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The Crazy Adventures of David (David's Wacky Adventures in Japan) is the first David game in the series it stars the hero of the game David. The game is for the Nintendo GameCube. You play as David as you go stop the evil villian in the series Max Power from destroying David's town and stop his robot minions. The game is developed by Master Productions Incorporated. The Crazy Adventures of David was released in July 2004 and is Rated E10. In all levels partners can be picked so David can get a little extra help at times.


The game begins as a youg child named David has been born in a small town named Smartsville. Months later David had gained a baby brother named Thomas. The two held a strong friendship. As soon David was four his family had to move to a bigger city named Middletown. Years later when David and Thomas were six there dad was taken hostage by a man with goolden yellow hair named Max Power at a robbery, he later killed the dad leaving him dead. 5 years later the two discovered something amazing turned out they had powers all their life enough to save the Earth and their dad was taken hostage because Max Power wanted their son's powers so he can rule the Earth. David wants revenge because of his father on Max then one year later David found out that Max Power is planning to take over the city with his entire army of robots. David decided he will risk his life and powers to save his city from destruction, but his friends and brother thought it would have been too dangerous so they help him and offer to give him items. Now David has began his quest to save the city and defeat Max Power and his robot army.

Playable Characters and Helpful

David (playable)

Thomas (helper) (uppercuts enemies and throws them)

Matt (helper) (farts on enemies and stuns them)

Larry (kicks enemies and blow them up)

Travis (spin attack enemies and destroy them with a ray gun)


The Suburbs

The School District

The Megamall


The Plaza

The Park

Adventureworld Theme Park

Max Power's Green Spaceship


The Suburbs

Tuturiol- David shows you how to play the game and how to use the controls.

Neighborhood Knockout- Save David's neighborhood and escort the civilians.

Strip Mall Escort- Escort all the cilvilians to the Strip Mall.

Boss: The Drill-inator 4000- Defeat the Drill-inator 4000 and get to the next area.

The School District

Middletown Middle School- Defuse all the bombs in under 7 minutes with a crowd of robots invading the school

Middletown High School- Get thourgh the High School and don't let the robots demolish it

Seaside University- Get all the university students to form a mob to destroy the machine that will make a hole in the center of the city

Forestmill Elementry School- Get thourgh the entire school with obstecles along the way to battle the Destruct-inator

Boss: The Destruct-inator- Beat the Destruct-inator to get to the next area

The Megamall

Little Big Tractor Beam- Go thourgh the destroyed mall parking lot to get to the spaceship, defeat all the robots, and stop the tractor beam that is stealing everything in sight.

Power Mall- Go inside the mall and in there Travis and David will have to go thourgh half of the mall, go inside the department store, and go inside the secret basement where you have to stop a ultimate robot hacking device which is stealing government sercrets.

Supersonic Sound Waves- Stop a machine that produces really high Supersonic sound waves which are destroying half of the mall, defeat the machine before it's too late

On my Way!- Go thourgh the entire mall covered in giant holes and poision spitting robots to get to the parking lot again to go to the next mission

Parking Lot Harvoc- Go thourgh the parking lot again with giant holes, falling meteors, and robots with saw blades to get to the front gate to fight the area boss.

Boss: Demon Dragon- Beat the Demon Dragon which breathes fire, has giant feet enough to stomp you, has wings, and can call up robots to stop you. After defeating the boss you head to the next area.


Shopping District- Go thourgh the shopping distict and defeat the robots that are detroying the stores and rescue the shopkeepers.

Toy District- Ride on a car thourgh the Toy District to retrive all he toys back, but be careful for obstecles like holes and rbots riding on motocycles attack you with a ray gun. After defeating the mission you head to your next mission.

Japantown- Fight three spaceships in Japantown before they all destroy Japantown. In this mission Larry and Matt help you.

West Middletown- Go thourgh Middletown with Matt and Thomas as you dodge obstecles, defeat robots, and stop a robot that are destroying buldings with it's lazer.

