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The Devil, king of Hell.
CURRENT STATUS Alive, in suspended animation
AGE Unknown
ALIGNMENT Villainous
CLASS King of Hell

The Devil is the former ruler of Hell. The first demon, the Devil has been around for millenia, supervising the other demons and punishing mortals who commited great evils while alive. Although seemingly a patient and fair king, the Devil was an unjust ruler who punished ghostborns for the sins of their parents. After attempting to use his daughter Arial as a pawn in an evil plot, the Devil was defeated by her and frozen in an ice crystal, which is now stored in a deep level of Hell.

This version of the Devil is owned and was created by Inora. Reception for the character has been (TBA)


The Devil is a massive figure, about ten feet tall and incredibly muscular, with the handsome face of a man in his 40s. He's bald and has two ram-like horns on his head, bright red skin, dark yellow eyes, a black beard, and a serious expression. He's usually shirtless, which shows off his toned chest and abs. His baggy pants are a golden yellow and have his tail sticking out of the back of them, and his feet are always bare.


Early History

In ancient times, Lucifer was the son of two angels, a ghostborn. Although a talented warrior and leader, he became dissatisfied with how Heaven was run by God, who controlled everything with little input from others. Lucifer viewed this kind of power as dangerous, and campaigned for some democracy in the realm. This resulted in the Council of Heaven being formed, and God keeping a close eye on the rebellious angel.

Seeing that the council effectively had no power and that God was intimidating them into following his will, Lucifer decided to band together with like minded angels and create his own land. This enraged the creator, who used his powers to turn Lucifer and his followers into fallen angels that he deemed "demons" before casting them out to a firey universe that he deemed "Hell", a word meaning punishment.

One of these followers was a brave warrior woman named Lilith. The two bonded over their shared ideology, and began to fall in love as well. The demons looked to Lucifer for leadership, and he discovered magic forbidden by God due to it's dark powers. While all the demons tapped into this dark magic, Lucifer became the most adept at it, gaining the powers he would have forever and using them to build Hell up into a respectable realm. Continued use of this magic changed his body over time, giving him ram like horns and making him taller and stronger.

The most important of these powers was the ability to travel through universes freely. Wanting to recruit the mortals that God had created, fearing that they would be made into angels who had to follow his every whim, Lucifer and his demons came to Earth. God viewed this as an opportunity to crush the rebels he had created, so he allied himself with the mortals first and painted Lucifer and his demons as evil beings of sin.

This began a war where Lucifer and his demons were relentlessly attacked by the mortals and the angels. Even in the time of battle though, life went on, with Lilith becoming pregnant with his child. As the brutal war raged on, Lilith eventually gave birth to a beautiful little girl who took after them both. Soon after, Lilith demanded that she return to the battlefield with Lucifer to see the war through and make peace.

While the two were taking a break behind some cover, they discussed their future. This was interrupted by a human warrior stabbing Lilith with a spear. Lucifer, heartbroken, didn't have enough time to save the woman he loved. Before she passed, she asked Lucifer to name their daughter Arial, which meant beautiful. Although he and the demons retaliated, both factions became so heavily wounded and exhausted that they decided to call it a truce.

This truce meant that if either the angels or demons visited Earth, the other would have the right to attack back. After the traumatic loss of Lilith, Lucifer began to change, slowly losing his grip on his morals and focusing on crushing the mortals and eventually the angels for what they did to her. His name carrying too much pain behind it, Lucifer demanded that his demons call him the Devil, a term which meant the word leader.

As he raised his daughter, who he loved dearly but was a painful reminder of her mother, the Devil used his powers to claim souls that had done evil while they were alive. He turned these souls into demons and punished them eternally in Hell, even doing the same to their innocent ghostborn children. This didn't satisfy the Devil though, and he began to formulate a plan where he would use the combined power of himself, Arial, and the greatest warrior in Hell to crush the mortals. His obsession with this plan made the Devil stop loving Arial, his last hope, and start viewing her as a tool. Sometime after this, the Devil had a child with a random demon woman on a one-night stand, creating his son Howard. The Devil didn't care about or for the child, who he viewed as weak and overly sentimental.

