask. H-he's a lot more unpredictable than his friends, though."

"A-anyways, you know how I mentioned the S-Storage Room, and the three animatronics in there? may notice that they'll be active tonight. The three animatronics in there are Mishmash, Friendoskeleton, and an older version of BB. That old BB is much more dangerous than the current versions. He can attack from the Ceiling Vent, and he's really unpredictable. If he ends up in your room, put up your camera and ignore it. This version of BB was really, really into getting attention back in the day, so ignoring him will make him leave, just like that."

"There's also Friendoskeleton, but you don't have to worry about him killing you. On the contrary, he'll help you if he reaches your office. See, when he reaches your office, he'll temporarily become an ally for you that night. Once he becomes an ally, he'll go out to try and meet an animatronic. If he does, he'll try and dismantle it. There's a good chance he'll succeed, and if he does, that animatronic he fights will be dismantled for the next two hours. If he fails, though, he'll break and cannot be used for the rest of the night, which sucks. But keep him around the office when you can."

"Also, I w-wanted to mention that the animatronics have been acting more aggressive recently. I can't exactly explain it, but The Twins especially have been really pulling out all the stops. They've become more aggressive during the day, too; like F-Foxy scared a child when he started spazzing out a little bit, which is scary. B-But I'm sure you can survive the night, you've lasted t-this long, right?"

"Anyways, I've been working on installing a mechanism in your office that'll be finished by tomorrow, so you'll be able to use it if you need to. Also, Y'know the company that builds the animatronics? Purple Eye? Yeah, they just sent in a new animatronic today. We're keeping it in the Basement for now, but the camera is on the fritz still. We made sure it'd stay off for tonight. Anyways...yeah, good luck dealing with everyone tonight. Just make sure Friendoskeleton stays near your office, you hear? G'night."

Popped BB activates at 2:00, and Friendoskeleton at 2:30. Mishmash starts twitching. The slamming in the wall in the Entrance Hall becomes more apparent.

This night is a sign that the game is slowly becoming harder. Keep Friendoskeleton around where you need him, know what to do when an animatronic enters your room, keep The Parrot from getting as far as two cameras away, and make sure The Twins don't escape.

Day 5

<phone rings>Incoming call from Katherine Smith<phone rings again><phone beeps>

"H-hey! Figured I'd give you an actual call for tonight since it's the end of your first week, which is g-great! Anyways, I saw you are working all of next week, too, so I'll probably call you then as well. I doubt I'll have any advice for you, but it's a nice treasure to talk to someone sane for once."

"Anyways, you may have noticed I didn't bring up that weird hybrid animatronic in the storage room yesterday? He's active tonight, workers call him Mishmash. He's kinda scary, considering he was made from old parts of Freddy's Band that were used sometime in the 90s. He's the smartest animatronic at the restaurant, y'know. Ignores flashlight, the mask, the Airhorn, you know it. So, how do you deal with him? Well, I ended up using a taser to deal with him when I was here, but you, obviously, don't have one, heh heh. So, I worked on installing a mechanism in your office, it's right below the Lever for The Twins. These three buttons activate the arcade machines in the three Arcade Rooms. Mishmash will be by the noise, and you'll keep him away. However, the machines will turn off after a little bit, and will need a few seconds to recharge, meaning you need to use the other buttons in the rooms to keep him in there. As long as you keep him there, you'll be safe."

"Anyways, I don't have too much else to say, but there seems to be some...uh, bad news. You know that animatronic that Purple Eye brought to the Basement? To use for the restaurant? It's gone. The workers who were transferring it there claimed it was there when the company left, so it may have walked away from its spot. But we kept the door locked just in case, so even if it is active it won't end up in the restaurant. Still, it's scary to think about what will happen if it does get out..."

"H-huh? Oh, sorry, I kind of drifted away for a bit. Anyways, to balance out that news, I finally fixed that camera that we didn't know was for! It appears to be some kind of safe room, but the workers claim they don't use it. I haven't seen it yet, so I'll turn it right on for yo-"

<at this moment, CAM19 turns on>

"H-h-h-h-what? U-u-uh, that's o-o-odd, what's that box doing there? Come see for yourself."

