The Cinema Trip is the fifth episode in the second season of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in July 2016.


While Kirsti and Leah are on their honeymoon, the team go off to see a few movies.


The episode starts with the team in their house, with Tayshaun and Nikolai sat in the living room with Nikolai holding a beer.

Tayshaun: How does your arm not bother you?
Nikolai: I'm used to pain. A broken arm's nothing.
Tayshaun: I wish I had your bravery. I had to pull out of a contest because I sprained a toe once.
Nikolai: I once dislocated my shoulder and twisted an ankle and still climbed a mountain.
Tayshaun: Jeez. You've got the most balls out of us all. Sleeping with Jess, climbing mountains, hockey...
Nikolai: I'm a soft guy on the outside but tough in reality.
Tayshaun: Huh.

The camera then shows Amy and Blaze in another room.

Amy: So, are you and Skye still suspended?
Blaze: Neither of our parents have gone to talk to the headteacher and no one has said anything about it.
Amy: Hmm. I can go in tomorrow and talk your teacher into letting you back in.
Blaze: You can try, but I doubt he'll listen.
Amy: Okay. It's Tayshaun's birthday tomorrow too.
Blaze: Really?
Amy: Yup.
Blaze: Huh. You got anything for him?

Amy holds up tickets to a Phoenix Suns playoff game.

Blaze: Oh, nice.
Amy: I've worked with him for 5 months, I know what he likes. Got a ticket for his fiancee too.
Blaze: Aww, that's sweet.
Amy: I'm a sweet person.
Blaze: True. Jerry's lucky to have you.
Amy: Thanks.

Blaze smiles as the scene fades out.

Tayshaun is seen walking downstairs early in the morning as he turns a light on. He is shown to start growing a beard as he sees the team out of nowhere.

Everyone: Surprise!
Tayshaun: Gah!

He stumbles back as everyone laughs as Etinésa walks out of the group to go over to him.

Tayshaun: Etinésa?
Etinésa: Happy birthday, soon-to-be husband.

She kisses him on the cheek as he blushes.

Krystal: We all decided to throw you a party for your birthday. Even though we were cursed with never aging, we can still celebrate birthdays anyway. So, we decided to treat you because Flynn told us you felt "hero withdrawal".
Tayshaun: Thanks.
Amy: I got a little gift for you too.

She hands Tayshaun the tickets to the Suns game.

Tayshaun: Whoa, thanks!
Amy: No problem.
Skye: We're going to the AMC on Disneyland Drive too.
Tayshaun: Isn't that place expensive as all hell?
Alex: Amy has us covered.
Tayshaun: Oh, cool.
Krystal: Me and Amy have some business to take care of, so you guys enjoy the cinema.
Skye: What business?
Amy: We're getting you and Blaze un-suspended.
Skye: Oh. Well, good luck.

They then hear angry grunts and loud footsteps.

Skye: Sounds like Jess is up.
Amy: Yup.

Jess storms downstairs into the living room.

Jess: You fucking woke me up, you fucking dicks!

Tayshaun looks at her as Jess gives him a dirty look.

Tayshaun: Is that how you treat everyone no matter what day it is?
Jess: Pretty fucking much. Happy fucking birthday, by the way.
Tayshaun: Thanks.

Amy and Krystal are seen going to Skye and Blaze's high school.

Amy: Did you have to pick the stuff you picked?

Krystal is in her usual jacket zipped up, but has gloves on, different pants and black high heeled boots.

Krystal: Yeah. Why not?

Amy shrugs as they arrive at the school and go to reception.

Krystal: Yeah, we're here to talk to the head of this place.

The receptionist picks up a phone and calls the head of the school.

Receptionist: He will see you now.

The two walk through to see Mr. Rodriguez in his office.

Mr. Rodriguez: Who is this concerning?
Amy: Bethany Caballero and Petra Zednik.

Mr. Rodriguez narrows his eyes.