Middletown Beach Boardwalk- Max Power had summon dolphins that turned evil, defeat those dolphins and some robots to get to the aquarium where Travis will help you with his crossbow.

The Harbor- Get thourgh the harbor, save the lighthouse, and go to the S.S Onboard to fight the area boss with Larry and Thomas helping you.

Boss: Eternal Moonshine- Defeat the Eternal Moonshine which makes the sky drak, can summon any sea creatures to breath on land and be evil, launch missles, and can control the weather. After defeating the boss you go to the next area.

The Plaza

MItchell's Arts and Crafts- Go inside Mitchell's Arts and Crafts store, collect various items while robots that breath fire and robots who fly and shoot projectiles, get all the items to put it on a machine that will destroy all the robots and part of their territory on the center of the plaza, and Thomas, Matt, and Larry.

Piper Peter Pizza- Go inside Piper Peter Pizza to stop flying robots from destroying everything at the pizza place with Travis and Thomas helping you.

Supermarket Searchout- In this level David has to go to the supermarket, destroy all the robots, save everybody who has been kidnapped, and Matt will lead them to saftey. This is the first level where you can play someone else than David.

Edmund's Movie Theatre- Go inside Edmund's Movie Theatre defeat mutant creatures with an octopus like face, horns, large feet, hands and arms, and fight the rich evil coperate owner of the Edmund's Movie Thaetre chain Edmund as he transforms into a starnge giant worm like creature that shoots out projectiles while Larry helps you.

Bullseye- Go thourgh Bulleseye department store, fight flying mutant creatures with large wings that farts poisionus gas, go in a secret room (which is like a maze), and uncover a secret to find the area boss' hideout.

Bullseye Escape- Escape thourgh Bulleseye which is covered in green gloop and watch out for obstecles like enemies, shopping carts, falling objects, and out of control machinery.

David Underground- Go to the parking lot where David will be sent underground where cyborgs and other muntant creatures are at to find the area boss.

Boss: The Smoker 360- This boss is half robot and half mutant that can breath fire or poisonus gases, summon zombies, and can bring large montain like objects with spikes to come from the ground.

The Park

Park Panic- Go thourgh the Park to find an abandoned house which leads you to a secret basement in the house. The enemies are half robot half mutant creatures who have long nails and some who fly and shoot darts while Larry and Matt help you.

Basment Boundaries- Go inside the secret basment (which is a maze that looks like a Pac Man stage) defeat enemies, go inside a door (but don't forget the lantern because the room is dark) which leads you to a treasure chest, but the treasure chest contains an enemy so you have to find different treasure chests to find a gem that leads to a deep dark secret about the last area in the game. Thomas and Travis help you in this mission.

Let's Go Let's Go- Escape the basment with Thomas and Larry in under 9 minutes before the basment explodes.

Leads us to...- Go thourgh the Park and find the Natural History Museum where you have to go on your next mission. The enemies are robot with jetpacks who shoot lazers out of their eyes.

Natural History Trouble- Go inside the Natural History where you have to fight security guards and do stealth to sneak into a new exhibit where you hav to place the gem in a case without any one seeing you to go to the area boss.

Boss: Bill's Big Boy Statue- In this boss battle a staue of a hit resturant in the past comes to life beacuse the gem hit the statue which made him evil. You have to defeat hime while he goes all thourghout the museum making statues and paintings come to life. After the boss battle you head to the next and second to last area in the game.

Adventureworld Theme Park

Mecha-Max- Go inside the park, gain a machine that goes on David's back that shoots rockets, and defeat Mecha-Max on a rollercoaster.

Medival Land- Go in an area named Medival Land to find a machine destroying rides and taking merchandise and people with Travis and Matt helping you, but be carful the enemies in the levels are knights with swords and robots who can summon bigger robots with claws and wings.

The Lost Land- Go inside an area named The Lost Land which is a jungle themed area with mutants with four long arms and robot dinosaurs. You have to stop a T-Rex robot that breathes fire and wants to burm down a rollercoaster full of people.