<when you look at the camera, you see what appears to be a gift box. Stringpull then emerges, and slices the camera, turning it off. Smith screams>

"A-a-are you still there?! Oh g-god, w-w-what was t-that?! L-look, I remember t-that thing from an o-old loc-location wh-when the place sh-shut down, b-but it w-wasn't shutting o-off! Li-li-listen. If it c-comes to y-y-your o-o-office, DO NOT MOVE. D-don't use the A-Airhorn if i-it's near, or it'll find you and rip you to shreds! I-I-I-I have to g-go. B-but when 6:00 comes, RUN. DO NOT LET IT HEAR YOU."<phone hangs up>

At the end of the phone call, all of the animatronics (save for Mishmash, Friendoskeleton, and Popped BB) will activate. Mishmash activates at 1:00, and Friendoskeleton shortly after. There appears to be a distant loud scream if you listen closely in the Entrance Hall.

This night is known to be very difficult, especially for those who aren't accustomed to the Arcade mechanisms. Don't use the Airhorn unless Stringpull is far from the office, keep Mishmash in the Arcade Rooms, make sure The Twins don't even come close to escape, and make sure Stringpull doesn't see you move.

At the end of the night, you receive a pay check for $570. The name of the worker is blocked by a newspaper stating the mysterious disappearance of a man-made animatronic build for Freddy's, and how people of the town should keep an eye out for the animatronic, describing it as a "humanoid, purple animatronic wearing an indigo outfit". The date is shown to be July 18, 2022.

Week 2

Week 2 is when the game really starts to test you. There are few animatronics that are introduced this week.

Day 6

<phone rings>"Incoming call from Katherine Smith."<phone rings and beeps>

"Hello? H-hey...look, I-I'm sorry I bailed on you the other night. I completely freaked the hell out, you k-know? That thing...I honestly don't know what it is. It looks like an animatronic that was at a location from the 80s, I remember. It gave gifts to kids at the Gift Shop. But now...I-I don't know myself what happened to it. Maybe it was time, or maybe it's re-revenge, you know? But just keep following w-what I told y-you, if it comes out a-again. Don't move wh-when it comes to your office, and don't let it hear the Airhorn."

"U-uh, anyways, I don't th-think the restaurant is g-gonna be around for m-much longer. There were four k-kids that...well, th-they haven't found them after they ca-came here. They we-went on a tour of the re-restaurant by some guy in a p-purple outfit, a-a-and they haven't been seen since. The w-workers claim they haven't hired s-someone who wore p-purple at work, since ev-everyone wears the s-same outfit, y'know? So, i-if you see anyone, just give me a call, I'll be r-right over."

"Y'know, that kind of r-reminds me of a bunch of murders that happened twenty-thirty years ago. There was this guy that would lure k-kids with an old Bonnie suit, and kill them. One of t-those kids was one of my brothers, t-too. When th-they found the bodies, he was s-stuffed in Foxy's old suit. Apparently he fought back, t-too. But him and his f-friends were k-killed by someone with a s-sick mind."

"Not that that matters m-much, because my whole family is dead because of this damned franchise. My mom was killed in a spring lock accident, when she was wearing a suit, and so was my dad. My little brother's head was crushed by a really old animatronic. There was my other brother who was killed by the m-murderer. And there was also my older br-brother...he worked very hard to keep the restaurant at the time up, but his body was n-never found..."

"A-anyways, I don't have anything else to tell you, other than...well, t-try to steer clear of any trouble, okay? The workers claim they've seen hallucinations of a Freddy suit, recently, but that so-sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it? Just keep your mask with you when you can, alright? Y-you're going to be fine, I know it. G'night." <phone beeps>

At 2:00, Stringpull will activate. At 2:30, Golden Freddy will appear in your office for the first time. The banging in the Entrance Hall seemed to have stopped.

Tonight, the game starts truly testing your reflexes and skill. Keep Mishmash away from the office, put up the mask every time you exit the camera, and make sure to stop moving when Stringpull comes.

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Custom Night


Hallucinations are basically things you can see in the cameras that are, obviously, not real. Most of these are simple Easter eggs.

