The Coffin Year is a short mini series that began with the Dracyi issue of Fantendo - Showcase. It centers around Rachel Harel and Rubelline Tifft fighting against the Vampire Hunters, who become especially active after Dracyi Tifft's awakening. The series takes place at the beginning of the year that Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory takes place in, with Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory taking place in the December of that year where as this begins on New Year's Day and ends roughly a week after.


During Dracyi Tifft's awakening from her stone coffin, a Vampire Hunter by the name of Griffin Malor attempted to assassinate her but failed. With growing uncertainty among the Tiffts as they begin noting the activity of recent Vampire Hunter attacks, the Tiffts begin for war. Rubelline recruits the help of her close friend Rachel Harel and Crow to help her put an end to the Vampire Hunters and save the Tifft family, and by extension, all vampires.


The series will only be five issues long.

Issue 1: Hunters and Gatherers

Rubelline seeks for help as the Vampire Hunters begin to mobilize.

Rubelline slumps against the stairwell of her mansion. She's been restless for a couple hours now, her eyes clearly tired but yet her body remains awake, living in fear. Near her is Izuka and Haru, also restless and there to comfort her, but at this point there's not much they can do to make her feel safe.

Haru: ...Rubelline, you're going to be safe here.

Rubelline turns around.

Rubelline: He was in the tomb and none of us noticed.

Izuka and Haru pause.

Izuka: You're going to be safe here. I promise it.

Haru nods. Rubelline is hugged by them both, sighing deeply.

A large man by the name of Griffin is sitting down as a black woman and a man in a white plague doctor's mask dig out a red glowing katana embedded in his shoulder using blue energy.

Griffin: Ack.
Plague Doctor: Hold still.

A circle of blue energy surrounds the red katana, the black woman spinning her hards in a rhythmic fashion. The plague doctor puts on a "glove" made of blue energy and pulls the blade out. Griffin grunts.

Plague Doctor: There we go.

The black woman hugs Griffin as Griffin grunts.

Griffin: I just got something pulled out in that shoulder, Regine.

Regine, the woman, smirks.

Regine: Come on, big guy. You can take a hug, can't you?

The plague doctor dabs at his wound with the glove and whisks the glove off into existence. Regine

Griffin: Thank you, Dr. Vulture.

The plague doctor looks at him and presumably smiles.

Dr. Vulture: No problem.

Griffin grunts as he gets up.

Regine: Do you didn't get her, did you?

Griffin shakes his head.

Griffin: The family is much larger than I would expect… they keep adding new blood that adapts.
Regine: We can cut them down for size…

Regine summons a whip made of blue energy, flowing like water. Griffin and Dr. Vulture get up.

Dr. Vulture: Shouldn't you let Griffin rest first?

Griffin summons a giant sword that flows like water as well, lugging it over his back.

Griffin: I can handle it, Doc.

The two run off as Dr. Vulture cleans off his equipment, shaking his masked head.

A red haired girl with long rough-looking hair drops her lunch bag as two girls corner her in the hallway of the school.

Girl 1: What are you doing, huh?
Girl 2: Looking at us all funny like that?

The red-haired girl puts up her hands as a defensive tactic that doesn't seem to be working too well for her.

Red-Haired Girl: S-stop…
???: Hey!

A black haired girl wearing a green shirt walks up to the girls. They turn around.

Black-Haired Girl: Don't you two have better things to do?
Girl 1: She was looking at us all funny like. I ain't gonna stand for that.
Black-Haired Girl: It says a lot that you don't have time for homework, but you got time for this...

The girls scoff and leave. The black-haired girl crouches down to the red-haired girl, who nervously looks at her.

Black-Haired Girl: What's your name?
Red-Haired Girl: R-rubelline.

The black-haired girl nods and pulls Rubelline up.

Black-Haired Girl: Name's Rachel. Come on, classes are starting, do you want me to walk down with you?

Rubelline nods nervously as Rachel looks around and begins walking south.

Rubelline: O-oh, it's not that way…

Rachel turns around as the two walk down the hallway.

Rubelline knocks on the door of Rachel's apartment with Izuka and Haru.

Rubelline: Please be here… god. Please be here.

Rachel opens the door, staring at the three. She looks at Izuka.

Rachel: Hey, aren't you cold in that?

Izuka shrugs. Rachel welcomes them inside.

Rachel: What did you all three need from me?