Krystal: What?
Mr. Rodriguez: They were suspended for good cause.
Amy: Petra did nothing and Bethany can't control her powers. I'd say that's unfair.
Mr. Rodriguez: What do you know, you're just a kid.

Krystal pulls out a gun.

Amy: Krystal, no.
Krystal: Ugh, fine.

She puts the gun back.

Amy: Just, listen. Bethany and Petra are good people and Petra is close to finishing high school. Don't make her go through her last year again.
Mr. Rodriguez: Hmm.
Krystal: ...Are you even listening to what she's saying?
Mr. Rodriguez: ...What?

Krystal, aggravated, pulls the gun out again.

Krystal: Lift their suspension or I pull this goddamn trigger.
Mr. Rodriguez: Why should I?

Krystal cocks the gun.

Mr. Rodriguez: Okay, okay! tell them they can come back Monday.

Krystal nods as she and Amy walk out of the school and high five.

Skye and Blaze are seen in Blaze's heavy duty vehicle going toward the cinema.

Skye: I hope Amy got our suspensions lifted.
Blaze: Same. I'm just hoping Mr. Rodriguez doesn't pull some bullshit.

Skye gets a text from Amy, which reads "We got your suspension lifted".

Skye: Looks like they did it.
Blaze: Nice.

Skye puts her head back as a woman is seen in Anaheim, trudging through a blizzard. She opens the door to a house as a news report is seen about the "worst snow in California history". A young Skye is seen running around.

Skye's mother: Bethany!

Skye stops for a second.

Young!Skye: Huh?
Skye's mother: Have you got something to do with this snow?
Young!Skye: No, why?

Skye's mother points her to the window as Skye flicks her hand and the blizzard gets worse as Skye's mother glares at her.

Young!Skye: Mommy, I swear I didn't know I had these powers, honest!

Skye hugs her mother as present day Skye is shown.

Skye: Hey Blaze, were you still living in the Czech Republic in 2003?
Blaze: Nah, I was in L.A. by then. How come?
Skye: I created the worst snow season for California then.
Blaze: Huh.
Skye: It's also how I found out how I had cryokinesis.
Blaze: Nice.

Blaze looks ahead to see the cinema.

Blaze: Looks like we're here.
Skye: Yup.

The two park as they get out and the others are seen behind them.

Alex and Laura are seen near the cinema in Alex's car.

Alex: So... how was your night with Dani?
Laura: It was... amazing. She's the second woman to have ever made my heart race with excitement.
Alex: Second? Who's the first?
Laura: Take a guess.

Alex looks confused.

Laura: ...Krystal.
Alex: Oh.
Laura: She's really beautiful, to be honest. We share a surprising amount of things in common in terms of appearance.

Alex gets a visual in her head of Danielle and Laura side-by-side.

Alex: You do. Huh.
Laura: Hmm. How was the night with Matt? I heard you two got real loud.
Alex: Uh. Y-yeah.

Alex's face goes red in embarrassment.

Laura: Don't worry, me and Dani got a bit loud too.

Laura and Alex chuckle.

Alex: Those guys are great allies.
Laura: Yup.

The two park and walk to the others.

Nina: So, what're you guys gonna watch?
Skye: There's some documentary about a school, I'm gonna see that.
Blaze: Same.

Jess grunts in agreement.

Nina: Alright.

The others consider their movie choices and the cinema is shown, with Barry and Taylor being seen a bit away from them.

Barry: Do you wanna see The Jungle Book.
Taylor: Eh, I guess.
Barry: Alright.

Amy and Krystal are seen on the way to the cinema as Amy looks at Krystal.

Krystal: What?
Amy: Did you really have to pull the gun out on that guy?
Krystal: It worked, didn't it?
Amy: True. So, I heard you trying to lift weights on Sunday.
Krystal: Really?
Amy: Yeah. I heard you straining to hell and back and some of what I'm presuming was Spanish cursing.
Krystal: Shit.
Amy: Don't worry, we all embarrass ourselves.
Krystal: Not over the inability to lift 30lbs though.

