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Edward Fastid
The Director, E.N.D.O's vicious leader.
The Director
AGE 38 (as of 2018)
BIRTHDAY January 2nd, 1980
BIRTHPLACE New York City Outskirts
ALIGNMENT Villainous
Mrs. Fastid (wife), two unnamed children
CLASS Director of E.N.D.O
WEAPONS Chemical Blaster

Edward Fastid, known to most by his title as the Director, is a former agent of F.A.N.T turned director of E.N.D.O. Once a kind, family man, grief drove him mad and left him with a bitter hatred of superpowered people. Forming and leading an organization with the mission of ending the "problem" for good, his plans were foiled by the Misfits.

The Director is the main antagonist of the first volume of Aero & Beam. Reception for the character has been average.


The Director is a tall, slender, and imposing man. His skin is white, and he has disheveled dirty blonde hair as well as dark red eyes and a mustache. He's always seen in a business suit with a plain black tie.


Early History

Edward Fastid joined F.A.N.T soon after it was founded, eager to be a part of law enforcement. A skilled agent, Fastid balanced his family of a wife and two children with his job, and lived a mostly happy life. This was all changed when a thug attacked them in an alley, and murdered his family. Driven mad by the loss, he lost his job at F.A.N.T after attacking a superpowered agent unprovoked, and decided to found E.N.D.O to stop any superpower related tragedies for good.

Aero & Beam

The Director came up with a plan to use the DNA of superpowered people to create a formula that would render people's powers useless permanently. This required the group to capture, murder, and drain the blood of several superpowered people. After killing a former Misfit named Alice Olsen as part of this plot, the Misfits caught onto E.N.D.O.

After a few confrontations with the organization, the Director invaded their base and stole a number of Misfits, including Beam. A group of low-level Misfits consisting of Aero, Mission, and Frostburn tracked down and stormed the E.N.D.O HQ, taking out it's soldiers and freeing the trapped Misfits. F.A.N.T arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested every soldier, including the Director, locking him up for good.


The Director was once a kind and loyal family man who wanted to serve his country and bring justice to criminals. However, he was driven insane by grief, and lost any empathy for superpowered people. Believing he was doing God's work, he rationalized his monstrous actions as sacrifices for the greater good.

However, he still managed to show concern and a fondness for his soldiers, being upset by their deaths. His greatest flaw is that he can't see that nothing is black and white, viewing all superpowered people as no better than the thug who murdered his family in cold blood.


The Director is a fit, middle aged man with F.A.N.T combat training. This means he's a skilled leader and proficient in hand-to-hand combat in addition to firearms. After founding E.N.D.O, he also had a wealth of weapons on hand as well as an army of soldiers at his command.

The Director's weakness is that he lets his impulses and emotions control him, resulting in him acting irrationally and sloppy. This allowed Aero and Beam to defeat him in their final battle.




  • The Director's first name is taken from the Riddler, while his last name is taken from fastidium, a Latin word meaning loathing and disgust.
  • E.N.D.O stands for Extermination of Non Desirable Organisms.
  • Try putting F.A.N.T and E.N.D.O together.