Rubelline nervously turns to her, spinning her fingers.

Rubelline: There's uh… some Vampire Hunters after my family. With that whole Unten funeral, I thought maybe you could repay me a favor.
Rachel: O-oh… I'm not some super fighter guy, haha. You could get Strafe and Sakeena for that or I dunno… literally anybody else…

Rubelline hugs Rachel tightly.

Rubelline: I need you though… if you can't... that's fine but you protected me way before I was a vampire and… I need you to do it again.
Rachel: ...Vampire Hunters though? Look, we were… how do I put this… not as close as you thought maybe we were? I mean… look, I've done dangerous stuff yeah. These guys are specifically trained to hunt vampires- I don't even know how to operate a gun…

Rubelline pulls away from her a little.

Rachel: I just… I don't think I'm the right person for this.
Rubelline: You're probably right. I'm sorry for bothering you about this… I…

Rubelline sighs.

Rachel: ...How about I make some warm coffee for the three of you while you're here, huh?

Rubelline nods. Haru shrugs and Izuka closes the door. Rachel warms up the coffee machine.

Rachel: So who exactly are these guys anyway?

Rubelline sits on a stool near the kitchen countertop.

Rubelline: They're from 50 years ago, at least one of them. We found one in Dracyi's tomb last night and he would have nearly shot her and probably the rest of us up…
Izuka: I threw a red energy katana into his shoulder. Dude went down like a biiiii-
Rubelline: I recognized him though. He- he killed my girlfriend...

Rubelline looks like she's about to cry. Rachel quickly walks over to her to give her a hug.

Rubelline: S-sorry… just…

Rachel pats her on the back.

Rubelline: I'm really scared. Everyone is. I haven't seen Crow since the day after Christmas, god bless her, but I'm just so scared…

Rachel breathes deeply.

Rachel: Okay. I'll help.

Rubelline looks at her, her eyes wide open.

Rubelline: Really?
Rachel: Yeah. Let's get our coffee and I'll get the Shielding Gauntlets.

Rubelline smiles softly and hugs Rachel tightly.

Rubelline: Thank you.

In a rural county away from civilization, a Liligant and a woman in a lab coat tend inside a greenhouse.

Lilligant: Hey, Rose.

The woman in the lab coat perks up from watering some flowers.

Rose: Yes, Lillian?
Lillian: Do we have a good idea of what we're doing in case… you know… worst comes to worst…
Rose: You can't use ambiguous phrases with me, you know that.
Lillian: Right, right, yeah. In case those fucking vampire hunters come in. That's what I meant to say.
Rose: Oh… hm. Not really. Should probably prepare a defense.

Rose blasts some Red Energy into the ground, creating a wall of Red Energy thorns and bristles that covers the greenhouse and house connected to it.

Rose: I won't be able to hold up for too long but… it should give you some comfort, right?

Lillian nods happily.

Lillian: Let's go eat some dinner.
Rose: Sounds good to me! They probably won't find us anyway.

The two leave through the door of the greenhouse. Griffin and Regine step out from the trees near the greenhouse and destroy part of the barrier with blue energy before smashing in the window and entering inside.

Issue 2: Witch Hunt

Rubelline and Rachel attempt to track down the Vampire Hunters with Crow, but they find they may be too late to find them.

Rachel puts on the Shielding Gauntlets as Rubelline looks out the window. Haru is scrolling on her tablet and drinking wine when she suddenly puts down her glass of wine, attracting the attention of everyone.

Haru: ...Lillian and Rose were attacked.
Rubelline: That's… not far from here.
Izuka: Are they okay?
Haru: Things are looking dire. We need to teleport over there.
Rachel: We can do that?
Haru: It takes a lot of energy for me. Nobody else really knows how to do either, and for that matter I don't want people wasting energy every time they strike. But… we need to see them.

Rachel nods. Haru opens a red colored portal and steps inside, the rest following inside.

Griffin and Regine are heading towards the Washington Coast. As they approach the shore line, Griffin thrusts his hand forward, the water solidifiying into a blue brick bridge of sorts. The two walk forward.

Griffin: Let's get a move on. They can't be too far back from us.

Regine nods.

Regine: We didn't do a very through job with that last one.
Griffin: It's through enough. It'll keep them busy while we remain that step ahead.
Regine: Alright, if you say so, big guy.

