The Fear, formerly known as Frederick or Freddy, is a deity that appears throughout the Fantendoverse searching for a certain person of where The Loathing knows where he is. The Fear takes on jobs for people in exchange for their worst fear.


The Fear is a tall and very skinny purple creature. It is so skinny that you can see his bones with ease, but despite that is very strong. He has sharp claws and feet as well. Attached to his arms are long cape-like things that can be rolled out and contains the fears that he has collected. The Fear has five eyes, each in a different color and a gap between his teeth. On his head is a long 'pony-tail' that he uses as a stringer to search and obtain the worst fear of a being.


The Fear runs on envy which is the only thing that pushes him to continue living as he does now. The Fear always has been very possessive and claims what he thinks belongs to him for his own. If said possession were to been taken away from him he will do everything to get it back. The Fear loves the fear of other people, however has begun the hunt for his possession out of fear for losing it. He however is slightly misunderstood as his means are an act of true love, however his methods and how the handles when his love wouldn't return the same feelings are not so good.


The backstory of The Fear is explained on Day 0 of A Loathing Story.


The Fear has a set of mysterious abilities. His primary ability is to discover the fear of someone by simply touching them. He contains most fears inside of his sleeves and can summon those fears by grabbing its icon out of his sleeve. However he may encounter persons whose worst fear are more specific and which he doesn't have in his sleeve, he often had this after ascending to a deity and had basically only his own fear. He can steal the date of worst fear of a person by attached the string on his head to the head of said person. He collects the date of the worst fear and then creates it in his sleeve, which he afterwards can pull out.

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