Amy starts to snigger.

Krystal: Shut up, you have enhanced abilities so you can't say shit about me.
Amy: Okay, sorry.

Krystal puts her head back.

Amy: ...Oh shit.
Krystal: ...What?

Amy points forward to show a blockade.

Krystal: ...So what?
Amy: Look at the side of the trucks.

Krystal rubs her eyes to see "D'Angelo & Sons".

Krystal: Oh fuck. Hoe did they-?
Amy: They must've tracked my car. Don't know how, though.

They pull over as Mr. D'Angelo comes out of a truck.

Krystal: What the fuck are you wanting?
Mr. D'Angelo: Revenge.
Krystal: For what? Catching your sources?
Mr. D'Angelo: Dead on.
Amy: Just because it's just us two doesn't mean you can beat us instantly.
Mr. D'Angelo: Oh, I beg to differ.

D'Angelo opens a door, with a soldier running at them suddenly.

Krystal: Think that'll hurt us?

Krystal shoots a bullet through the soldiers head, killing him instantly.

Amy: D'Angelo, you should know me and Krystal like the back of your robotic hand.
Mr. D'Angelo: And you should know your secret can't be held behind your life forever.
Krystal: Secret?
Mr. D'Angelo: Your good friend Amy isn't from precious little Nashville.
Krystal: I mean, that's not much of a secret but-
Mr. D'Angelo: She's from Mars. In the future.
Krystal: If you're trying to get me to turn on Amy, it ain't working.

Amy, enraged by D'Angelo, slams her fist into his face, knocking him back.

Mr. D'Angelo: That's a nice punch you have there. Did your robot brain give it to you?
Amy: Fuck off, D'Angelo!

She picks him up and throws him into one of the trucks.

Krystal: Uh, Amy, you're making a bit of a scene.

Amy clenches her fists and screams out in frustration. She then walks back to her car and gets a battering ram and hurls it at the trucks, clearing the path.

Krystal: ...I have never seen you get angry before.
Amy: (in between heavy breaths) Hardly anyone has.
Krystal: Huh.

D'Angelo gets back up but Krystal slams him into a wall telekinetically, knocking him out.

Amy: C'mon, let's go.

The two get back in Amy's car as they go to the cinema.

Amy and Krystal are seen going into the cinema.

Krystal: Fuck, all the movies are in.
Amy: Dammit.
Krystal: So was that shit D'Angelo saying true?
Amy: (sighing) Yes. I'm from the future, where he's like the dictator of Mars.
Krystal: ...Whoa. How far ahead?
Amy: Born in 2998.
Krystal: Cool...
Amy: The cyborg part was true too. My brain's a database.
Krystal: Don't you have psychic powers?
Amy: Yes.
Krystal: So you're a... psyborg?

Amy looks at Krystal disapprovingly, as they hear Jess scream at the top of her lungs and kick the screen room's door down.

Amy: Well that totally wasn't gonna-

Skye is seen clinging onto Jess' legs, of whom is storming out of the theater toward her car.

Skye: Jess, stop!
Jess: Fuck no!

Skye looks down at her own feet and slams them against the ground, putting her legs in ice blocks and bringing Jess to the floor.

Jess: Get the fuck off me!

She shoves Skye away and walks to her car, ripping the steel door to the driver's seat clean off and drives away.

Krystal: Where's she going?
Skye: Santa Ana.
Amy: Why?
Skye: The film we decided to watch was a documentary of her second high school and Jess was a big segment.
Krystal: Why would they show a documentary in a cinema?
Skye: I don't know.

Amy picks up the door Jess ripped off.

Amy: She must've been really pissed if she managed to rip this off without effort.
Skye: Oh, she was. She broke a guy's leg when he was trying to contain her.
Krystal: Jeez.