Name Description Occurence Night
Birthday Treat Chica's Cupcake may rarely disappear and reappear in your office. Clicking it will emit some music that sounds oddly like the Happy Birthday song. Any night
Killed by a Toy Very rarely, if looking at Toy Bonnie on any night, it is possible that, for a split second, Toy Bonnie will by holding a corpse. Notably, the corpse is a glowing violet color. The corpse disappears when you switch cameras. All nights>2
Arcade Games Sometimes, when you turn on the Arcade machines, 8-bit scenes may play that resemble the Atari-esque minigames. These scenes that play, from most to least common, are;
  • Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica performing
  • The Purple Guy building Foxy.
  • Four unknown kids/teenagers being killed by a pinkish-purple man that appears to be different from Purple Guy.
  • The Twins carrying a child's body into their box.
  • Stringpull simply staring at the screen.
  • An unknown indigo-colored animatronic killing several kids.
All nights>4
Ghost Children Occasionally, looking at the Entrance Hall will show a small girl carrying a Bonnie plush will walk from the door in there, and walk offscreen. Night 1


These are the Atari-esque minigames that you can play in the game. These games contribute to the main lore.

Post-Night Minigames

These are minigames that are played following every night, with the exception of a Night 5 and 10, as Storyline minigames occur after those nights.

Name Description Night
CRUSHED This minigame has you take the role of an unknown worker during the FNAF4 game, at Fredbear's Family Diner. You can walk around the diner, where you can find worried people crowding there. Going to the show stage shows Fredbear there. Going outside shows an ambulance, which appears to be hauling a child into it, with an unknown man in a violet outfit watching, alongside a group of four teenagers. Talking to either the man or the kids results in them simply saying ".....". The minigame ends when you go back inside, with a Freddy jumpscare. Night 1
INSEPERABLE This minigame has you take the role of a child during what appears to be Freddy's Arcade. You can walk around the restaurant, but you cannot leave. By going to the Duo's Stage, you can watch the performance. When the performance is finished, they go back into the box. However, when you start to walk away, the box bursts open, the Twins fly towards you at the sound of distorted radio noises, and the minigame ends with a Twins jumpscare. Night 2
RINGRING This minigame takes place in what appears to be the FNAF1 location, taking the role of an unnamed security guard. You are in an office with a phone, and the two doors. The power is out, and you must traverse the restaurant without being noticed. If you reach the Kitchen, the lights will flicker, and an unseen figure will kill the guard, which will follow with a Stringpull jumpscare. Night 3
VIOLET This minigame takes place in Freddy's Arcade, in what appears to be The Basement, taking the role of a Purple Eye Corporation worker. You walk towards the area in the Basement while holding a piece of endoskeleton, while other workers are seen. After reaching the final room, you approach what appears to be an almost-complete animatronic colored purple. The worker installs the piece of endoskeleton inside the animatronic, and looks proud of his work. After leaving, however, two red lights where the eyes would be turn on, following a barrage of purple static. Night 4
MANGLED This minigame takes place in the FNAF2 restaurant, taking the role of Mangle. You have to walk around a party room, avoiding kids who are trying to take you apart. If you get taken apart, you have to start the game over. After a minute of successful dodging, a security guard comes to shut you off, but Mangle (without you control him) charges directly at him, and blood is shown on his head before the game ends with a Mangle jumpscare. Night 6
7>:*[$3&/0?^_£y82 TBA Night 9

Storyline Minigames

These minigames take on a FNAF4 style, and show dialogue and plot within the games. Most of the time, you cannot control anyone in them. These games are;