Splash City- Go into Splash City and drive a golfcart to stop a monster from summoning different creatures like zombies and four armed horned mutants before they take over Splash City and make it into a destroyed land of nothingness.

Hurry Quick!- Escape the Adventureworld theme park from many different enemies from the game while driving a cart to get on the path to Max Power's Spaceship.

Here I go- Go from Adventureworld theme park all the way in David's neighborhood to get to the final area and final boss in the game.

Max Power's Green Spaceship

So very close- Go thourgh Max Power's entire spaceship to get to him while every enemy of the game appear and a new enemy in this mission are robots that can shoot little robots who fly and shoot darts and monsters who look like a Tank and Smoker from Left for Dead.

The Final Battle- Fight Max Power the final boss as he can summon any random enemy from the game, can shoot lazers, and has different kinds of fighting style and can summon Shadow David that can mimck every one of David's moves. After dfeating Max Power his ship exploes with David getting out of it and David walking thourgh a destroyed Middletown with David's friends, family, and resident cherring for him and Thomas saying the last quote in the game "Bro your the true hero of Middletown".


In the game you play as David (obviously) as you defeat crazy different kinds of enemies and stages. Each end of every area has a boss (except for Adventureworld) up until the final boss. Each time you kill an enemy who gain money and with that money you can buy items which are really helpful. Here are also helpful characters in the game such as Thomas, Travis, Larry, and Matt, but you can't ply as them unless you activate a cheat code. You have map showing where you are and where should you go. It normally takes 2, 3, or 4 hits to defeat an enemy and has really good hit detection. Your health meter goes from 18 and everytime you die you go to the checkpoint where you last were, there are no lives in the game which means there are no game overs. When your hurt you don't need health bars you can the health bar fills up on it's own There are cheat codes in the game and the two most famous ones are 1 hit kills and Character Switch. The game is up to four players and you can play as David, Matt, Thomas, Larry, or Travis as you can play missions with each other or have a battle. Everytime you defeat an enemy they disappear in a puff of somke. You can get items in the game by buying them in stores and the game is has free roam and when you want to go to a mission you have to go to the place your To-do list tells you to.


These items can be found in many different stores. These items are stored in your item menu.

Slingshot- 4 dollars

Ray Gun- 13 dollars

Baseball Bat- 7 dollars

Slegehammer- 12 dollars

Bomb- 15 dollars

Sword- 16 dollars

Axe- 14 dollars

Spear- 17 dollars

Boomerang- 9 dollars

Hockey Stick- 10 dollars

Crossbow- 18 dollars

Tomohawk- 21 dollars

Hammer- 5 dollars

Shovel- 20 dollars

Golf Club- 3 dollars

Brass Knuckles- 2 dollar

Crowbar- 23 dollars

Night Stick- 8 dollars

Jetpack- 53 dollars




Tennis Racket



Game Guy (which gives you messages held by Thomas or friends)


Sticky Bomb


Cheat Codes

David or others can activate cheat codes with their cell phones.

1 hit Kill- #2

What can it do: It takes one hit to kill an enemy.

Character Switch- #7

What can it do: When a helper is helping you on a mission you can switch to them, but if you win the mission David gets the credit.

Full Health- #5

What can it do: Restor your health

Motherload- #16

What can it do: Gives your character 100 dollars

Jumpboy- #13

What can it do: Makes your character jump higher

Midnight- #27

What can it do: Changes the time to midnight

Cloudy Clouds- #24

What can it do: Turns the sky cloudy

Noon- #25

What can it do: Changes the time to noon

Rainy Day- #26

What can it do- Change the weather to make it rain

Respawner- #13

What can it do: Respawn enemies quicker

Never Die- #42

What can it do: Your character can never die

Weak Enemies- #43

What can it do: Makes enemies more weaker

House Guest- #44

What can it do: Your character can go into any home in the city