Amy shakes her head.

D'Angelo is seen walking up to the theater.

D'Angelo: Silly Amy, thinking she'd get away from me...

He laughs as he walks in as Amy notices him.

Amy: Oh, fuck no!
Krystal: Wha-

Krystal then notices D'Angelo herself.

Krystal: ...Fuck.
D'Angelo: Oh, Jackson. Always got the plan, haven't you? But you know you can't rid yourself of me.

Krystal pulls her gun out.

Krystal: Back off, or I shoot.
D'Angelo: Like you'd-

Krystal shoots at D'Angelo's robotic arm, making it malfunction.

Krystal: ...What's going on with his arm?
Amy: He's a cyborg like me. Everyone in the future is a cyborg.
Krystal: Oh.

Amy then slams into D'Angelo, sending him into a bunch of crates. He looks up to see Taylor and Barry.

D'Angelo: And you are?
Taylor: Taylor Jamison.
Barry: Barry Robinson.

D'Angelo hears "Barry" and jumps up, getting in a fighting stance.

D'Angelo: Cross told me about you.
Taylor: Fuck, are you D'Angelo?

D'Angelo nods as Krystal shoves him to the ground. D'Angelo then sees Amy, Krystal, Barry and Taylor looking over him.

D'Angelo: Foolish humans, thinking you can scare me.

Taylor then forms a gun out of fire.

Taylor: Have a nice day, motherfucker.

She shoots a bullet into his robotic arm, causing it to catch fire. He runs away in pain as Taylor smirks and Amy, Barry and Krystal look at her.

Amy: That.
Barry: Was.
Krystal: Badass.
Taylor: Thanks.

She and Barry then walk off toward the screen showing The Jungle Book as Amy and Krystal look on in awe.

Krystal: She was hot.

Blaze is seen sat in her car, playing Hellberg through the radio as Alex goes up to and knocks on the passenger door.

Blaze: You have to scan your hand!

Alex looks at the car door to see a hand scanner. She puts her hand on as a device pops up, saying "Alex Schmidt". Blaze hits a button and the door opens as Alex gets in the passenger seat.

Alex: This is a high tech car you've got.
Blaze: Yup. Got it when I passed my driving test. The government gave it to me.
Alex: Cool.
Blaze: This is like a one stop thing for me when I need to do missions. Or when I have to go out to Tucson to meet new agents firsthand.
Alex: Tucson?
Blaze: It's in Arizona. Usually a 7 hour drive nonstop.
Alex: Huh. I'm curious, how did your car know who I was?
Blaze: One night I saw you crashed on the couch so I got your hand print while you were sleeping.
Alex: That sounds creepy. Although it'd explain why I had a leathery feeling on my hand that one time.
Blaze: ...Anyway, I hooked up the identity thing in front of me and registered you.
Alex: Huh.

The music continues to play.

Alex: What is this song?
Blaze: It's Hellberg.
Alex: Who?
Blaze: He's a musician. Does stuff like house and electro music.
Alex: Huh. My music is more like that Sydney Peterson chick...
Blaze: What kind of stuff does she do?
Alex: Country-rock.
Blaze: Huh.

The two listen to the music as they sit.

Alex: Wait, didn't you get offered a place in the FBI?

Blaze's eyes go wide as she checks her phone to see a missed call from the FBI. The outside of the car is then shown.

Blaze: FUCK!

Jess is seen in her car, driving toward Santa Ana.

Jess: Those fucking bastards are going to fucking pay.

She then turns her radio on to blast death metal throughout the car. A younger Jess is then seen, walking through the halls of Santa Ana High School with people looking and laughing at her.

Jess: All these idiots, they won't be laughing soon.

She walks into a room as a teacher is seen, turning to Jess.

Teacher: You're late.
Jess: By five seconds! I can't be fucking perfect!

The other students look to see Jess.