Griffin smirks as the two run over the water, forming a bridge.

Rubelline, Rachel, Izuka, and Haru climb out of the portal and open the door to the greenhouse. Rubelline runs over to a comatose Rose, who is being patched up with bandages by Lillian.

Lillian: The hell are you doing here?
Haru: We needed to see if you were alright or not.
Lillian: We're not. She got stabbed pretty bad.
Rubelline: Oh god…

Rachel and Izuka turn their heads as Lillian reveals the cut.

Lillian: She needs blood. Thankfully we have some but… it's gonna be one hell of a recovery even if we use it all to heal her. And I don't want that green eyed doe to be giving up her blood- this is my fault and I gotta fix it.
Rachel: Green eyed doe?
Lillian: Take it as a compliment sweetheart.
Rubelline: What should we do?
Lillian: You can start by getting the hell out of here. Who knows what other creeps are out here. The two hunters that were just here were talking about a little trip to Hawaii, so they're probably after Uluwehi and Ekewaka.
Izuka: Uluwehi and Ekewaka? Oh god.
Lillian: Yeah, get moving.
Haru: I… ack, can't. I need to sit down and rest, oh god…

Haru is sweating badly, looking sickly as she chugs down some wine.

Lillian: Bah. That's what happens when you just drink wine, you fucking-
Haru: Shush, shush…

Lillian rolls her eyes and motions for the other three to get moving. They nod and take off.

A girl is playing around with the waves using her red energy powers, the tide turning red as she does. A man in a lawn chair is relaxing in the sun.

Man: Uluwehi, please do something more productive if you're going to use your powers.

The girl, Uluwehi, frowns as she swirls the water around her hips, dancing. The man isn't pleased.

Man: Uluwehi, please. I think we both know that I'm not here much longer for this world and it's because I wasted my powers.
Uluwehi: I'm practicing my dancing for tonight- can't I have any fun or is being the daughter of the great Ekewaka mean I'm not allowed to?

The man, Ekewaka, frowns.

Uluwehi: Well?
Ekewaka: It's not that you can't have any- I just want you to be ready to lead. We are the only Tiffts with the power over the currents. We are one of the very few who can even stand the sun's powerful rays.

Uluwehi drops the red water into the sand and heads to the house.

Ekewaka: Uluwehi...

Uluwehi turns around as Ekewaka waves, motioning her to come over to him. She begrudgingly does.

Ekewaka: Be safe.

Ekewaka hugs her tight. Uluwehi hugs her father back.

Uluwehi: You don't need to worry about that… who's going even come for us? We're all the way out in Hawaii!

Griffin and Regine are halfway through their trip, still running against the water and forming their bridge.

Griffin: Admittedly, I probably could have chosen a closer target…
Regine: Could you? My feet are killing me.
Griffin: We'll stop for a moment.

The two rest on the ice. Regine sits down.

Griffin: That better?

Regine nods as she puts her head on his shoulder. He squirms a little.

Regine: Oh what, can't stand the touch of a woman?
Griffin: N-no.
Regine: Anyway, why are we heading for those two anyway?
Griffin: They're the ocean Tiffts. Probably one of the more powerful members the Tifft family has- they could reflect any water we throw at them and that's not good news.
Regine: Oh I see. So, the idea is to strike them while they least expect it because they probably won't plan for two crazy vampire hunters to strike them while they're down.
Griffin: That's… more or less the plan, yes.
Regine: Maybe you are smarter than I think.

Regine giggles as she gets up.

Regine: I'm ready to go.

Griffin nods as they start running across the water.

Rachel, Rubelline, and Izuka head to a storage warehouse, under the direction of Rachel.

Izuka: Hang on, we aren't going to a airport?
Rachel: Nope. It'll take too long. We need to take a shortcut.
Izuka: I'm very confused as to where this is going.
Rubelline: Rachel is very smart, I'm sure she knows what she's doing…
Izuka: If you say so.

Izuka tilts her head to the side, grumbling about Rachel and her apparent smartness as they enter inside. They walk forward until they meet a black woman with red hair- the ever bombastic Bang Crimson.

Rachel: We need to borrow the motorcycles. Mine's in the shop and also like, half a hundred miles from here. Please.
Bang: You wouldn't give me the time of day if it was otherwise, huh.
Rachel: Bang…
Bang: Well?
Rachel: Look, I really do admire you as a friend. I'm sorry we don't get to talk very often outside of the races and I'm sorry about that one night… I just… I'm really not looking for a relationship but I really do respect you as everything else. I'm not just saying that to say that, I mean it.