Arial grew into a strong young woman, one who always valued mortals and demons too much in his eyes. He betrothed her to the strongest warrior of the realm, a ghostborn named Gethen. As his plan started to come together, with the two planning the wedding that would unite them, Arial grew tired of watching suffering and decided to escape from Hell using her powers.

Devilish (Volume 1)

The Devil entrusted Gethen and his best friend Tatsu with the task of following his daughter to New York City and bringing her back to Hell. He sent them on their way, expressing little concern about her disappearance after they were gone. He was confident that she would return and his plans would finally be carried out, but Gethen and Tatsu struggled to track her down in a timely fashion.

He grew impatient with the demons and summoned them back to Hell to inform them that he and the rest of the army would search for her, and that they needed to follow orders and help him or face the consequences. The two agreed to this, and the Devil returned to Earth, using his powers to surround the city with a dome of red energy that would keep other mortals and angels out.

Arial managed to evade capture alongside her new friend, an angel named Amanda, and even defeat Gethen and Tatsu. The Devil confronted the two again and snapped at them, revealing that he didn't care for Arial or them, only his plan. After exiling them from Hell, he continued his seatch. Eventually, Arial, Amanda, a F.A.N.T agent named Tobias James, Gethen, and Tatsu caught up to the Devil and confronted him.

Viewing her escape and time on Earth as a game, the Devil tried to reason with his daughter, but she had already learned of his evil plan. After attempting to kill him, the Devil lashed out at her, beating her mercilessly and easily defeating the others before trapping them in restraints made out of rock. He calmed down and showed fake kindness to try and recruit Arial.

As things looked dim for the group, Arial pretended to agree to this. She used this opportunity to catch him off-guard and use two ice grenades created by F.A.N.T against him. After telling him that mortals could be great and deserved freedom, she beat him down and froze him with the grenades, trapping him in a crystal of ice where he would remain alive but unable to harm anyone. Arial gave the position of leader to Gethen until Howard came of age, and he had the demon soldiers bring the crystal to a deep level of Hell.


Before losing Lilith, the Devil was a stern rebel, someone who disliked the mortals and Heaven, but only because they were on opposing sides. This outward coldness created a negative image of him in the eyes of the public which never really went away. When with those he cared about though, the Devil was happy, warm, and kind, excited to live in peace with his family.

This all changed when he lost Lilith to a human after his daughter was born. The Devil would never be the same, dropping his original name and becoming a cruel ruler. Although outwardly charming and fair, inside rage and hatred were festering. He became less genuine and was unable to process his grief, instead focusing it as a goal: eliminate all mortals. Although he claimed this was because of the things they did, it was revenge through and through.

During this time, the Devil began to form the modern Hell, punishing mortals he could get his hands on for their sins and hypocritically treating their children the same way. Consumed by this loathing, the Devil lost his ability to care about or love anyone, including his own daughter. With nothing tying him to his morals, the Devil became manipulative, cold, and unscrupulous.

He only showed his true colors a few times, when he was agitated. Dropping all pretenses of kindness and charm, the Devil went loose, insulting people and violently lashing out, before resuming his persona. This showed his ability to switch between sides at will. The Devil views mortals and angels as vile and worthless, and seems to have a low opinion of even his own demons. Only once did he ever show fear, as he was being frozen by Arial.


The Devil is, unsurprisingly, very powerful. While all demons are physically superior to mortals, the Devil outclasses even them with his strength, speed, and durability. His size allows him to reach things with ease and lift incredibly heavy objects, but he remains quick on his feet. If one could even land a hit on the Devil with an ordinary weapon, it would barely faze him.