Student: Uh oh, it's Pierce.

A couple of students hide as Jess looks clearly annoyed.

Teacher: Don't act smart with me, Jessica.
Jess: Don't call me Jessica.
Teacher: Why not, Jessica?

Jess growls as her eyes go red and more students hide. A loud scream is heard as a student walks past the door and hears the scream.

Jess: Eat fire, bitch!

A pyrokinetic blast is seen going out of the class as Jess is seen being held back by fellow students. Current day Jess is then seen arriving at the high school, storming in.

Teacher: Ma'am, you need-

Jess then turns around, her eyes like flames.

Teacher: Oh no. Are you Jessica Pierce?

Jess grits her teeth as her eyes go wild in rage as she attempts to control her rage.

Jess: I'm here to see the fucking principal of this fucking place.

The teacher then directs her to the office of the principal.

Principal: Can I help?

Jess grabs the principal and throws him against a wall.

Jess: (yelling) What gave you the fucking right to think I'd be fucking okay with you fucking making a documentary with me as the fucking main topic?!
Principal: We... didn't think you'd find out.
Jess: Well fucking think next time, you fucking piece of shit!

The outside of the school is shown as the principal is heard screaming and police sirens are heard.

Amy and Skye are seen in the parking lot, with Skye putting her feet in the sunlight.

Amy: Do you think the guys in that school are gonna be okay?
Skye: ...You're asking that about someone Jess has a grudge with?
Amy: True.

A young boy is seen going over to Amy and Skye.

Amy: Uh... hey.
Boy: Are you Amy Jackson?
Amy: One of many Amy Jacksons, yes.
Boy: Are you the Amy Jackson with the cool cyber suit thing?
Amy: Yes.
Boy: Awesome! Can I get your autograph?
Amy: Uh... sure, I guess.

The boy gives Amy a piece of paper and a pen as Amy signs it.

Boy: You know, you look rather pretty...
Amy: Heh. Nice try, kiddo, but I'm taken.
Boy: Aw.
Amy: Don't worry, you'll find a girl soon. I can assure you that.
Boy: Thank you, ma'am.

The boy walks away, looking at the paper with Amy's signature.

Skye: That was kinda cute.
Amy: Yeah. That's only the second time I've been asked for a signature.
Skye: Seco- Oh yeah, Ashlee.

Amy then gets a call. She looks at her phone to see Jess' number and answers.

Amy: Hey Jess, what's up?
Jess: I need you to fucking bail me out.
Amy: Huh?
Jess: I was fucking arrested.
Amy: ...Shit. I'll be on the way.

Amy hangs up and turns to Skye.

Amy: Do you want to go to Santa Ana?
Skye: Eh, sure.

The two walk to Amy's car as they set off toward Santa Ana.

Blaze and Alex are seen in Blaze's car as they see D'Angelo walking out of the cinema, with his arm malfunctioning.

Blaze: ...Oh shit.
Alex: What?

Blaze points to D'Angelo.

Alex: And...?
Blaze: That's D'Angelo. The guy who's been nothing but a pain in my ass for five months.
Alex: Oh. I think Matt mentioned him on the phone once. Or at least D'Angelo & Sons.

Alex and Blaze get out of the car as they tackle D'Angelo to the ground.

D'Angelo: Oh, what do you want, Zednik?
Blaze: I wanna know why you're here.
D'Angelo: And why should I tell you?

Blaze holds up a shuriken.

D'Angelo: Ah, the shurikens. I know you think you can intimidate me, Zednik, but you do not.
Blaze: Do you know how sharp these are?
D'Angelo: No.
Blaze: Well, they can cut solid steel clean in half. Keep that in mind. And I can resort to lethal force, if that's easier for you...
D'Angelo: I'd rather you let me go.
Blaze: Once you explain your motives for being here.
D'Angelo: I'd rather not.

D'Angelo then jumps up, knocking Blaze and Alex off of him as he walks off.

