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The Diplomatic Duplicate
The Diplomatic Duplicate, the clone of The Fan and The Enemy.
(as in FantendoQuest)
AGE Unknown (Infinite)
BIRTHPLACE Mountain of Atlas
CLASS Cloned God
WEAPONS Snapback, Duo Tox

The Duplicate (Real name being AEktaoz and occasionally referred to as Double) is a clone of The Fan and The Enemy that was created for some unknown purpose, perhaps to combat The Threat in The New Fantendoverse. For whatever reason, his creators locked him away into the Mountain of Atlas to keep guard of one of the Artifacts of Ascendancy: the Coin of Choosing.


The Duplicate's skin is split between the skin colors of both the Fan and The Enemy. His legs are cracked off and seemingly have some kind of ghostly pink and orange appendages coming out from them. His chest has a diamond-shaped hole that glows red. His body is rather bumpy and rocky looking, giving him the appearance of a moving mountain. Instead of a full mouth, he simply has four dots (two red and two purple). His eyes look similar to the Fan's. He has three spindly, sharp fingers on each hand.


The Duplicate is a mixture of The Fan and The Enemy, causing a moral quandary within himself and may be the reason why he was not effective as a weapon against The Threat. During the years after his creation, he began forming his own moral code, one dependent on the strength of his opponent. If a opponent could defeat him, he would do what they asked him what to do.



Appears as an optional boss in a area that is at the very start of the game, however cannot be reasonably accessed until level 30.

TheDuplicate.pngThe Duplicate
Normal Hard Lunatic
Hit Points 530 542 555
Suggested Level 33 34 35

Skills: Snapback (Reverses last three moves and restores health), Duo Tox (Chance to poison two party members 90%/38%)

You Win: 6 Mana Potions, 2000 QuestCoin.png, Coin of Choices

Battle Tips: Assuming you even make it this far below 30, his Snapback will just utterly destroy you, considering he'll do it way more often and just wastes your time until you run out of options and just Duo Toxes you. If you come back above level 30, he'll only Snapback when he starts running out of health for the first time, but keeping haste and defense will help a lot here. He's not a hard boss fight when you are the proper conditions, but he's not too easy either.



  • His creation is a nod to the numerous special optional bosses in Shadow Inferno (tbc)'s games.