Bang appears to be moved a little. Rubelline puts her hand on her own arm shyly.

Bang: Oh, what the hell. Well, okay, one thing before I lend you those two motorcycles.
Rachel: What is it? We're running out of time.
Bang: I want you to kiss me on the lips.

Rachel shrugs as she kisses Bang on the lips. Bang hands her the keys as the lips meet and they pull away as Rachel gets two motorcycles and three helmets.

Rachel: Have any of you two ridden a motorcycle before?

Izuka raises her hand.

Rachel: Well, here you go.

Rachel tosses Izuka the keys. Izuka grins as Rachel puts on the helmet and Rubelline puts on hers, getting on the motorcycle. Izuka starts hers as she puts on the helmet, getting a rough start but eventually getting the hang of it as she follows Rachel out of the storage warehouse. Bang just grins as she heads into the warehouse, punching at a bag with her fists, slamming it off the chain.

Lillian and Haru look at Rose's body, stitching up the wound with Red Energy.

Lillian: God, I hope she's okay.
Haru: Seems like a lot of effort for just a servant effort.
Lillian: What the hell are you implying?

Lillian crosses her arms.

Haru: Oh come on, I know it when I see it. You have a "secret" crush on her but you kind of don't wanna risk ruining the relationship you already have because you're okay with just having that, but deep down you want more.
Lillian: Fuck, okay, you nailed it.
Haru: I know how to read more than the stock market. Anyway, when she wakes up, you should just get off your chest. Value the time you have. I dunno how much of it is left.

Lillian starts crying and nods her head, hugging Haru.

Haru: Ah jeez. Well, hopefully you do it.
Lillian: I will, I will, you're absolutely right…

Haru smiles.

Rachel and Rubelline speed down a dirt path, heading towards the shore as Izuka trails behind. Suddenly, something darts out from the woods and in front of them, causing Rachel to hit the brakes as she swerves out. Izuka does the same but spins out, falling off the motorcycle, but protected by the armor.

Rachel: What the hell-? Is that a woman?
Rubelline: Crow?

Crow hisses as she looks at Rachel but calms as she looks at Rubelline. Rubelline hugs her.

Rachel: What is… this exactly?
Rubelline: Oh haha, long story… Crow's been coming over to my house for the past couple months and I guess we're dating? Maybe? I think we have a thing going on.
Crow: I guess you could call it that.
Rubelline: Oh god, where have you been…?
Crow: It's been like a week… I don't have to go to your house every night…
Rubelline: Sorry… something just came up recently and I really wanted you there and…

Rubelline sobs as she hugs Crow tight as Rachel watches curiously. Izuka purses her lips as she walks in a circle.

Rachel: Wait, so you two are dating but you weren't there to comfort her?
Crow: Oh how the hell was I supposed to know? The Online? I don't got that when I'm buttnaked in the woods!
Rachel: Look, I'm gonna try and be non-judgemental but so far I don't think this relationship is off to a good start.
Crow: What are you, her mom?

Crow hugs Rubelline back, staring at Rachel as she pats her back.

Crow: Anyway, what are you doing up so late with motorcycles anyway?
Rachel: We're going to Hawaii.
Crow: How the hell are you gonna…?
Rachel: Hop on Izuka's motorcycle and find out, I guess.
Crow: Mm, alright.

The group reforms on the motorcycles and takes off.

Ekewaka and Uluwehi are washing fruit as the day turns into night.

Ekewaka: Sorry about that. Just with the attempted murders as of late… I wanna make sure you know what you'll do in case I… well, die.
Uluwehi: What's up with you and your fear of dying so suddenly? Is there something you wanna tell me about?
Ekewaka: Just me being paranoid… I had a dream, with a strange man. He was all black, and he looked just absolutely disgusting but he told me a disgusting a story about having to use rats as toilet paper and then the tides turned all red… I was in a casket and you were there, crying as you pushed it away and you didn't know what to do after I died… that dream haunts me constantly.
Uluwehi: It's just a dream, makuakāne.
Ekewaka: I suppose… it felt so real.

Uluwehi cuts up a pineapple with a knife made out of red ice.