Blaze: Son of a bitch.
Alex: So much for that.
Blaze: Well, not all hope is lost.

They head back to Blaze's car and Blaze brings up a computer to show a tracking map.

Alex: What is this?
Blaze: A tracking map. It's following D'Angelo around.
Alex: Since when has he had a chip?
Blaze: Since just now. I stuck the chip in his back when we tackled him to the ground.

The two look at the map to see that D'Angelo's location suddenly changes from Anaheim to Mars.

Blaze: What the fuck?

Blaze and Alex look at each other, confused.

Alex: This is some Doom shit right here.
Blaze: Mars hasn't been colonised. How does he live on Mars?
Alex: The future?
Blaze: ...Holy shit. That would explain why there's no track record of him in this time. It makes sense. But... how do we get to the future?

Blaze and Alex ponder as they look at the map.

Laura is seen sat at a table when Krystal comes along.

Krystal: Hey, Laura. How come you aren't watching a movie?
Laura: I was kicked out of the room I was in because Jess got mad.
Krystal: You went there too?
Laura: Yeah.
Krystal: Huh.

Krystal adjusts her gloves.

Laura: Hey, Krystal...
Krystal: Hmm?
Laura: You normally do friends with benefits stuff when it comes to... that, right?
Krystal: Yeah, why?
Laura: Do you wanna...?
Krystal: Oh. Uh, yeah, if you want.

Laura freezes up as her brain is shown, having a meltdown over Krystal saying yes.

Krystal: ...Laura?

Laura snaps back to reality quickly.

Laura: Cool.

Krystal then walks somewhere else, as Laura feels her heart beating against the pane above it.

Laura: (in her mind) Oh my god!!!

Krystal is then seen in her car, as she puts her head back and closes her eyes. She is then seen with a clearly annoyed goddess.

Krystal: Who are you?
Goddess: I'm Oceania. Goddess of Water.
Krystal: What do you need me for?
Oceania: You're acting somewhat... irresponsibly for a goddess.
Krystal: Well, I'm trying to keep Earth in one piece and protecting my friends. What's irresponsible about that?

Oceania pulls a gun out of Krystal's back pocket.

Krystal: That's for self-defense.
Oceania: Fair enough. The other gods and goddesses want you to show more responsibility though.
Krystal: Fine.

Krystal then abruptly wakes up.

Krystal: Ugh...

Krystal looks around and sees Blaze's car.

Krystal: Guess I could talk to someone...

She scans her hand on the back seat door and jumps in.

Blaze: Hey, Krystal.
Krystal: Hi. What're you doing?
Blaze: Tracking D'Angelo. I stuck a chip in him and we're keeping up on where he's going.
Krystal: Huh.
Alex: Wait, his location's changing.

The map's location changes from Colony 17 to Santa Ana.

Krystal: Uh oh.
Blaze: What?
Krystal: Jess is in Santa Ana. I gotta get to him before he gets to her.

She jumps out and runs to her car, speeding off toward Santa Ana.

Amy and Skye are seen in Santa Ana, with Amy driving through the streets.

Skye: Where's the police station?
Amy: Should be around here...

Amy turns around a corner and sees the station. She parks and goes in to bail Jess out as Skye notices an odd light.

Skye: Huh?

She looks down an alley to see D'Angelo coming out of a portal.

Skye: Son of a bitch. How does he keep finding Amy?

She walks down the alley, with her footsteps leaving ice down the alley as D'Angelo notices her.

D'Angelo: Ah, Caballero. Fancy meeting you here.
Skye: What're you doing here, D'Angelo?
D'Angelo: Can't I pay a friendly visit?

Skye shoots icicles at D'Angelo, which pin him up against the back of the alley.