    • The minigame opens with multicolored static, followed by lots of purple static. Dark indigo text appears, which reads "There's a new location opening today. She's working there now." The game then begins, where you play as what appears to be a shadowy version of Bonnie. You walk around what appears to be a newly opened Freddy's Arcade, looking at the show stage and storage room and whatnot. Text appears by interacting with different animatronics;
      • Freddy: It's the big guy himself.
      • Bonnie: ....
      • Chica: Why did they make her more girly?
      • Foxy: Nice hat.
      • The Twins' Box: A new attraction.
      • BB/JJ: They look stupid.
      • Toy Freddy/Bonnie/Chica: The older models.
      • The Mangle: She had the first prototype.
      • Popped BB: I remember him.
      • Mishmash: It seems familiar.
      • Friendoskeleton: Just an ordinary endoskeleton.
      • The Parrot: He has a goddamn parrot now?
    • After you reach the Entrance Hall, more text appears; "It's not the same.", as Shadow Bonnie walks into a wall where a hidden compartment is. The last bit of text that appears is; "Hmph. If I was thought to be a killer, I wouldn't be dead. But I suppose it's time to get the suit out. I'll escape eventually." The game then cuts to a black screen, as Nignt 1 begins.
    • The minigame opens with dark gray static, as it opens to a black screen, with Shadow Freddy standing in the middle. Text appears that says "He's still at that location. I know it." The game then starts, taking place in what appears to be the ruins of Fazbear's Fright. You walk around what's left of the attraction, eventually coming to the office area. Shadow Freddy then speaks once more; "You know I can sense you, Fitzgerald. Just come out." Then, Shadow Bonnie (taking the appearance of FNAF2, as opposed to what was seen in FOREVERMISTAKEN) appears, and a conversation ensues;
      • Bonnie: I supposed I'm supposed to know you.
      • Freddy: No. I wasn't killed of your doing.
      • Bonnie: Well, God knows how many kids I killed before that damn Toy Bonnie killed me. How are you taking this form?
      • Freddy: I take this form because I was killed due to a faulty lock, of a Freddy animatronic. Don't play dumb, Fitzgerald.
      • Fitzgerald: do you know my name?
      • Freddy: I've always been watching your movements, ever since I saw you kill that child. The one that started it all, while I was still alive. And I saw how you messed with that animatronic's programming, to make it kill my mother, who was working the day shift. And how you killed my brother, the one who inadvertently caused my death. I have many things against you, Fitzgerald.
      • Fitzgerald: Heh, your smart, kid. I could've killed you right there, if I noticed you. And I wouldn't be having this conversation. But your still dead. Dead, like the child I killed in that storage room. Dead, like your poor brothers, one killed by an animatronic, the other by me. Dead, like your poor mommy and daddy, trapped and killed by faulty locks, like you?
      • Freddy: ...
      • Fitzgerald: What's the matter, kid? Miss your poor mommy and daddy, sliced into smithereens by a spring lock, similar to the one that crushed your head?
      • Freddy: ...
      • Fitzgerald: That's what I thought. I'm done with this, I'm going to Freddy's Arcade.
      • Freddy: wouldn't dare.
      • Fitzgerald: Please, kid, I killed, what, ten kids in my day? Eleven? I can kill as much as I want to and you can't stop me, not when I have more guts than you ever did. Even in the afterlife, your a coward.
      • Freddy: ...
      • Fitzgerald: You won't even reply? Pathetic.
    • Fitzgerald/Shadow Toy Bonnie then leaves by disappearing. The screen fades to black, but not before showing Freddy speaking one last time before the minigame ends; "You'll regret it, Jeremy." The minigame then ends in violet static.
    • The minigame starts with a barrage of dark grey static, before the game truly beginning in the point of view of Shadow Freddy, right where the previous minigame left off. Text appears, reading "I need to follow him." You then obtain control over him, having to walk to the exit of the attraction. The minigame abruptly ends with grey static, with words in the bottom right corner reading "you can't".
    • Not much is known yet, but this takes place after Night 10.
    • Not much is known yet, but this takes place by completing the requirements for the Reunited Ending.
  • box
    • Nothing is known yet, but the minigame takes place shortly after HAPPIESTDAYII.

Extra Menu

Unlike past iterations, the Extra Menu is there by default; however, only the Animatronic Archive and BB's Claw Machine is there at the beginning. To unlock the other features, you must play through the game.

Animatronic Archive

The Animatronic Archive is a small booklet containing info on all of the Animatronics you've met on your eleven nights at Freddy's Arcade.

BB's Claw Machine

BB's Claw Machine is an 8-bit minigame you can play at any time (outside of being in-game) where you can use a claw machine to collect capsules with figurines of all the characters in the past games. The figurines are classified into four categories; Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Golden. There are over 50 figurines you can collect. These include;