Uluwehi: I'll be just fine, makuakāne.
Ekewaka: Promise that, please.
Uluwehi: I promise.

The two sit down at a table, cutting up a squid and giggling as they enjoy their meal.

Griffin and Regine arrive at the shore of Hawaii, walking up the sand as Griffin encases his fist in ice.

Griffin: We're finally here.

Regine nods as she pulls her sword and slings it over her back, the inherent holy water glowing and glinting off the sword.

Griffin: Let's do this.

Rachel & Rubelline and Izuka & Crow reach the shore of Washington. Night falls on the shore.

Rachel: Alright, there should be a big red button at the edge of the handle on the right.
Izuka: Oh, shit, what does that do?
Rachel: This.

Rachel presses it and accelerates the motorcycle across the water at a incredible speed, skidding up and down the water. Rubelline screams and giggles as she hugs Rachel tighter.

Izuka: What?

Crow growls as she slams Izuka's hand across the button, propelling them across the water. Izuka quickly holds down the button as they skid up and down the water.

Izuka: Oh god!
Rachel: Bang showed me this a while back, pretty cool huh? It's using Red Energy to power off the water with that speed. It's really fast, we'll be there pretty much in no time.

Uluwehi and Ekewaka hear footsteps outside.

Uluwehi: They're here?
Ekewaka: How in the…

The two look outside the window. The father sighs as he forms red bubbles out of the sink and forms a knife out water.

Uluwehi: Makuakāne, don't, I can… handle this.
Ekewaka: They're vampire hunters. I'm not leaving you alone out there.

Uluwehi sighs as she gets out the door and follows her father.

Rachel and Izuka get to the shores of Hawaii. They run to Uluwehi and Ekewaka's home, only to witness the final moments of the battle; Ekewaka stabs Griffin in the side of his chest and Regine slams her sword into Ekewaka's chest, killing him. Ekewaka lays dead as Griffin and Regine run and Rubelline and the others run towards the body.

Rubelline: Oh god.
Uluwehi: Run after them, just go. I'll deal with this.

The waves engulfs the two as Uluwehi cries. Rachel, Rubelline, Izuka look back as they run after the two vampire hunters. Uluwehi cradles her father's body close.

Issue 3: Repair

Rachel, Crow, Izuka, and Rubelline chase after the wounded Griffin, who is being assisted with Regine. Rachel growls as a blue portal opens.

Rachel: We gotta stop them, right here and right now-

A blue dart whizzes into Izuka, piercing her in the shoulder. She falls unconscious. Crow snarls and runs on all fours, pulling out her blade.

Regine: Oh?

Crow attempts to jump and slash into Regine, but Regine slams her with a blue energy attack that hits her right in the chest. Crow staggers back, before running off into the woods.

Rachel: Oh god, Crow…
Rubelline: CROW!!!

Crow looks back before continuing to run.

Rubelline: Crow…

Rachel pats Rubelline on the shoulder as the blue portal closes with Griffin and Regine inside.

Rachel: Well… we'll get them next time. I think we have a more… pressing situation at the moment.

Rachel and Rubelline stare at Izuka's body, which is covered in sand and is unconscious.

Rubelline: Well… here we go. We need someone to look at her.

Rubelline nods. Rubelline and Rachel pick up Izuka and get on the bike to head to Leah's hospital.

Regine pulls up Griffin's shirt. We can see Dr. Vulture put away a blow dart gun and a mysterious blue haired woman come close to the two.

Regine: That's a bad wound.
Mysterious Woman: Yes… that will take quite the time to heal. Even for me… that's pretty deep cut.
Regine: Mother Mary… I can't take them on alone.
Mother Mary: Oh… you won't have to.

A blonde haired man comes forward, licking his lips.

Regine: Who is that?
Mother Mary: While you were busy murdering those two Tiffts, we got a new recruit. Former felon Ethan Muthor… he has quite the knack for murdering vampires already… after all, that's how he got in jail to begin with.
Ethan: Heh heh.
Regine: ...charmed.
Mother Mary: I'm not going to be able teleport you anywhere NEAR the Tifft Family Mansion, but I can get you fairly close.

Regine stares at Griffin.

Regine: You gonna be okay?
Griffin: Yeah… I'll come back stronger than ever. You'll see.

Regine smiles.

Regine: Alright, then.

Rachel and Rubelline open the doors of Leah's hospital, still hoisting up Izuka's body up. X-Ray, at the reception desk glances around.

