I'm afraid your soul is now mine...
The End

The End




The End, manifestation of death.
AGE Ageless
BIRTHPLACE Darktendoverse
CLASS Balance Keeper
Touch of Death

The End (also refered to as Death) is a Demon, and the manifestation of death. It inhabits the Fantendoverse, where it was created by The Enemy to gather the souls of those whos time is up, it then reports back to the Darktendoverse. The End is known and feared by almost everybody, even those such as The Fan refer to it as "unsettling" despite the fact that it cannot harm gods. It is one of the three Death's of the Fantendoverse, being the one that patrols the mortal plane.


The End was created by The Enemy, as the angel of death to the mortal plane. The End takes its orders from only The Enemy, and was told to reap the souls of mortals whose time is up, then report back to the Darktendoverse. It then started patrolling the Fantendoverse, waiting for orders from The Enemy as to its next objective. But when The Fan discovered that his brother had created an angel of death for the mortal plane, he ordered The End to form a council with the other angels of death; G'Mychabr and Deathkiss, and so, the Council of Death was formed. The End, G'Mychabr and Deathkiss lead the council, while The Fan then created lower-ranking members, known as Death Servants.

Fantendo RPG: Possession of Shadows

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, The End receives a bit of a redesign. As opposed to being yet another generic black cloak, the cloak and face have been mostly reworked to be more unique of a design, with the face being three mouths. Additionally the scythe was reworked to have a black blade and the handle was changed to red.

The End appears as early as Chapter 5, where the Wasteland Warriors meet him in a White Portal. As Iron Mask enters, the End kicks him out. He does not reappear until Chapter 15, where he appears to be summoned when Ella is shot by Johnathon Hades. There, the chains of light are visible and he is a "boss" battle, which is pretty much a sandbag fight. His portal leads the group to White Goddess' palace, where they defeat her and free Black God and Aurora from their own chains of light.

In act 2, chapter 3, he appears as one of the focal points of the chapter as he discusses mortality with Palutena and whether it's a good idea to let mortality back in.

Other Appearances

These appearances made by The End are considered non-canon.

GemGames Brawl

The End appears as a trophy in the game, obtained by falling off of the stage or self destructing more than 100 times. It was also a summoner character in the original version of the game, as found by hackers, its programed attack would have been to touch an opponent, which would OHKO them.

General Information

Personality and Traits

The End is usually calm and has quite a soothing voice tone, it dosen't take joy in ending lives, instead it does it under orders from The Enemy. The End takes pity on its victims most of the time, although it usually dosen't if the victim has an evil soul, as was the case with Phantos.

The End also knows that it is feared, even by the gods, who it is unable to harm, it expresses some sadness to the fact that it is judged by even the gods for what it was created to do.

Physical Description

The End is cloaked in a dark gray hoodie, which is quite torn and ripped, only its blood-red eyes can be seen starring out of the hood. It has no visible hands, legs or anything else, instead using telekinesis to move objects. The End carries around a large scythe wherever it goes, the scythe has a long brown, wooden handle, with an extremely sharp silver blade at the end.

Powers and Abilities

The End is able to travel through rifts in time and space, making it able to go almost anywhere. It possesses telekinesis and telepathic abilities, which it uses to perform tasks from reading minds, to moving objects. Touching The End results in instant death, as does seeing under its cloak.

The End also weilds a large scythe, which it is incredibly skilled with.


White Goddess

Main article: White Goddess

It was revealed during Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered that White Goddess chained up The End with chains of light to prevent him from killing Abaddon, one of the balance keepers. She kept the killings miminal to prevent the event of the Shattering. As such, The End was under White Goddess' forceful control for nearly five years and he supposedly hated every minute of it.

The Mysterious Mr. ?

Main article: The Mysterious Mr. ?

The End and Mr. ? used to be friends but Mr. ? was less interested in chaos as a means for balance in the universe and rather just as fucking shit up, whereas The End was very adamant about upholding balance. This conflict caused tension between them and they had a falling out. During Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, it is revealed Mr. ? wrote angsty poetry about it and the two reunite during Mr. ?'s execution by Abaddon and the other black cloaks.

Black God

Main article: Black God

The Enemy

Main article: The Enemy

The Fan

Main article: The Fan

The Forgotten One

Main article: The Forgotten One

Time Keepers

Main article: Time Keepers


I'm afraid your soul is now mine...
The End

Oh, how you ammuse me, Almighty Fan. You know I cannot harm you, yet you act so cautious in my presence.
You think I'm afraid of you? Don't flatter yourself angel of death...
The End and The Fan
Why are you getting worked up about that? Nobody lives forever and nobody should.
The End to Palutena, Days of Shattering


  • It is unknown why it is feared by some of the gods, as they know it can only harm mortals, and it dosen't have a violent nature either.


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