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Fantendo - Game Ideas & More
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The Fan Corporation
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Type of Company Video Game Industry
Founder(s) MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Founded at/in November 12, 2012
Owner(s) MarioGameChampion (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Locky'12 (tbc)
Lee Eric Etchisen (tbc)
Parent Company Fantendo
Hammer Egg House, Inc.

The Fan Corporation is a company founded and owned by MarioGameChampion (tbc). It is a company that makes Fantendo games.


Fantendo Quest

An announced game for the Hybrid Δ if Steli's approval is given. It features Hayden, Aiden and many other characters trying to save Fantendoverse from becoming a real video game universe and limiting the adventures that can be in fanon with a data limit.

Nintendo Fan's Adventure

A Usertendo game that will be released on MGC's wikiversary. It will feature users of Fantendo, but the rest is unconfirmed.

The Fantendo Mighty Warriors

This game was given to Mystery Person Studios. It was originally Locky (tbc)'s only work for the company.


A touch-controlled puzzle game for the Neo, and possibly some other tablet-like systems. Little is known about it so far.

Project Fan10do

A Tower-Defence/Puzzle game for the Nintendo WiiPad. It's the Locky'12 (tbc)'s first and only work on the company.

Fantendo Christmas Party

A party game created for the holidays. It is mainly Locky's work, but he has created it through The Tris Company. It is, however, by the Fan Corporation as well, because MGC is working on it with him through it. 

Fantendo Funfair

A community project and sequel to Nintendo Land with Fantendo series. It is lead by MarioGameChampion (tbc).