The Chronicles of Main Character is a sprite comic created by Omegaverse Corp.

DISCLAIMER: Some stuff in here is meant to be RANDOM. It may not make sense. Excellent! Additionally, I have no plans of making this an actual webcomic but if someone wants to create real comics for these or help me make some then thank you. Finally, it may parody some other sprite comics a little bit.


  • Main Character (Brown Kirby with a top hat with a $ on it, he also has a Pie Tattoo above his eyes)
  • The Person In The Shadows (Shadow of a person with orange eyes, true form a secret, can disguise himself)
  • That Guys Assistant (Looks similar to Snively from Sonic Archie Comics, Can ALSO put on disguises, assistant of TPITS)
  • The Great Red Follofal Dragon (A great red dragon, but is called the Follofal Dragon to the Main Character)
  • The Pie-Beast and his Mom (Actually great monsters, but MC thinks they're pies)
  • Bobby and G. Eorge (Protoman and Megaman Edits, created by Teh Author!1)
  • The Megaman Cast (Lives in Teh Author!1's Dimension with Bobby and G. Eorge)
  • Teh Author!1 (Creator of Bobby and G. Eorge: TEH WEBCOMICZORZ. Can control anything in his dimension, but never bothered to read "Creating A Sprite Comic For N00BZ)


  1. The Beginning (TPITS and TGA try to make MC go on an "EPIC QUEST!" but MC is scared of Epic Quests. At the end, they get him to go on it and he goes through a portal. And NOW you're thinking with p0rtals!)
  2. The Real Beginning (MC is given a Random Agony Maggot, which he rides off to destroy the Follofal Dragon.)
  3. The Water Temple That Didn't Exist (MC goes into the temple of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM which is disguised as a Water Temple. He then battles The Pie-Beast and his Mom, but wakes up and find that the Mom didn't exist, but then she appears and MC destroys her and jumps into another portal...)
  4. This Looks Familiar...(MC wakes up in a badly-made sprite comic and meets Bobby and G. Eorge and The Megaman Cast, two of which are actually TPITS and TGA in disguise. Then Teh Author!1 runs in to see what's going on. After being insulted by Main Character's smarter personality, Teh Author!1 sends his Link Rocket at Main Character, blasting him to the Links page. He clicks on a link and finds another comic.)
  5. This Doesn't Look So Familiar...
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