Skye: Tell me you're here to harass Amy or I end you.
D'Angelo: How do you know me so well, Caballero? You're just a girl from San Jose.
Skye: Well for starters, your worst nightmare is my best friend.
D'Angelo: Hmm.
Skye: So, we can either stand here or you can fuck off back to your time. Or I can just let the melting icicles destroy that arm of yours.
D'Angelo: Wait-

Skye walks off, leaving D'Angelo stuck against the wall.

Skye: I feel good about myself.

She gets back in the car as Jess and Amy are seen coming out of the station.

Jess: I owe you a fucking bunch, Amy.
Amy: No need to thank me. Friends help friends out.

Amy smiles as Jess buckles up, showing a small smile. Skye grins as she looks to the alley to see D'Angelo struggling as they drive off.

D'Angelo: Bethany Caballero, I will get my revenge on you...

Kirsti and Leah are seen in Snoqualmie, in a hotel room.

Kirsti: It's a shame we missed our flight.
Leah: Yeah, I was wanting to see Australia.
Kirsti: At least I got to know your hometown better.
Leah: True. Hey, what was your home planet like?
Kirsti: I don't remember a whole lot about it, to be honest. I lost some of my memory when I first came to Earth.
Leah: Huh. Do all the people in your race look like humans?

Kirsti nods.

Kirsti: My race isn't able to drink alcohol either. Our stomachs can't process it.
Leah: Shame.
Kirsti: Although from how Jess reacts to alcohol, I presume getting drunk isn't a fun experience.
Leah: Ehh, it can be at times. But you end up with a hangover if you go overkill with it.
Kirsti: Huh. What's a hangover like?
Leah: It's like a pounding headache. Jess had one that time we went through that portal in Anaheim.
Kirsti: Oh.
Leah: So, do you wanna hit Seattle? First big city visit as wife and wife?
Kirsti: Sure!
Leah: Alright then, let's go!

The two walk down to the street as they get a taxi and go off to Seattle.

Blaze, Krystal and Alex are seen in Blaze's car when Krystal gets a text from Amy saying "We have Jess. She's safe."

Krystal: Guys, Amy has Jess.
Blaze: Oh, thank god.

They turn around and go back to the cinema where they meet Jess, Amy and Skye.

Krystal: Thank god you're okay.
Jess: The fuck are you on about?
Blaze: Didn't D'Angelo try and catch you?

Amy and Jess look at Blaze, confused.

Amy: D'Angelo was in Santa Ana?
Blaze: Yeah. We believe he was after Jess.
Jess: Oh, that asshole's fucking dead if I ever fucking lay my fucking fingers on him!
Amy: Jess, cool it.
Alex: What were you and Skye doing in Santa Ana anyway, Amy?
Amy: Bailing Jess out.
Alex: You were arrested?

Jess nods.

Jess: Fucking aggravated assault.
Blaze: That doesn't surprise me for some reason.
Krystal: Because it's Jess?

Amy and Skye chuckle as Jess smiles.

Alex: So what happened to D'Angelo then?
Skye: I may or may not have pinned him up against a wall with icicles.
Alex: Oh.
Krystal: His arm's gonna be really be out of function.

Amy nods as the screen fades out.

D'Angelo is seen in a large office with his hand on a table. A mercenary is looking at his arm.

Mercenary: Sir, what in god's name happened to your arm?!
D'Angelo: Major water damage. Set alight. Shot at.
Mercenary: Oh. Did Ms. Jackson do this?
D'Angelo: No, but her friends did.
Mercenary: ...Sir, your aware that you've got an expiry date if you keep going back, right?
D'Angelo: I know. Which is why I have this.

He stands up and walks to a cover, taking it off and showing a robot.

Mercenary: Sir, what is that?
D'Angelo: The DAS-001. This is going to be my source of fighting now.
Mercenary: Oh. I'm going to get your new arm, sir.

The mercenary walks out of the room as D'Angelo looks at the robot.

D'Angelo: Jackson, there's no escape now.

He laughs evilly as the camera pans to show the green skies of Mars.




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