Two unique abilities he's gifted with are portal creating and object generation. The Devil can easily create portals that will take him anywhere he wants to go, even across universes. He can also make objects out of thin air, anything from weapons to foods to money. This ability also allows him to replicate almost any superpower, as he's been shown to use energy shields in combat.

As a ghostborn, the Devil can speak any language without an accent. When speaking English, he has an American Midwestern accent, although he could change this at any time if it suited him. Diseases have no effect on the Devil, including everything from major illnesses to small things like getting drunk. This means the Devil can smoke and drink freely.

The Devil, although certainly a tough opponent, is not invincible. Although brute force is weak against him, if something could pierce his skin, he could be killed. A magical sword or Demonkiller bullets could kill him, but no ordinary weapon would have that effect. Despite this, even the Devil isn't above the natural weakness to ice demons have. This is what allowed Arial, with two ice grenades, to freeze him in a crystal.



Arial loved her father for many years, and he felt the same way about his precious daughter. But the terrible, painful grief he was going through over the death of his wife lead him to become so invested in his plans that he stopped caring for or loving anyone. By the time he reached this breaking point, Arial was willing to do the tough thing and kill her father to save the mortals.

After beating her mercilessly when he discovered her plan to kill him, he showed a brief flash of kindness to her, though this was only to manipulate her for his own plans. She seemed to believe this side of him, before revealing that she knew it was a trick and defeating him. Although she didn't kill her father, she left him frozen as to never hurt anyone again.


Lilith was one of the few people the Devil ever loved, and she loved him just as much. The two began as friends, both viewing God as dangerously powerful. This shared view lead to them becoming closer, and they eventually fell deeply in love. Lilith was willing to follow him anywhere, and she tied him to his beliefs and morals, representing the goodness in people in his eyes.

When he lost her to a mortal, this shifted his entire personality and worldview. He ditched the name Lucifer for a more authoritative one, lost his grip on morality, and gained an omnicidal hatred for mortals and angels. Arial truthfully stated that if Lilith was still around, she would've never wanted him to go down that path, but he brushed that off, saying that she was gone only because of the mortals and therefore no one could know her opinion on the subject.


Gethen was always loyal to the Devil, despite him being behind the toxic environment that the cowboy grew up in. This was because of years of conditioning that forced every inhabitant in Hell to follow his immoral and vile ideas about people. The Devil, meanwhile, viewed Gethen as little more than a useful tool, with his opinion becoming less fond as the cowboy continually failed him.

After eventually erupting on Gethen and Tatsu, he realized that the Devil didn't care about anyone but himself and his plan to destroy the mortals. Gethen decided to forgo loyalty and do the right thing, but was quickly dealt with by the ruler of Hell. After Arial defeated him and made the cowboy the new king, he imprisoned the frozen demon in a deep level of Hell from where he could never escape.


Tatsu, always being less naive than her best friend, didn't care for the Devil nor did she trust him. She was only loyal to the king of Hell because Gethen was. Meanwhile, the Devil viewed Tatsu as a pawn at best. Upon his rebellion, Tatsu joined the cowboy in his crusade against the villain, her loyalty lying with him alone.


Amanda had been taught from an early age that the Devil was a creature of pure evil and hatred, and when given the chance to fight against him, she happily took it up, both out of a sense of duty and because of her fondness for Arial and Earth. Upon confronting him, she saw that he was complex like everyone else, though he viewed her as an annoyance at the most, trapping her and using her as a bargaining tool.

Tobias James

Tobias viewed the Devil as any mortal would, a terrifying being of evil, but decided to confront him anyways. The Devil merely viewed him as another weak mortal.


The Devil and God naturally have a very antagonistic relationship. He viewed him as a ruthless dictator, while the creator thought that the Devil was a dangerous rebel, hating his followers in turn and deeming them to be blasphemous traitors. This influenced what they taught their respective armies, with the truth being somewhere in the middle.




  • The Devil was originally not Arial's father but instead a background character.
  • He apparently plays poker with Hades and Elder.