Name Description Rarity
Freddy Fazbear The mascot of the entire franchise himself! The guy lumbers around and sings on stage. What life could be better? Common
Bonnie This big bunny is Freddy's best friend and partner-in-music. He hits the guitar on stage, and can play some sick riffs. Common
Chica The lovable chicken in Freddy's Gang who would play drums and whatnot. She "dreams of being able to fly away someday", according to her voice box, at least. Common
Foxy Arghh, matey, this ol' pirate took no landlubbers on 'is ship, or they walk th' plank! The outfit is cute, though. Common
Origin Freddy The bear who started it all, this guy was extremely unpredictable and was very hard to avoid, since he stayed in the dark very often. Common
Origin Bonnie The blue bunny of beginnings, he was always the first one active, and often the most aggressive. Oh, and look, he has a face! Common
Origin Chica This chicken (or duck, if you will) was always active first night too. She didn't look very feminine though...more odd and sleepy. Common
Origin Foxy The lovable pirate, sadly, was Out of Order the first game. He would come running down the halls when he got lonely, looking for someone to kill—uh, I mean hug. Common
Origin Golden Freddy Watch the Freddy poster, or get scared by the ghoster... Golden
Toy Freddy
Toy Bonnie
Toy Chica
Toy Foxy
Toy BB
The Puppet
Old Freddy
Old Bonnie
Old Chica
Old Foxy
Nightmare Freddy This demonic Freddy inhabited your bed in the fourth game, with his little Freddles to keep you on end. Rare
Nightmare Bonnie This demonic Bonnie took a page from his Origin counterpart and snuck around the Left Hall. Imagine what his hops sound like. Rare
Nightmare Chica Chica is pretty scary on her own, but demon Chica is much more terrifying. She acts like her a Origin counterpart and struck from the right hall. Rare
Nightmare Foxy While Origin Foxy has a comfy cove, poor Nightmare Foxy is trapped in a closet. Keep an eye on that closet, too, he may destroy your clothes. Rare
Nightmare Fredbear Is it Fredbear? Golden Freddy? Or perhaps the face that was seen before the child took his final breath? This terrifying animatronic is everywhere. Literally. Golden
Nightmare When you thought Fredbear was scary, this transparent omen is fast and terrifying. Don't expect him to spare you. Golden
Plushtrap A cute-sie stuffed animal resembling Springtrap that is the scary way of getting an advantage. Not exactly scary to be killed by a plush. Uncommon
Jack-O-Bonnie This orange, spooky Nightmare Bonnie acts like its normal counterpart, but with added flair—and added pumpkin, of course, Rare
Jack-O-Chica Chica looks rather odd in general, but this new palette gives the formerly demonic animatronic the look of a pumpkins with limbs. Still spooky, though. Rare
Nightmare Mangle As if Nightmare Foxy hiding in your closet wasn't enough, a giant spider-fox-robot monster peeking out is terrifying. Rare
Nightmare BB BB isn't usually this scary, but the atmosphere and low garbled laughs as he runs across the hall brings a chill down the child's spine. Uncommon
Nightmarionne This horrifying omen of nightmares creeps down your hallways, and will stop at nothing to make the child feel as if his life is nothing more than a nightmare. Golden

Cheat Menu

Custom Night

Fun With The Twins

Jumpscare Jamboree

Minigame Menu


These were teasers released on, teasing aspects of the game.

  • July 31, 2016: A dark red 5 is shown in the middle of the teaser. Brightening the picture reveals several sentences around the 5, including; "I'll put you back together", "I'm still here", "It's me", and "You can't". Hidden text under the 5 says, "Just when you thought I was gone."
  • September 17, 2016: The show stage is shown, with Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica turned off and standing on the stage. White text under says, "What could go wrong this time?" Brightening the image shows a small white light in Bonnie's eye.
  • October 3, 2016: What appears to be a new Pirate's Cove is shown, with Foxy standing in the middle with a pirate outfit and a parrot on his shoulder. Text to his right says, "Yargh, walk the plank, me mateys!"
  • October 20, 2016: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy's bodies are shown holding Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Mangle's broken heads. Text is revealed by brightening the image, saying, "Who's the replacement now?"
  • October 31, 2016: There is almost nothing but black in this teaser, but white text below reveals "Dont stop us, we'll be gone before you know it." Brightening the teaser shows what appears to be The Twins.
  • November 1, 2016: A line of sitting endoskeletons are shown sitting against a wall, but one appears to have bright green eyes instead of grey. Text below states, "I'm here to help! Don't worry!"
  • November 20, 2016: What appears to be a 3-dimensional version of Purple Guy's Sprite from FNAF2 is show on the trailer, accompanied by the text, "You thought it was me, didn't you?"
  • December 25, 2016: A trailer is released, showcasing 12 animatronics (main cast, all toys, plus BB, JJ, Friendoskeleton, and The Twins), gameplay (which seems to show the Mask, an Airhorn, and a Lever, and a brief glimpse at a minigame (later revealed to be MANGLED). The trailer ends with The Twins' jumpscare, followed by the logo.
  • January 7, 2017: A music box is shown in the middle of the teaser, with the words, "I am controlled by no one." Brightened the picture reveals a very broken version of The Puppet behind the box, embracing it.
  • January 28, 2017: The game is released, with one final teaser, showing a poorly-lit Arcade Room with the Arcade machines on. Brightening the picture shows what appears to be Springtrap, with the hidden text, "Vengeance is powerful."


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