X-Ray: L-Leah?

Groaning can be heard in the distance as Leah walks out into the hallway. X-Ray slinks back into her chair, playing her 3DS as Rachel and Rubelline look to Leah.

Rachel: She might be hurt, we don't know-
Rubelline: Please, you gotta help my sister. She got hit with a dart and just-
Leah: Crikes. Ya'll don't gotta beg me to look at her, jeez.

Leah motions for the two to follow her as they set down Izuka's body on a hospital examining table. Leah pokes the sleeping dart.

Leah: Yeah… that's typically used for rhinos. That'll put you right out. One drop will numb the left side of your face. Hah… yeah.
Rachel: So… she'll be fine?
Leah: I guess? I dunno, what do you want me to do, cut her open? She'll wake up eventually.
Rubelline: It doesn't make sense for them just to use a rhino dart…
Rachel: Oh yeah, shit. Maybe you should look at it closer.
Leah: Mm. Alright, I guess I'll do my job.

Leah takes the dart out, some Blue Energy seeping out from the tip.

Leah: Oh… hrm.

Leah opens up a cupboard filled with various knick-knacks, such as shrunken heads and Bermuda Triangle oddities and pokes the tip in a canister of red swirling energy.

Leah: Yeah! That's… cancelling out like I thought. Who the hell are you fighting that has Blue Energy? That shit's… rare.
Rubelline: Vampire hunters.
Leah: I guess that makes sense. Alright, so I gotta remove a lot of the Blue Energy out of her body. I can probably do that if there's a supply of Red Energy that's enough to cancel it out. And I know I don't have enough at this rate… but you answer this really quickly. Can blood create Red Energy?
Rubelline: Yeah…
Leah: And it won't power the Blue Energy, right?
Rubelline: I mean… we don't really know much about Blue Energy but I assume so…?
Leah: Eh, fuck it, it's worth the shot. X-RAY, GIVE ME SOME OF THOSE BLOOD DONATIONS!
Rachel: Wait, who the fuck is donating blood to you?
Leah: Your mistake is assuming it was meant for me.

X-Ray wheels in a couple of a blood bags attached to a IV pole.

Leah: Thank you, sweetie.

Leah kisses X-Ray on the cheek and X-Ray giggles. Leah hooks it up to Izuka and pumps the blood inside.

Leah: Aaaannd…

Izuka wakes up, choking as she is startled awake. Her hands glow with Red Energy before she slams back into the hospital table.

Izuka: What's going on…?
Leah: I saved your life.
Izuka: Oh. Nice!

Izuka delivers a thumbs up weakly.

Leah: Yeah, it's going to take a little time to recover.

Leah deattaches a blood bag from the IV pole and sticks a straw in it.

Leah: Drink that and you should be fine.

Izuka nods as she starts sipping, getting up.

Rubelline: Thank you…
Leah: Second time I had to deal with a supernatural injury like that.
Rachel: What was the first time?
Leah: With that Mara girl. Didn't Strafe tell you about that? Aren't you two still dating?
Rachel: We ended that… years ago.


Issue 4: A Flame Blown Out

The Vampire Hunters do the unthinkable.

Issue 5: The Dark Storm

A dark storm rages on with anger from both sides. Conclusion.



  • The series is one of the shortest Fantendo - Drive series ever.
  • All four issues were planned to come out during January, however this did not end up happening due to complications involving college.
    • On April 25th, the series was given a fifth issue to help pace the story better. It will come out when each issue is ready, but it will be a primary focus alongside Victory.
  • The series is technically six issues long accounting the Dracyi prolouge in Fantendo - Showcase but the first issue recaps the events enough that it isn't necessary for reading the story.
  • Rubelline references the events of A Flash Beorn Our Eyes when trying to get Rachel to join her. This funeral ended up being completely unneccesary, as Unten wasn't dead.
  • Rachel mentions the events of One Snail Over All when talking to Bang Crimson, specifically the night they shared togethet.
  • Washington really is across the sea from Hawaii, although it would take you 10 hours from shore to shore. Since this is a fantasy story involving magical powers, it's probably not the best idea to stress the math; theres no way they could run that long at the speed required and if you used a motorcycle to ride over the water, you would die from drowning instead of riding on top of it at unrealistic speeds that would kill people with g-force whiplash.
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