Ultimate power will be mine, and my insolent brother will be no more...
The Enemy, Initiation

The Everlasting Enemy



The Everlasting Enemy, a ruler of the Fantendoverse.
(as in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered)
AGE Unknown (Infinite)
WEAPONS God powers/his subjects

The Enemy (Real name being Ektaz and occasionally referred to as Demos or The Wrath) is The Fan's evil twin brother, co-creator of the Fantendoverse, and the creator of Skærsilden. Unlike his brother, who ultimately stands for Order, The Enemy stands for Chaos, and is one of the Fantendoverse's most feared and powerful malevolent forces. His apprentices are The Apprentice and Lord Acriss.





In the Beginning

After the Shattering, he recreated the Fantendoverse, albeit with some changes, with his brother The Fan. This however, brought the wrath of The Threat. The two opposing sides would then engage in a million year war. At some point, The Fan and The Enemy would learn how to create beings that descended gods from The Other, creating beings known as The Descenders. These were created to try and descend The Threat by force, causing The Other to step in and mess with their memory and sealed away The Descenders on various planets.

The Lifts

The Fan and The Enemy at some point went by new names for a while, rechristening themselves as The Fanatical and The Wrath. They would impose the most balanced version of The Fantendoverse, ushering in a era of complete equilibrium between the elements of Chaos and Order. During this time, the Fantendoverse was beginning to work more as it's own unit, free from the direct influences of The Fanatical and The Wrath. In this time, another dimension known as the Zaxinian Lifts would come into view, and with the direction of The Fanatical and The Wrath, would tether itself directly into the universe through chains. Things went well between these dimensions until The Fanatical and The Wrath attempted to use this new dimension's residents and leader Zyvoline against The Threat. Disgusted by their actions, the Zaxinian Lifts cut communication with the two gods in specific and would have left the New Fantendoverse entirely if it weren't for the words of The Other, which convinced them to stick around for the time being.

Genesis to Victory

Millions of years have since passed and the two reverted their names back to the classics. The destruction of Zeon sends Unten to Earth. After learning of Unten's descension ability, The Fan and The Enemy begin to create Beorn Hallows in a effort to create more Beorns, although these are unsuccessful. The war between The Fan, The Enemy and The Threat then reaches a peak with The Threat now managing to infiltrate Earth to a extent seen as dangerous, which causes them to plot to steal The Threat's User Crystal. Using a unwitting Rachel and Sam to steal it as well as other shady practices, the whole thing goes awry when Sam puts in the wrong User Crystal, making Kolob The Threat's new domain, giving her complete control over The New Fantendoverse.


Fantendo Origins series

A main villain. Appears as the final boss in The Fan Commeth and a main character in The Enemy Commeth. Appears in many more games as well.

Fantendo RPG Series


Fantendo Origins X

ppears as a main antagonist in most games/fics.

The Aeo Composition

He creates two aspects of himself, Alrarl and Ektaz who tether themselves to Aeo.

Fantendo Fight Fest!

He is the main antagionist and melts with Mo and Jo  to create the final boss. He alone, is also fought.

Fantendo Fantasy

On of the main antagionists. He melts with Sephiroth to create a more powerful being.

Fantendo Dare

The Enemy appears as an ally in a number of episodes, as he made a bet with the Black God on which of the teams would be most successful and he attempts to assist those teams so he can win the bet.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

The Enemy appears as a supporting character in Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns, thought plays an important role in it. After the Shattering The Enemy and The Order created a brand new universe that overlapped with the universe of The Threath. The Enemy found out about the Dark Woods which was yet unclaimed by anyone and was in the middle of the overlapping universes. The Enemy negotiated with Ashley to bring back Plague Master so he could rule the dimension in cooperation with The Enemy, although he told Ashley that her father was needed to keep the Chaos and Order in balance.

Extra Art

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